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Frame Arms
June 19, 2009, 5:34 pm
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32 Series Type 1 Gorai

Release date: October

Price: 3,150 yen



SA-16 Stylet

Release date: October

Price: 3,150 yen


Frame Architect Type-001 (Completed)

Release date: October

Price: 1,260 yen


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The price still under my expectations and the frame play ability is good, but still no information wether it’ll be a model kit or not (or did i miss it?)

Comment by Rekkou

type-001 can we customize it ourselves…;
that would be really sweet

Comment by Ereos

soryr for d post but i mean will we be able to buy extra parts liek arm frames for the base unit and all 😛 i dunno first time i ever heard of these models but since it koto it should be nsap joint figures like SRW/Gundam model kits right???

Comment by Ereos

so do we have to buy the architect model first then buy the skin parts or …

Comment by Anonymous

I think the Stylet and Gourai kits will include both the frame and the armor. The frame kit will include only the frame, naturally (In case you dig the naked mech look or want your Gourai to have four arms or some such thing).

They’re a bit pricy, but I can’t say that I don’t want them.

Comment by Hiro

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