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HQ scans for Macross Ultimate Frontier (PSP)
June 19, 2009, 9:15 pm
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Added new HQ scans.


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Same images and info from famitsu website.

Source –>

Comment by judo0054

Forgot to send the additional info:

– Zeon characters

– “Story mode” or “mission mode”

– Earth Federation’s character (support character)

– Briefing mission

– character development

– organizing team

– Customize ms

– formation (V formation and A letter formation)

– effect of formation

– resupply (similar with Gundam: Target in Sight)


Comment by judo0054

Are you talking about Gundam Senki? If so, then wrong game lol

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

to KamenRiderShinzo,

both. I posted some infos that related with 2 games (macross ultimate frontier and Gundam Senki) that has been provided on famitsu website. If you look on the date of info on famitsu website, you will get it.

Comment by judo0054

to judo0054

stop being dumb. This post is about Macross….not Gundam. So don’t post Gundam stuff in this post. Don’t you get it yet!?

Comment by Fanboy

How dare you say such a thing, judo0054 pretty much considered to be information provider here, he has more right than you do

Comment by Rekkou

@judo : andai bikin blog sndr kasih tau kita2 ya bro.
Info2 u mantep + kalo bs ga usah ad komen d blog jd makhluk gaje mcm fanboy ato si cv tralala ga bs ganggu/mancing emosi yg baca.

Comment by Tendou Souji

Tendou Souji: Learn english

Comment by David C.

Let him type whatever the hell he wants. Who gives a sh*t.

Comment by shady123

@shady123:fuck you and mind your own fukn busness.

Comment by Tendou Souji

to Tendou Souji,

Not my place to say, but relax. Anger will result nothing.

Comment by judo0054

Wow, now I’ve seen two Kamen Rider fans here. Who’s next? Shotaro and Phillip?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Yea Tendou… chill out man. Don’t take things too personally.

Comment by Nick Fury

I’m a bitch!

Comment by Fanboy

Fuck me!

Comment by shady123

Aku anjing goblok

Comment by Tendou Souji

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