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June 22, 2009, 9:13 pm
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Preview Dengeki Hobby Mag (August).


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Full armor unicorn is hotter than porn.
Damn this is a good looking version.

Have the first unicorn when it it became on sale in Japan, but this is so much more!

Comment by Kosmos

Damn that’s a bunch of loaded weapons. Reminds me of Gundam Heavyarms Custom. Thanks for the pic, mr superrobotwars. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

I like the full armor unicorn, but I don’t like the green too much, the original red was nice.

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

(but I don’t like the green too much)
For your information, green is when the psychoframes operate at full capacity.

Unlike the GA design sheet, the sturm boosters on the rear has been shrunk to reduce weight problems. Even the smaller missile racks are shrunk too.

Full Armor should have been “Fully Armed” since no additional armors are added for this last-minute desperate add-on, which was designed by Barnagher’s friend Takuya Irei. I wonder would Dengeki feature the Jesta Cannon in this issue together with the Rozen Zulu…

If this is how the MG FAUnicorn would look like, then I guess this is one killer MG with a killer price tag since the MG Perfect Zeong and EX-S.

Comment by codename:v

It’s beautiful.

Comment by F97 X-1

Yeah I don’t like the green either.

Comment by Nick Fury

I believe the negative reception of the green is specifically to that bright metallic green in the photos.

Or maybe not. I kind of prefer the green, myself.

Comment by Hiro

I retract my previous comment; this is an ugly gundam to please faggots.

Comment by codename:v

I can’t imagine the FA unicorn gunddam that full of everything it’s got (should of called called it Full Armed Unicorn Gundam)

Comment by ReinaMK1

btw to those wonder whats c:v’s DA avatar is a picture of V for vendetta mask

Comment by ReinaMK1

because I want to suck his cock too

Comment by ReinaMK1

I guess being called Full Armored could of used more body armor like the FA ZZ or Hi Nu HWS or even Alex.

I agree the green is not so appealing but still a nice looking kit. Really wished Bandai would just release weapons upgrade kits.

Comment by Kosmos

please deleate the comment above Kosmos. thats not ReinaMK1 in which she’s asleep by 3:10pm

Comment by MaxHD2490

you know… the imitator of c:v and the imitator of ReinaMK1 is the same guy. He is worst than c:v. At least c:v isn’t a chicken like him, living off as an imitator.

Comment by Nick Fury

so how we know if the imitator posting stupid comments like that?

Comment by MaxHD2490

I hate to say this, but I’m a little disappointed. I see 3 gattling guns, 3 standard Unicorn shields, 2 bazooka cannons, 2 sturm boosters, rocket launcher packs (like Stark jegan) and some smaller missile racks scattered on the legs.

Agreed, “Fully Armed” seems more appropriate. When I think of Full Armor, I think Mk II or FAZZ. Though I don’t mind the candy green.

Comment by BlueAleseides

“If this is how the MG FAUnicorn would look like, then I guess this is one killer MG with a killer price tag since the MG Perfect Zeong and EX-S.”
I believe i won’t released real full FA. since Bandai not produce the gattling gun

Comment by Anonymous

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