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June 23, 2009, 9:54 am
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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS Astray


G.F.F.N. Aile Strike Gundam



Kotobukiya – SRW OG ART-1 1/144 – July, 5,040 yen

Soul of Chogokin Daizengar & Aussenseiter – June 27th, 29,400 yen

Kotobukiya – Frame Arms – 32 Series Type 1 Gorai – October, 3,150 yen

Kotobukiya – Frame Arms – SA-16 Stylet – October, 3,150 yen

Megahouse – Deformover Alteisen – August, 5,775 yen

Megahouse – Deformover Weibritter- August, 6,825 yen



Robot Spirist <Side MS> Unicorn Gundam – November, 2,310 yen

DG Mobile Suit Gundam UC 1 – October, 300 yen


Gundam UC lineart (color)


– Marida Cruz

– Riddhe Mercenas


– NZ-666 Kshatriya

– AMS-129 Gearazulu

– RGM-89D Jegan

– RGM-89S Stark  Jegan

– RGZ-95 Rezel


Soul of Chogokin Spec Tekkaman Blade with Pegas – July

Robot Spirist <Side LFO> Terminus typeB303 Devilfish – September, 4,725 yen

Robot Spirist <Side LFO> Nirvash type ZERO spec2 – June, 4,725 yen

Robot Spirist <Side AS> Arbarest – September, 3,360 yen

Robot Spirist <Side AS> Savage – October, 2,625 yen


Kotobukiya – RVR-75 Raiden II (RNA SIDE) 1/100 – August, 8,190 yen

Hasegawa – TRV-06k-H Viper II (Ver.1P) 1/100 – September, 5,040 yen

Kotobukiya -Aestivalis Custom Hikaru (non scale) – October, 2,100 yen

Kotobukiya -Aestivalis Custom Ryoko (non scale) – July, 2,100 yen

Aoshima – M9 Gernsback Sagara Sosuke Ver. 1/48 – July, 3,990 yen



SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam 1/144

HGUC Kshatriya 1/144


SDX Superior Dragon – October, 6,300 yen

SDX Satan Gundam – july, 4,935 yen

SDX Command Gundam – August, 5,250 yen


(NEW?) Soul of Chogokin Combattler V


Robot Spirist <Side KMF> Galahad

Robot Spirist <Side KMF> Type-02 Guren SEITEN Eight Elements Type – November, 4,200 yen

Robot Spirist <Side AS> Arbarest – September, 3,360 yen

Robot Spirist <Side AS> Savage – October, 2,625 yen


Robot Spirist <Side MS> Unicorn Gundam – November, 2,310 yen

Robot Spirist <Side MS> Advanced GN-X Deborah Custom

Robot Spirist <Side MS> Turn A Gundam – October, 3,150 yen

Robot Spirist <Side MS> 00 Gundam Seven Sword- November


XN Raiser come with Hobby Japan Mag October.

(on sale August 25th, price 1,290 yen)


Mobile Suit Gundam UC product lineup.

HGUC – Kshatriya (coming October)

SHCM-Pro – Unicorn Gundam

MG – ….?


BB Senshi Sangokuden series


HGUC Ewac-Zack – June, 1,680 yen

HGUC Jegan – August , 1,575 yen

 HG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.G 30th – July, 1,575 yen

SD RX-78-2 Gundam (Animation Color) – July, 840 yen


HG Goddes – August , 1,680 yen

HG Reborns Gundam – September, 1,890 yen

HG Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R – August, 1,890 yen

HG Arios Gundam GNHW/M – August, 1,890 yen



MG Gundam Exia – July, 3,999 yen

MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode – July, 5,250 yen


Mobile Suit Gundam 00V

GNX-612T/AA Superbia GN-X



Gundam UC lineart (B/W)


New model kits from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS Astray.


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what in the world is that GN-X?!?

UC lineart looks pretty good (the geera zulu reminds me closely to a zaku by the shoulder shield)

Comment by ReinaMK1

Well, the cleaned-for-animation lineart ain’t so bad, so props to the Unicorn staff. And about that ReZel; was the aerial configuration (I assume the one with the wing binders attached is meant for use in the earth’s atmosphere,) in the novel too? I’ve never seen any sort of art depicting those wings on the ReZel.

Also, dat GNX. Why the hell do the good designs never make it into the series? That goes for all of 00V.

Comment by J-Lead

Hopefully the vs astray shown in the pic is just the prototype, but it seems like it recycles the old molds from the first SEED kits.

just look at those hands and the elbows. i imagine the shoulders of that new strike will be as limited in motion as the first one.

Comment by darkvenom


Sorry interrupt SRW sed ..

Gundam Senki blog active

The news Gundam Ace will bring new

Comment by Debris

Ask why the hell good designs never make it in series, the answer is simple: IT’S NOT GUNDAM
Who gives a damn about 00Vs when every 00fags turn GAY for CB shemales such as Tierria-the-trap and Setsuna-the-GUNDAM? Who needs these 00Vs when they will only ended up getting sliced within seconds by the 00 Raiser? They would only end up as useless as the Susanowoo and 00fags would hate to see the 00 Raiser defeated at the hand of some grunt. Just keep up with fagservices, make the fags happy and watch the cashes roll in. Who cares anyway? Even the XN Raiser is just another cheap copycat of the BlueFrame 2nd’s tactical arms too, now the SEED fags see red…

Comment by codename:v

Lots of design update, this day certainly a good day for me. as for Vs Astray, well “true SEED Design” is pretty much like it as they are derived from basic 5 GAT-X unit, i still like this better than kunio okawara style of seed

Comment by Rekkou

Yup. Keep up the fag services here. codename:v is always there to see because if there are really fags here, codename:v is the biggest FAG! Your first sentence has the meaning that the good designs go to the gundams only… You must be blind to say that GRN Gundam is better than this one.

Comment by AdamJ

I’ll say GRM gundam is better than Superbia GN-X, click my name to see how not blind i am

Comment by Rekkou

WAHAHAHAH, FINALLY Guren SEITEN on robot damashii, MY WISH BECOME TRUE!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

wow…few pages already make excited, I hope somebody could upload and let us download this month of August.

Comment by flameArios

nice guren seiten but i never brought a robot damashi?
how are they like?
i always stuck to like HG/MG/Koto and HCM
but that GNX looks nice
XN raiser with Susanowo!?! looks nice wid the swords but the back looks horrid…
when will Exia Seven Swords come on HG/MG

Comment by Ereos

One of the ‘Gundam Unicorn’ MG’s will probably be the Unicorn Banshee. The big news for me is the release of more Seed/Astray 1/100s.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Such UC linearts may state that the anime could be stretched to 25-50 episodes, an OVA would be too cheap with such simplified traced works and it can be done in 3D for better results.

Then again, the anime clearly makes a point that FAGS DON’T READ and now they won’t have to wait for English translations as the anime will be up by this coming fall.

Comment by codename:v

Just been looking at the pics of the ‘new’ Seed 1/100s. It seems that the ‘Astray’ Blue Frame seems to be the 1/100 Aile Strike with switched around parts and the Astray Blue Frame Second’s upper body. I still like the look of it though, but I wouldn’t call it a true Astray.

The ‘new’ Buster seems to have also had the switch-around treatment.

One wonders how the rest of the Seed vs Astray mecha will turn out after the mix ‘n’ match technique. It looks like we won’t be getting a 1/100 Blu Duel.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Took an even closer look at the 1/100’s. I just realised that even the ‘Astray’s’ upper torso belongs to the Strike. It just happens to have the Astray Blue Frame’s colour scheme. I guess this means the Seed vs Astray mecha are based on the original Seed line, but with swapped around colour schemes.

Comment by Hanzkaz

I really like the GN-X Superbia, it reminds me of Ashtaron/Destroy, but with BWS feature. Even the GN-X core unit looks awesome, with the daggers stored on the forearms.

Much awesomeness.

Comment by BlueAleseides

Someone post the Dengeki Magazine in High Resolution!!! I’m dying for see that cover and that figure from Evangelion!!

Comment by Leomb

Ask why the hell good designs never make it in series, the answer is simple: IT’S NOT GUNDAM

wrong. there’s 00V that included gundam, and it’s more than 1. i don’t know what the hell you think of. Your mind is full and corrupt by thought 00 is fags.

Comment by look at CV, he's no head

GN-X Superbia is kind of a sea to land assault unit.
I like the GN-X design, reminds me of a ninja.

VS Astray.
Man! Not the 5 SEED Gundams redesigned again!
Ok the Strike looks pretty good, Buster looks almost the same.
Looks like a reuse of the old 1/100 kits.

Comment by iron2000

The modified GN-X look really good. And look very Japanese style too, no wonder it named GN Kunai.
But I think I want to see how the backpack would fold in MS mode (if they really able though).

Comment by pled

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