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Macross Ace magazine Vol.2
June 24, 2009, 10:07 pm
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Macross Ace magazine Vol.2 


Macross Frontier the Movie: The False Songstress Scheduled for November 21th.


The teaser trailer for the film will premiere in Japanese theaters on June 27th. The film

will include new footage of Sheryl’s concert and Nakajima’s new song, “So Da Yo.”


Source: Asagawo Blog, ANN

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Frontier anime seemed to hide its GAY crossdressing faggotry pretty well with that Alto smug and spamming Messiah attack snippets. But Alto-fags can’t hide their sheer homosexuality for Alto-hime and they even took that to a greater height with more Alto-hime crossdressing acts in this Macross ACE magazine. Take a look and I’m sure you homos out there would fap like mad over Alto’s new girlie image. Hell, Frontier is now officially Alto’s Girlie Show.

Comment by codename:v

admit it c:v, you see ANY anime as a GAY crossdressing show. what a sick twisted mind you got.

Comment by trollkiller.exe

Excellent news on Macross F movie, will look forward to it 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

CV, finally you admit that frontier gay as 00.

Comment by Anonymous

[…] state rivelate attraverso un articolo di Animenewsnetwork,e note del sito di Gabriela Robin e SRW hotnews diverse informazioni sul film dedicato alla serie Macross […]

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C.v. you dumb dumb, Alto isn’t gay, he’s BI!

And Ranka and Sheryl are probably BI also, so all good all good!

Comment by Dr. Core

You always think any anime series are gays. If dont like , why watch it?

Comment by Eden

Thank you for the photos!

Comment by megumifans12

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