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NBGI’s new trademark
June 25, 2009, 10:39 pm
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Here are new trademark that registered by Bandai-namco.

Bandai Namco 
商願2009-030796 弁当の達人
商願2009-030797 ドーン!と増量版
商願2009-030798 増量版
商願2009-031025 ドーン!と増量版
商願2009-032062 テイルズオブヴェスペリア\Tales of Vesperia
商願2009-032063 メルヘンメイズ\MARCHEN MAZE
商願2009-032064 爆突機銃艇
商願2009-032065 フェイスオフ\FACEOFF
商願2009-032066 タンクフォース\TANK FORCE
商願2009-032937 何匹いる?
商願2009-032938 さかなかな
商願2009-032939 四則パズル
商願2009-032940 よく見てえらんで
商願2009-032941 さてどれでしょう
商願2009-032942 全脳コロシアム
商願2009-033486 愛
商願2009-034689 かめにんマーチャント
商願2009-035273 かめにんマーチャント!
商願2009-041095 A.C.E (new A.C.E: Another Century’s Episode is coming?)


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I like the A.C.E. games, my only hope is that it is not on PSP or PS3.

Comment by Wookieman

“Another Century’s Episode 4: This is the Last One, We’re Serious”

Since it’s BandaiNamco more than Banpresto or From Software, It’s probably something else like a ACE Combat Game. Of course if I’m wrong, then that’s good news.

Comment by Anonymous

wow another ACE? thats great! hopefully its the same as old ace >.< cant wait for the announcement. pls let be it be in ps2 T.T

Comment by duo

lets hope it’s not ACE combat instead of Another Century’s Episode

Comment by MaxHD2490

CAn’t ready most of ’em, but “Tank Force” seems to sound serious. 🙂

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

no SRW…booo!

Comment by ottoto

Well why would it be Ace Combat? Because “Combat” would be written there and it wouldn’t be abbreviated to “A.C.E”. It HAS to be “Another Century’s Episode”! I can’t count on a new one coming out now! Man, the return of it would be so awesome and epic!

“Another Century’s Episode 4: This is the Last One, We’re Serious” Lol!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

you have point there

Comment by MaxHD2490

ACE is for PS3, it’s the game they had listed as “action game” on their site

Comment by TrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombedTrombed

You DO realize that Banpresto is Bandai-Namco now, and just retain their name for brand purposes, right?

Comment by Nerem

If it is then i simply hope it’ll has a good original mech with decent upgrade, Exblau is very good but Gunark really boring

Comment by Rekkou

I wonder what series this next ACE will have (code geass and gundam 00? good question)

Comment by MaxHD2490

Yay for new A.C.E.!
If this means that they are doing new A.C.E. than I wish it would be for PS3.

Comment by Rune

New Another Century’s Episode game?
If that’s true, that was awesome news! Hope that will be in PS2…

I hope for more Gundam unit (SEED Destiny, Stargazer, 00). And maybe Exblau Mk-II.

Maybe it’ll be “Another Century’s Episode 4:The Revival”? XP

Comment by pled

Stargazer units are my most favorite among SEED but how could you forget Astray!?

Comment by LM

I have a very very bad feeling.
A.C.E only without any description.

A.C.E 1 for PSP????!!!!!!

Comment by Kaiser_flame

Good now if this comes out on the PS3 and features:
Wing Zero(not EW)
Strike Freedom
Infinite Justice
Double X
Hi Nu Gundam
I will be very happy.

Comment by Autotune

So long as From Software is developing it, I’m all for it.

Comment by J-Lead

ace 4 on ps3 would be beyond epic.

then again if it’s a psp game of the first one or something, i’m still stoked.

Comment by savage

The new ACE game had better be for the PS3. And it better have more super robots. I’d highly enjoy GaoGaiGar in ACE.

Comment by RetroLewp

Please ACE 4 not at PS3. Can’t bear the price

Comment by AKito

they better put in white glint for ace4 or i’ll be right pissed lol

Comment by minerdave

man cant w8 for this one!!!


strike freedom would dominate it all xD..

or maybe DESTROY gundam XD

lol that big black thingy xD ahahahahah

Comment by iteer14

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