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New Mecha for Armored Core 3 Portable
June 25, 2009, 12:19 am
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New mecha from Armored Core Brave New World. more pics check at Dengeki Online.


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I think that’s the AC from Zio-Matrix company in AC3, even with a few modifications, it still can’t shakes off the 9 ball identity

Comment by codename:v

That AC has some parts similar to AC last raven but some parts from ethier AC 4 or AC for answer

Comment by MaxHD2490

Nine Ball? Hahahahah.
You sure say something without basis, don’t you?
The only part it resemble Nine Ball is the arm and back (left) grenade launcher.
It’s more like Mirage’ way to mimic Crest’ Dual Face.

Comment by pled

@CV: so what. all AC parts can be used to remodel old ones. That Armored Core. Infinity Variables

Comment by Epsilon_013

Whoaa, seriously all part except arm is a lightweight type how come it can mount 2 grenade launcher, moonlight, and karasawa? but head is a new type though it really reminds me of reuben a lot, but i believe we’ll see a model kit of this AC very soon, as the only new part is the head while other part have been used by previous AC model kit

Comment by Rekkou

the one thing I like (although I have last raven) is the big laser cannon with 10 shot which not easy to use but ok against other ACs maybe not for others who don’t need that to depend skill alone. but not sure if this game AC has it or not.

Comment by MaxHD2490

I thought the arm was also a lightweight type… Maybe I’m mistaken.

And yeah, that unit is impossible in game.
Dual Face with just rifle and lighter-than-Moonlight blade is already impossible, but it even use lightweight leg and equip Karasawa and Moonlight.
This one gonna be deadly! XD

Comment by pled

looks cool all that matters guys

Comment by Anonymous

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