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New Mobile Suit from Gundam SEED VS Astray
June 26, 2009, 8:15 pm
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Gale Strike Gundam


Hail Buster Gundam


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The blue and yellow one looks like a new Buster Gundam while the blue and orange one seems to be a new Striker Pack for StrikeE. Of course, everyone probably knew that already, or I’m way off.

Comment by Anonymous

I think the left one is modified MS based from Strike instead of Strike E…
And the pack… Just rearrange of Aile striker.
(Not that I’m going to complain anything though)

Comment by pled

Strike and Buster are becoming too repetitive in SEED MSVs and they are nothing more but rehashed Okawara designs from SEED animes. How are these suppose to give SEED Astray a brand new start? Really, Bandai still think they can fool everyone with rehashed toys.

Comment by codename:v

Looks like someone else robbed that secret Orb factory and made off with a lot of spare parts, but apparently forgot the construction manuals.(‘This goes there, and I’m pretty sure this goes there….’)

Comment by Hanzkaz

Man I would like to see some OTHER AU MSVs but apparently they just can’t stop with SEED. Please just some Turn A or Gundam X designs or lineart would be good, instead of reusing these uninspiring designs over and over again.

Comment by F97 X-1

Uhh… are these two suppose to be Astray? Ridiculous!

Comment by LM

Actually, I kind of like the Strike except the ‘shoulder-parts’ behind the knees. Also, as someone whose last five Strikes were MGs, I’d prefer something better than a regular 1/100 version. Maybe, if enough people buy this, they’ll MG it.

As for the Buster, it’s no Verde. I hope they’ll use a bit more original parts with the other ‘S v A’ mecha. Of course, I’ll probably buy them all, anyway.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Design look great. but the color duuh… make my eyes sick. i even hardly see the face

Comment by 4n0nym0us

thgat strike colors are horrid…. just a lil custom colors
it look good
looks like part of the aile striker pack is now part of the soulderds the shorts are iffy
i say the same for buster but that buster looks as if they nerfed the original buster

Comment by Ereos

I kind of agree with Ereos here the colors are too weird, but the strike looks a bit better on the shoulders and two swords if I’m not mistaken

Comment by MaxHD2490

Ugh, that Strike looks like it just came out of MS paint. The Buster’s not so bad, but anything looks good in Titans-esque colors. =]

Comment by J-Lead

I for one like the new Strike colors. I’m hoping that the Strike Noir returns in this if it’s going to be a manga or photonovel (even though there’s no chance that it’ll make an apperance).

Comment by Freedom Gundam

if it was me i would not make the strike face like that it looks horrid and change the sword color
to me that looks like a pair plastic knife atm
it dont look dangerous wid them colors 😛

Comment by Ereos

Something’s wrong here… ah, the godamned colors.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb


Comment by Mendagu

Now I saw more clearly image on here.The design looks very weird, although is new design but all over mostly are (copy and paste) =_=..
And, Strike Shield at behind..To defend against back stab?And (dygenguar Shoulder) swt…
That sword looks like toys, looks like it can easy broken that kind of type.

And you see carefully that Sword holder design looks familiar with 00 GN sword II.

Buster Megatron? wth~!

Today I have weird dream inspiration, that color scheme maybe was a phase shift off color image, Bandai very clever and tricky to us. Clever to earned money, I dont think that would be easy, night proffer is pahse shift off. If I not wrong.

They will give us a shock like 1st time 00 release that kind of feeling. Many people feel weird.Maybe they keep using that to trick us or shock us to give more commenting around.

Or maybe gattai ka? Ermhem..

Comment by Eden


Comment by Boabe

cool man!… new astray series.can’t wait other gundam

Comment by Anonymous

is there any new gundam series after gundam 00 and gundam unicorn. how ’bout making a new series (i say, name the new series “gundam messiah”). it would nice if there’s lot of gundams in my collection

Comment by dexis

wow the Hale Buster and Gale Strike looks kinda cool. i really like the Hale Busters Color

Comment by Anonymous

Guys, the models for them are already up for pre order. If you look at their model no. you can see ‘LG’ in front. ‘LG’ as in maybe LOwe Guy the Astray red pilot from junk guild.

Comment by xein

Ok for the Hail Buster one question…since when did the Titans get ahold of CE machines?

Comment by Jobobby

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