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June 28, 2009, 4:28 am
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[駄目駄目モデラーのガンプラ製作日記  とか] HG  RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th (Part 1) 

[駄目駄目モデラーのガンプラ製作日記  とか] HG  RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th (Part 2)

[駄目駄目モデラーのガンプラ製作日記  とか] HG  RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th (Part 3)



[GToys Blog] Bandai Pro-Shop – MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.2.0 Machanical Clear Ver. (Limited)

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I believe the Gundam series is the most successful series in the mech genre, their been on for 30 years now and going.

Comment by Tekno

I believe Mazinger Z is more than 30 years,,,

Comment by amuro0093

Because they become what considered ICONIC.

“If you build it, they will come”!!!!

Comment by ottoto

I don’t see any extra parts in this one and it’s very much the same Rx-78-2 released hundred years ago. What a rip off I would say and let’s be frank, a HG RX-78-2 is all you need and others are just cash-milking gimmicks meant to keep you spending more. What’s the point of having 10 Gundams when 1 will do?

Comment by codename:v

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Comment by Zarathustra

there’s tons of reason, 1st it has Gundam Hammer that previously only MG has, 2nd it has 00-level articulation, 3rd it has fixed shoulder proportion like FG 1/144 while old HGUC still uses old shoulder proportion, 4th it has MG level extra details

Comment by Rekkou

30th Anniversary RX-78-2 is worth getting. The last one they released was years ago and that wasn’t decent.

Comment by F97 X-1

Who doesn’t want a nice-looking RX-78-2? For a pretty good price, no less.

I mean, I’m getting one.

Comment by Hiro

C:V just showed what a NOOBFAG he/she/it is, obviously he/she/it hasn’t taken a better look at the parts and runners and just goes off shooting his fcuking mouth off saying it’s the same RX-78 WHEN IT’S NOT. Shut your trap fcukshit C:V, you don’t have to YAP LIKE A BITCH IN HEAT everytime just coz you CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY THEM KITS.

Comment by trollkiller.exe

No, every version of the RX-78-2 they release is the same RX-78-2, only “THIS TIME IT HAS MORE PANEL LINES!” or “THIS TIME IT HAS LESS PANEL LINES and retro look!” which is seriously beginning to grate on my nerves. How many versions of the same fucking Gundam does the fanbase need? The money spent on these RX-78-2s could’ve been used to make, say, an HGUC Hyakushiki Kai, or perhaps the Wouldwort or Hyzenthlay, all brilliant mecha designs that never saw any official form of model release.

Not that I’m saying the RX-78-2 isn’t the cornerstone of the franchise, but there are already a ridiculous number of versions of it to choose from. Of all the things the Gundam fanbase needs, another version of the RX-78-2 is not one of them.

Comment by J-Lead

that’s a very disappointing post, J-Lead, i’d have expected something better from you, but it turns out you’re just the same N00BFAG as codename:v is.

Comment by trollkiller.exe

god CV, when you yammer incoherently like a the retarded little bitch you are it makes me sooo hot! I just want to full you up with my babies

Comment by CfAG

great more trolling in here

Comment by ReinaMK1

well J-lead got a point at least his rage has logic behind
as for codename.v just slags off literally everything besides Rx-78
but then there is far too many rx-78’s
despite how great that gundam is
though i would like a release of a zaku 2 especially with better articulation if it comes to HG
i just wanting one i dunno why
though there been alot of mg of them but at least they are variations
tbh i say them clear models are just horrible
though i feel eager for this HG Model for some reason i still got a rx-78-2 mg to build which i left in my room for a year

Comment by Ereos

CV and J-lead = SUX

Comment by Anonymous

Well, it is Gundam’s anniversary and all, so I guess it’s only right that they release this one. But I agree, there are too many RX-78 variation kits out there. When will Bandai release a damn HGUC Bolinoak Sammahn kit? Or better yet, release a HGAU line!

Comment by Jus D'Orange

I wouldn’t call my disapproval of the new RX-78-2 iterations “rage,” seeing as I like the RX-78-2. Rather, it’s closer to discontent with Bandai’s striking level of incompetence. For example, let me ask the question; why do they bother putting out a huge design series like AOZ when they aren’t even planning to release close to half the shit they hired Fujioka to design for it? There’s plenty of material to work off of there, but for some reason, the original Gundam gets the funding that could’ve gone to a inhibito-unreleased design, because that thing always sells a fuckton, despite that we all have at least three or four of them on our gunpla shelves (assuming you build gunpla.) We’ve got way too many versions of the original Gundam, and it’s getting redundant at this point.

Comment by J-Lead

I think J-Lead has a point. It comes off as pretty harsh, but he’s not wrong.

This kit is nice, but they could have put out something new instead. Had they not already come out with fifty million HG RX-78-2s, it might not seem so wasteful. It’s appropriate for a 30th anniversary kit, yes, but considering the number of existing kits of that mech, it comes off as wasteful, see?

I prefer the previous HG kits, and, not owning any of the older ones, will be buying one.

Comment by Hiro

well i actually kinda agree too but then again there are smarter guy at Bandai who did the thinking although the conclusion is what wee see this day, no HG blast impulse, no more HG series for 00 sidestory, AoZ don’t get more love but then again its the smarter guy’s thought so it probably the best (for Bandai)

Comment by Rekkou

still, when i compared RX-78-2 MG, i prefer Ka or OYW ver than ver 2.0. So It’ll be same for hguc

Comment by Fighters

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