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July 1, 2009, 10:07 am
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Super Robot Wars NEO (Wii)

  • Map is no longer composed of square tiles, and units move according to a range radius
  • Units cut-in (units appearance scenes) are all presented at the in-game map with proper zoom-in effects and such
  • Walls and mountains are relatively in scale, making it hard for land units to move around
  • Two types of attacks: linear and curved (can go through obstacles)
  • Two types of attack animation: ordinary attacks are represented at the map, hissatsus are represented by zoomed animation
  • Size differences: small units can go through tiny spaces blocking enemy units, but larger units get stuck; small units with same attack range as large ones has fewer reach
  • Info taken from


    Gundam Senki: Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C.0081 (PS3)

    – September 3th, 2009 release

    – New mobile suit (MSV) RX-81LA Light Armor, RX-81ST Standard

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    hmm, interesting MAP for SRW Neo and interesting MS for Gundam Senki. Thanks for the scan, mr superrobotwars. ^—^

    Comment by judo0054


    Comment by J-Lead

    Thats right J-Lead those moblie suits the RX-81s are the successors of the RX-78 Gundam if I remember right. And yes c:v knows about them too.

    Comment by ReinaMK1

    As for SRW Neo on the map for the unit is very different and it’s a circle not blocks this time for range

    Comment by ReinaMK1

    The RX-81s are possible the only units not going to be mass production because costs on the armor and their prototypes

    Comment by ReinaMK1

    The movement in SRW Neo seems completely different then what we have ever seen before. Unlike older games which the mechs moved on a square based map, these mechs move in a circle. It seems you can move to any point in the circle and you will most likely be able to attack with the similar circle idea, as in if an enemy is in your attack circle you may attack them. Interesting idea, how well it works though, I don’t know.

    Comment by Bolinoak

    Katoki’s redesign on the Standard and Light Armor are too GM-esque like they are prototypes for GM Custom or Quel. He also removed the beam cannons from Okawara’s original Standard, we still have yet to see the 7th Gundam’s heavy armed form.

    Neo isn’t really new at all as we’ve seen this style of RPG in SE’s Front Mission and FinalFantasy, still the same old boring game after 19 years I see. Really, Bandai should consider scrapping both Gundam and Banpresto to pave ways for new titles.

    Comment by codename:v

    Sorry for interrupt the fun everyone, but it’s regarding SD Gundam G Generation Wars. An update of SD Gundam G Generation Wars:


    Official website –>

    Comment by judo0054

    I have to say Neo looks like it has way different gameplay mechanics than standard SRWs maybe its a hint or a test run as to how they can possibly change the winning formula of SRW.

    Comment by F97 X-1

    […] July 1, 2009 at 9:33 am | In namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment SRW Hotnews has new scans with Super Robot Wars NEO (Wii) […]

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    The game does look promising after reading some of its mechanics.

    Attacks have trajectories, so for attacks that go in a straight line (Brai Cannon) obstacles get in the way (can’t understand if it nulls the attacks, loses its strength, or other), other attacks can go around (Shield Boomerang).

    Size matters now in the map too, as small units can walk on small gaps where the bigger ones can’t, and even though the range is the same the bigger units has a bigger range than the smaller units.

    Too bad I stopped paying for SRW after crapfest Z, this game actually looks like it’s worth the money.

    Comment by Anonymous

    I like how Neo seems to be trying to be a completely new game. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    Comment by Anonymous

    Neo looks really awesome

    Comment by amuro0093

    … ‘Crapfest’ Z? What drugs did you take?

    Comment by Nerem

    Maybe the one that doesn’t make me worship a game just because it’s labeled “SRW”?

    Comment by Anonymous

    It’s strange to hear, that the best SRW up to date is considered as “crapfest” but… Just tell us what SRW is not a crapfest for you?

    And Neo looks like very promising one.

    Comment by Rune

    Sorry for interrupt as usual, but it’s regarding Gundam Senki: Battlefield record uc 0081

    – Promotion Movie update
    – Character update

    official website –>

    Comment by judo0054

    “Just tell us what SRW is not a crapfest for you?” – Easier to say which ones are a crapfest: Shin, Z, Mugen and J.

    If you meant to ask which ones are my favorites: EX, F/FF, Alpha Gaiden and Alpha 3.

    Now tell me, “best SRW up to date” based on what exactly?

    Comment by Anonymous

    Ok, @3 could be the best, but there are too many series included in @3 that shouldn’t be there.

    And Z has one of the best mecha and character casts, the best battle animation in SRW series and TRI-system that is more advanced than Squad-system in Alpha series.

    Wow, J and Mugen are crapfests?

    Comment by Rune

    I never said they are the best, I said they are my favorite. Also what you point as being a fault is to me one of the strongest points of Alpha 3, even with the huge amount of participating series the game doesn’t feel disconnected.

    I’ll ask again, that “best” statement is based on what exactly?

    And yes, I already said they are.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Just read different SRW-connected forums. And you will see, that many users consider Z the best.
    Oh, and I forgot to ask, what is your “Z is crapfest” based on?

    Comment by Rune

    SRW forums like suparobo of 2ch? If so I can present you with “many” topics bashing Z. This just to say that “many” is subjective and doesn’t have any weight.

    Crapfest is based on my opinion regarding the various elements of the game, as in gameplay, story, original characters and music. Graphics I have nothing against, except the part where the Gundam units shoot 3 times and miss the first 2 shots, but that would be nitpicking.

    Comment by Anonymous

    ^ I think only one shot misses and the other 2 hit ^^6

    Anyways, I’m not feeling SRW Neo, mainly because it’s a line up of all Supers and I don’t dig Supers. Give me Reals anytime…Though I would like to use, Ganbaruger, Rai-Jin-oh and Gosaurer.
    Iron Leaguer still feels too weird to be in SRW IMO

    Comment by wildflug

    I appreciate your correction.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Sorry for interrupt the fun, but an update from SRW Neo (taken from famitsu scans):

    -3d map explanation

    source –>

    Gundam Senki Battlefield Record UC 0081 (taken from famitsu scans):


    Source –>

    Comment by judo0054

    CV: “Katoki’s redesign on the Standard and Light Armor are too GM-esque like they are prototypes for GM Custom or Quel. He also removed the beam cannons from Okawara’s original Standard,”

    Actually, I do have to give him credit for that. Many Federation mobile suits from the early days usually follow a set “template” all originating from the RX-78 series, with their arms and legs, and even the torso typically sharing a mostly similar shape and build. This “template” is used for a lot of the RX-78 upgrades, from the GO4-7, the NT1, and even the [G] series to a degree, and also includes virtually all GM designs. The original Okawara designs for the mobile suits in question wouldn’t fit in the more modern style that most early-UC productions use these days; they’d look totally out of place. Same goes for Okawara’s RX-78-7 design.

    People often bitch about Katoki “ruining” existing designs, making them bland, but all he’s really doing is re-imaging them in a way that doesn’t clash with the Federation’s MS “template.” In fact, that’s what probably makes up about half his paycheck, since that’s how Sunrise wants it done. Whether or not one likes this action is totally up to the individual, but that’s just how it is, and it’s done for a completely sensible reason.

    Comment by J-Lead

    As far as I’m concerned, Z was an awesome game. The Tri-Battle system works better and lends itself to better strategy than the squad system which you had little control over, and the cast feels very fresh.

    Though, from the Alpha series, I prefer @2 to @3. The former has Ibis Douglas (Without forcing me to play as Selena, who I am not fond of, to see her), Brain Powerd, and Crossbone Gundam, all things I want to see more of in SRW. Not that @3 is a bad game in any measure. It’s almost one long string of awesome things happening one after another.

    But, I say, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If someone doesn’t like Z or J or *X Super Robot Wars game I enjoyed*, it’s not my problem.

    Comment by Hiro

    although I never played Z but looks awesome by battle animations especially the orignal’s battle animations, @2 probably an intresting fact in the case of crossbone gundam (wise there srw games with that series even it’s a manga series), although thats my thoughts about the two srw games.

    Comment by MaxHD2490

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