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(Update) Upcoming new model kit 1/100 from Seed VS Astray
July 1, 2009, 11:40 am
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Gale Strike Gundam 1/100 – August, 2,500 yen


Hail Buster Gundam 1/100- August, 2,500 yen


Upcoming next Robot Spirist ?


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again, lame…

Comment by Mendagu

Hail Buster… Lol. ALL HAIL BUSTER!
And Gale Strike looks like fusion of Aile Strike and Astray Blue Frame 2nd L.

Comment by Rune

There are more better designs like Turndelta, Outframe, Testament and MarsJacket. Instead, Bandai would rather save cost by salvaging old Strike and Buster models. Really, you ain’t fooling anyone this time Bandai

Comment by codename:v

Chi, they haven’t even made a 1/100 Verde Buster yet and they slap us this lame-ass Hail version.

Comment by glemtvapen

Lame indeed

Comment by = =''

Old design Repacking available part and attach at difference part of place. Even the Gale Strike Main ullustrate also same like Gundam Exia pose =_=

Comment by Eden

“Side Mashin”… Rayearth???

Comment by Folka

Speaking of …..Gale Strike Gundam 1/100 only the blue part that are news….. hmm to me if the face part colour is not blue it would be better I think??.

Hail Buster lol

Comment by kadej

I wish it wasn’t so obvious that Bandai was just swapping parts around, but if one manages to ignore that fact, I don’t think Hail’ and Gale’ look too bad.

Going by a picture of the silhouettes of forthcoming Seed vs Astray mecha, we should get variants of Blitz (probably with a red colour scheme), Duel (possibly green) and an Astray. There are two more mecha shown that I thought might be an Aegis and another Strike, but I’m starting to suspect are new versions of Freedom (purple?)and Justice (white?).

What I’m waiting to see is if they come out with a new take on Providence.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Looks like Bandai designers just kit bash some Seed gunplas and WALAA!

Poor choice of design and colors.

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

Hail Buster Gundam
sounds like Buster Gundam became a frekkin Hitler!

Comment by Ereos

Really scraping the bottom of the barrel for names. Eh, Bandai? I look forward to Quake/Tremor Blitz, Inferno Aegis and Holy Duel. :p

Comment by AceWhatever

I think Gale Strike is actually a pretty sweet kitbash, regardless of who came up with the design; I’ll buy one if the price is right. Hail Buster is lame beyond words. Obviously, I’d prefer to see some new mobile suits like everyone else, but just remember that in this economy, even Bandai’s feeling the pinch. Money saved by rehashing old kits with new gimmicks keeps the company afloat so that they can produce more interesting subjects, like the HGUC Kshatriya

Comment by Blobbert

Hope thats was Phase shift off color, if not I wont have any interest on this Seed < vs Astray.
I looking forward for new design coming of 5th Astray. Astray Reunion~Red,Blue Gold,Green, and new one. Those Scrap, erhem no is jurk. I won`t have a look even only mono eye I have . =_=

Comment by Eden

“Side Mashin”… Rayearth??? It could also be Mashin Hero Wataru. But I think Rayearth would be a better choice.

Given the Side LFO Nirvash Spec 2 ‘transforms’, i wonder if any of the Side VF will too. That is, assuming these are variable fighters from Macross.

I’m not a fan of the color schemes, but given I’m not a big SEED fan to begin with, these aren’t up my alley. Did the first two have to rhyme?

I wonder if they’ll come out with any MA’s for this line?

Comment by BlueAleseides

Bandai lost a good chance by not making 1/100s of more visually-impressive units like the Blu Duel or DOM Trooper, and others more deserving ones from the MSV line. I pray that Hail Buster is the only ugly mofo of the team and the other three are more visually impressive.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Names are as bad…Gale..why not gay strike gundam?

Hail buster gundam? for what?

design sucks, colour matching ain’t that good also. Gale is like a duplicate of seven swords (knee armor) and heck..what is the shoulder armor for strike doing at the knees? Doesn’t it limit the movement?

Comment by Anonymous

Why not…HAIL S.freedom gundam since everyone loved it alot because it’s overpowered?

Comment by Anonymous

How about Hail Lacus Concert Ver. Zaku Warrior?

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

That could work too zince ZAFT soldiers went high-five for her.

And speaking about the aegis-justice-savior series of units, why not..knight savior/justice/aegis?

Since the tentative name for infinite was that before.

lol for what AceWhatever said earlier on. XDDD

Comment by M

The shoulders on Gale Strike look very similar to the thrusters on the Aile Strike Pack. I wonder if they enable flight capability? Interesting method for stowing the shield, it looks like a tail binder. I kind of like the giant swords; they remind me of the ones Strike Noir packs.

Speaking of which, I bet this design would look better with a Strike Noir color scheme.

Comment by BlueAleseides


Comment by Nameless

Shoulder= Aile Pack + Dygenguar limited output Buster.
Sword= Copy and paste from 00 GN sword
Face= Optimus Prime
Hail= Full burst ….
I think those only for kid choice color collection..Say directly,really kick!
Hail let me wanna to vomit.
Why those testament or Regenerate or even Astray Out fram didnt release?!
Keep copy and paste for press release…

If that was all Variable phase shift off color, it could be qualify to be it.

Comment by Eden

>>>Sword= Copy and paste from 00 GN sword

No, dude. That would be Strike Noir’s sword. I can see the confusion, mainly because of the placement of the sword (and how rarely Sven actually used it as a sword). XD

Comment by Nameless


Rayearth, now thats a question if it is true. Although we don’t see fantasy theme mecha in anime and/or manga in this time and age and even right now. But thats good chance for mashin.

Comment by MaxHD2490

I like Gale Strike’s designs though it is like a kit bash, minus the colour scheme. Now it sounds like Gay Strike and Hell Buster to me… Buster sucks.
I just wondered why there are no kits for these MS/Gundams, be it HG 1/144 or 1/100:

Divine Testament Gundam
Astray Blue Frame 3rd (i’m optimistic about thsi one getting released)
Proto-Saviour +11
Sword Calamity (only replacement parts so far)
Dreadnought (1/100)
Hyperion (1/100)
Astray Outframe

bla bla bla……

Comment by EXkurogane

who say lame!? i think UC series is lame and boring. i hate UC!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Verde buster is still better than those two..
I know there’s something wrong with Bandai… =_= ..

Comment by koko


….now we got:



Comment by Reich

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