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July 8, 2009, 10:18 am
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Updated HQ scans for Famitsu’s SD Gundam G Generarion Wars.

SD Gundam G Generarion Wars (PS2/Wii)

From Famitsu Magazine.


From Dengeki PS Magazine.


More G Generation Wars info from

New Factor 1: Unit exchange

Aside from “design” and “development“, “exchange” is the 3rd method for obtaining units. A single unit can be exchanged into another unit from a different universe according to its stats and levels. For example:

  • a level 3 Gundam Mk-II can be exchanged for a Tieren Tao-II, Dije, Bigro and a 4th unclear unit
  • a level 6 Kusi Gundam can be exchanged for Agrissa, Turn A, V2 Assault Buster or a 4th unclear unit
  • a level 6 Kusi Gundam equipped with OP parts can be exchanged for Strike Freedom, Turn X, Dendrobium and a 4th unclear unit

New Factor 2: OP Parts

Each unit can equip up to 3 parts. Parts are available for both units and battleships, and now there are also expandable parts like Instant Repair Kit and Instant Energy Tanks.

New Factor 3: Character Ability

There are several special abilities that gives special bonus to certain characters. There are abilities such as Newtype and Serious, but also character specific ones like White Devil for Amuro (raises attack and mobility stats for specific mechs) and Operation Meteor for Heero (raises melee and range stats, damage when not on a team).

Also, players can raise stats and ability levels using Ace Points.

New Factor 4: Master Character and Recruiting

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one main character for a series, which will become the Master Character. Then, characters from the same series will be available to buy. Later on, you’ll be able to choose more Master Characters. Depending on the chosen character, powerful rival characters will be available. 



Gundam Senki: Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 (PS3)

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What’s this? You have to buy the pilots that you want? It also appears that you can now customize you pilots/characters too!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Sunrise announced details of the G30 EXPO.
30th Anniversary Short Film directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino will be named…


As all knows, RING OF GUNDAM is the original title of TURN A GUNDAM, which supposed to be a story of reincarnation like Ideon.

Now the newest GUNDAM by Tomino reinforces RING OF GUNDAM, will it be the next series mentioned by Tomino during interview which based on the book “Why Arendt Matters”?
Or will it be the continuation of TURN A which was expected 10 years ago?
Or even a reincarnation of GUNDAM itself?

The short film will launch on 23 Aug.

Comment by Zarathustra

And thus spoke Zarathustra…

Comment by srwog

Great news, Zarathustra….

Hopes is good….and not some thing like Gundam Evolve.

Comment by ottoto

That character leveling and upgrading feature looks rather interesting. I still hope we have access to the original characters from the past G Gen games though. 🙂

Comment by Dragen

[…] G-Gene Wars Info July 8th, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment SRW Hotnews posted some new scans with G-Generation Wars info. This time I’ll only repost the Dengeki […]

Pingback by » More G-Gene Wars Info

I really hope you can get the perfect form of the Devil Gundam from the final scene for once T^T

Comment by Ed

Reincarnations of Gundam has been seen in SEED and 00 where plots and concepts were copied from old titles like 0079, Zeta and Wing, put it simply: Another copied work in progress. What Tomino should seek is the next level, which he always preach about standing out from the rest and this is obvious that he’s still dancing to Bandai tune as always. Another continuation of Turn-A doesn’t make that any new, how does Evangelion 2.0 look new to you? All are nothing more marketing gimmicks and humbugs made to turn fans into saps.

Comment by codename:v

cv, we get it that you hate 00 and seed. Just get the fuck out of here. nobody likes you. jesus christ. let us enjoy these new posts. every single time, we see you posting something stupid. if you have so much time, go outside or something. gawd.

Comment by gvgn

to mr superrobotwars,

sorry for asking this, but can you give us the “clearly scans” for both games? it seems I cannot see clearly for both, especially famitsu magazine for SD Gundam G Generation Wars. Thanks and sorry for everything. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

at Ngeekhiong it was said its only 30 min movie, i think the movie is a documentary of gundam from time to time

Comment by Rekkou

I dont see why bandai wont call it GM senki insted of Gundam senki !

Comment by The Spoiler


Ring of Gundam is orginal, but don’t know the details yet, and not like seed which I don’t like right now

Comment by ReiaMK1

FYI, “Kusi” is for the Greek letter Xi, which looks like Ξ
If your web browser won’t display the Greek letter there, it’s the one that looks like three horizontal lines above and below each other.
Xi Gundam is the main one from the Hathaway’s Flash novel, also made as a FIX figure a few years ago.

Comment by recognizer

What c:v said made sense.

Most of the latest alternate universe gundam series does copy heavily from the early UC gundam series. And anything original about them were poorly executed.

Another Turn A wouldn’t really do any good, as fanbase for that series are probably even less than say G00.

Ring of Gundam… LOL is probably just a short video of new animation showing all the past gundam series.

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

“Most of the latest alternate universe gundam series does copy heavily from the early UC gundam series”
lol, becoz’ they’re already tired to full animated UC story. that’s why they just continue the novel and we just only imagine how battle action will be. like CV did, anime just for fag who don’t read. in the end he just fantasize how the battle in unicorn. Maybe he fantasize that unicorn doing some ecchi thing to banshee, who knows..

Comment by Anonymous

Exia vs Epyon…
Hyaku Shiki vs Alvaaron…
Can’t wait.

Comment by ninjaclown

Or maybe that was Akatsuki.

Comment by ninjaclown

Okay, Hyaku Shiki vs Akatsuki.

Comment by ninjaclown

Ignore my last post, i suck unlimited cocks.

Comment by gvgn

gvgn is c:v alert!

Comment by ReinaMK1

ban the impersonator please!

Comment by ReinaMK1

(on note thats c:v behind gvgn or thats impersontor) please banned me

Comment by ReinaMK1

I have no clue what you are talking about. I am c:v, what? LOL. Wow. I don’t know where you got that but… ok? All i was saying is telling c:v to back off because I see him in every single article posting bullshit.

Comment by gvgn

I just wanna know is there difference between the Wii version and PS2…

Comment by ottoto

“Ring of Gundam… LOL is probably just a short video of new animation showing all the past gundam series.”

It’s true that the 10th Anniversary Film, “All That Gundam”, used that motif of showing off the previous series in new animation, but the 20th Anniversary Film, “Gundam: Mission To The Rise” was an all new take on the whole Gundam scenario. “Mission To The Rise” was a 3dcg piece, similar in rendering style to G-Saviour but with direction and mecha design by Katsuhiro Otomo (creator of “Akira” and “Steamboy”), and it showed a world where the first interstellar flight or faster-than-light travel was being attempted using a Gundam as the test craft (the launch, of course, was interrupted by a Zaku attack).

Comment by recognizer

Great new info, thank you for that.

Comment by Ash

Do you have the lineart design of gundam inside the shuttle? i search for it but can’t find it

Comment by Rekkou

cool… akatsuki vs hyaku shiki. 2 golden mobile suit. akatsuki will win

Comment by Anonymous

To gvgn

the comment on jury 9, 8:45 am I thought c:v or the impersonator who talks like that

Comment by ReinaMK1

Yeah, 8:45am, I got impersonated. Lol.

Comment by gvgn

Sorry for interrupt, but I found a website that related with SD Gundam G Generation Wars. It’s about Gundam 00 and other stuff that will include on this game. The language is Chinese and I found the translation from “gamefaqs.” Here the first part:

SD高达 G世纪wars 部分流言



00ガンダム,ケルディム,アリオス,セラヴィー 4机参战

这次仍是DVDx1, 不考虑D9和双DVD是NB的意思

HP17850 EN420

剧本和魂一样按原作进行,但WARS BREAK系统在关内引发会使别的作品乱入,进入IF路线变成大杂烩, 增加关卡难度


GN Drive的作用是GN field无消耗+伤害上升10%




这次不登场的作品 前哨战,独角兽,ASTRAY都是日升方面的意思

其实海盗骷髅心,钢铁7人本来也在删除范围。 X1系意外的被删除了






Source –>

Thia is the translation part (from above):

All 4 00 MS are in. It’ll be a single DVD.

Stats of servee:
Hp 17850 En420
Atk 32 Def 33 Mobility 27

Scenarios are played similarly like those in Spirits but with the addition of Wars Break. Wars Break basically introduces stuff from other series into the stage and creates a WHAT IF route, making the stage more difficult as well.

Effects of GN drive – GN field doesn’t consume energy and increases damage by 10%
TransARM – Lasts for one turn and increases all abilities by 20. All stats are halved after TransARM ends.

MAP weapons can now be used to target 1 unit. No graphics for MAP weapons.

No more CRAPPY HARO SYSTEM. Points are only used for calculating bonuses.

Damage from missiles is reduced.

Unicorn, Sentinel and Astray are not in. ( This is what it says but we all know that EX-S is in. Could be referring to the plot)

Skull Heart, Steel 7 were also on the chopping block as well but they were left untouched. The X-1 series is removed though.

Cagali and Dearka have no seiyuus.
One year series stuff like CDA and ecole du ciel are not included.

No musha gundam stuff.

Recorded clips will be used for Bright

Source –> board messages of gamefaqs

I do not know if this info is true. I accidently found it when I’m browsing some game stuff and checking my e-mail. Sorry for everything. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

“This is” not “Thia is.” Sorry.

Comment by judo0054

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