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July 9, 2009, 4:52 pm
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Gunpla Expo 2009


MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode


Gale Strike Gundam 1/100

Hail Buster Gundam 1/100


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Strike 00 Gundam & Cherudim Buster Gundam….. Shit..

Comment by Anonymous

Can’t wait for the end of the month. Come to me MG Exia Ignition Mode!

Comment by F97 X-1

Gundam expo? So what is this year’s limited kits they are selling there?

Comment by Anonymous

Kanasai! The color of seed series so weird!

Comment by PoliPoLomi~

god that Gale Strike and Hail Buster Gundam looks really horrible (T_T)

Comment by Alexus_Z3

Especially the new buster……………

Comment by codename:v

wait.. Gunpla Expo 2009? isnt THAT Gunpla Expo 2009 Hiroshima March 2009?

Comment by hm...

The Strike’s swords seem to be attached incorrectly. (Right side sword on the left side of it’s waist and vice versa)

I wonder how the Buster will look in it’s final colours.

Comment by Hanzkaz

I do love the buster because it has so much fire power but I don’t like the strike

Comment by ydawg313

Mmmm… Those two kits are really ugly… There is nothing of them that I like…

Comment by Folka

I prefer hail buster than gale strike, and i like to tag Hail Buster as Buster Noir. But i won’t buy it since i’m not collect HG 1/100 series. Just 1/144 and MG scale

Comment by Anonymous

not gundam seed fans please shut up

Comment by Anonymous

doesn’t really matter wether you’re a fan or not. Ugly kit still ugly…. I love buster original design but for this two “new” seed kit the proportion and the colour just meh

Comment by ZetranWWIII

Amazing, color improvement in just a few weeks time… Unfortunately Hail Buster hasn’t improved much lol.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Bandai seems to be so desperate.

Comment by The Spoiler

why don’t they just sell HG or 1/100 00 7S already more woth it than this two New? Seed kit

Comment by Anonymous

I’m waiting for Bandai to make a new Strike variation with a shield in the head. God, they’re so horrible. Who could possibly buy them?

Comment by Ingram Prisken

I like the Hail Buster’s design, especially those colors for the model. The Gale Strike’s design isn’t bad either.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

You’d think that shit like the Third Frame L would be higher on the priority list, considering how many fans like it and all, but no, we get another Strike, uglier than the last. Does that hack Okawara even bother doing decent designs anymore? Does Bandai have anything else other than shit on their greedy collective consciousness?

Comment by Amon

So the colors really suck, but the Gale Strike design isn’t terrible. I might get this and repaint it, or use it for spare parts.

Comment by BlueAleseides

damn buster gundam one is HORRID!
i just stick to original buster or verde

Comment by Ereos

They’re colors actually different than the original design, Gale Strike doesn’t even have the blue face anymore, to bad i really like it

Comment by Rekkou

“Especially the new buster……………”- cv

True that. Finally something cv said and I agree. LMAO.

Comment by gvgn

1/100 Real Scale Sangokuden!
More better than Seed vs Astray!
I wonder why SRW hotnews didnt pose this one.

Comment by Anime Janaiyi~

Comment by AnimeJanaiyi

I’m scared of random links in posts. Are they swarming with viruses? =3

Comment by Nameless

I click that , the link looks like from Ngeekhiong blog.

Comment by Eden

Its not seed thats bad, its the retards that wont let it finish = =, seriously just make the Movie and end period

Comment by Batman

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