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Super Robot Wars Neo Op theme song
July 9, 2009, 4:37 am
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Super Robot Wars Neo Op theme song “Wild Succession” by J-Pop singer Aki Misato.

Wild Succession (Short Ver.)

Download (Mediafire, MP3)

Download (Megaupload, MP3)

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No JAM Project? Wow… something is definitely wrong with this SRW installment.

Comment by -_-

I guess only if Neo isn’t a timeline series such as alpha. It’s more like MX however.

Comment by ReinaMK1

Then again I could be wrong.

Comment by ReinaMK1

to Reina MK1,

Maybe my info also could be wrong, but they possibility are preparing for this:

Once again, I do not know for sure, and my info are absolutely wrong too.

Comment by judo0054

i thought exactly the same!! NO JAM PROJECT!!!
to be honest it a nice song but to pop like!
makes it more like a kid’s game now…. after all it is on the wii
i doubt lil kids be like zOMG I LOVE JAM PROJECT!!!
but still a SRW without jam project doesnt feel right!!

Comment by Ereos

To Ereos

I’m pretty JAM PROJECT will be in SRW Z2 if possible

Comment by ReinaMK1

*I’m pretty sure* ^

Comment by ReinaMK1

this is not the first time actually, SRW J theme song was Tamaki Nami’s Castaway, but yeah SRW with full of Super Robots certainly needs JAM Project

Comment by Rekkou

Aki Misato is not J-Pop. She’s as anison as JAM Project is and they are under the same record label, Lantis. Both have performed together as well at last year’s Animelo, with a rendition of Okkusenman, on the second day. You can find the video on Youtube. Also, she did the second ending for the SRW:OG Divine Wars TV series.

And if you noticed, she’s also in the Lantis 10th Anniversary lineup. So JAM prepping for it is not valid. However, they have been very busy in the past few months with their Hurricane tour.

Comment by dodgethis

Link is dead, I can’t downloaded

Please be repair.

Thank you

Comment by G

I’m sure there’s still enough room for JAM Project in other parts of the game, like the ending.

Comment by Keet

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this but it seems they only use JAM Project for SRW games on the Playstation consoles only.

Comment by Rez

Considering the fact that the entire theme of this game is late ’80s/early ’90s series, I think the song is perfectly appropriate.

Comment by Lowe

pleassssssssss banpresto marched the a new SRW Z

i love SRW in 2d but this NEO is lok like bad in 3d juste the map hase good

Comment by ikki28

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