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Fully transformable Shurouga !
July 10, 2009, 7:04 pm
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Upcoming next fully transformable action figure from Studio Halfeye.


Shurouga (From Super Robot Wars Z)

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WHAT THE F***!!!!! shurouga from SRWZ is now a action figure. hahahahah wish they release balgora for model kit on kotobukiya

Comment by setsuna15

Cybuster vs Shoruga, who will win? hehehe. Sorry for a lame joke. Alright time for an update for everyone. It’s about a “kurogane no linebarells”. an update of kurogane no linebarells:



-original (mecha)

I’ve posted in here:

Comment by judo0054

I’m not really impressed with this Shorouga mech from Z as all the OG mechs there are nothing but borrowed from previous designs like the VaruchBen and Psybuster. Seriously, Z is the starting point of Banpresto’s decline

Comment by codename:v

Hmn, anyone familiar with Studio Halfeye’s stuff, quality-wise? I’m not generally fond of action figures, but I dig all of Z’s stuff.

Comment by Hiro

it still not a bad looking mech you gotta admit that
i wouldnt mind getting this but then the SRW franchise is slowly falling in terms of mech design
clearly look at SRW on the NDS what was the last one ? K!? i forgot ! them mechs were horrid

Comment by Ereos

Seriously, CV must DIE

Comment by codename:fuck

Oh No !!
The price of this studio is also highhh .

Comment by B_E

Shurouga aka NOT Cybuster. Nevertheless a fucking awesome mech. Though fully transformable kits are generally pretty expensive.

Comment by F97 X-1

I don’t agree about Z being the beginning of the decline… It’s not the first time we have had ugly mechs like in K but personally I really like the Gunleon and the Shurouga. The Virgola (official spell from SRWZ SPD) is a bit anonymus for example….

Comment by Folka

Probably cost like half of a thousand bucks like others………..

Comment by ottoto

well im reckning this be like 4000-5000+ yen
like said tranformable mechs models are generally expensive

Comment by Ereos

I’m Glad to hear that Shurouga will have the transformation gimmick since it’s first model, at least from what i recall it’s the first one, anybody is welcome to correct me if i’m wrong, since i really don’t recall any previous Model of Shurouga.

Now about the whole decline stuff and blah blah blah.

The K desings could easily be compared to the D desings, of SRW D only Forte Gigas was a good and somehow memorable desing, the rest were meh. It’s like that for K but without any memorable desing at all, yet, unlike what CV claims, it doesn’t mean the decline of SRW, after all, if my memory doesn’t fail me, SRW D came before Alpha 2/3, All the OG Games and Z and there are kick ass memorable desings on those games.

If anything, for the portables you have goos desings in games like A, R, J and W. So from time to time having low tier desings like in D or K shouldn’t be surprising, it’s natural to hit or miss in the industry, something that a lot of people seem to forget lately.

Comment by Anonymous

Uber nice figure, uber high price…. T_T

Comment by BD

The Shurouga from Z I like the look of it and theres a rumor of a mecha similar to this mecha that was supposedly to be in SRW 2 but dropped out (I only heard about that mecha from the shurouga video comment boxes from youtube)

Comment by MaxHD2490

And people still give any credence to comments on youtube because… ?

The only thing where Shurouga currently resembles to that robot that didn’t get past the concept phase is the name, Shurouya. One could say that the fact that it is seen fighting Cybuster and Granzon is in some form a connection to Shurouya, since the setup was that Shurouya was the only robot able to avoid the battle between Cybuster and Granzon.

Either way Shurouga is forever ruined by the crappy attempt to capitalize on Masoukishins fame.

Comment by Anonymous

at least the shurouga is still awesome right?

Comment by ReinaMK1

yet this mecha is still mysterious by background story and it’s pilot in SRW Z.

Comment by ReinaMK1

any release date?

Comment by paul

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