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Super Robot Gakuen boxart
July 10, 2009, 1:38 am
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What the ?

Comment by Crusher

Too simple..

Comment by Anonymous

I agree on that and more likely c:v would say the same thing in either way around of degree on boxart

Comment by ReinaMK1

Wow… This seems so haphazardly put together. Suddenly my expectations for this game went from slight optimism to ‘meh’.

Comment by Bolinoak

What does that matter if we’re all going to pirate the game anyway, and therefore never see the boxart :3

Comment by Anonymous

Do you guys have a double standard for this box-art? It’s a slightly more dynamic version of the usual boxart we get for SRW. How does it make your opinion for this game worse, but not effect your opinion for EVERY SRW EVER.

Comment by Nerem

My opinion for this game comes more from what the game is then it’s box-art. I play SRW for the wacky crossover antics and the giant robots of death and awesome. But this game removes the antics and just has robot violence. Now while I don’t mind that so much because I love these robots so much, well it’s just not the same without seeing characters interact.

And who said anything about pirating? I buy my SRW thank you very much. So far I think SRW MXP has been the best PSP game I have ever owned.

Comment by Bolinoak

I could have made that in Photoshop.

And I suck at Photoshop.

Comment by Kat

Wow, more forum war in here. Anyway, it’s about a Gundam Senki, Battlefield Record UC 0081. An update from the official website. I’ve updated in here:

Comment by judo0054

Copy and paste…

Comment by = =''

If the title was less kiddy and the kid wasnt on it, it would be OK.

Comment by Keet

If Pokemon and Digimon can drive elementary school kids wild and EMO like how Tamagotchi did to adults, so can SRW do to faggots as well. I’ve seen faggots cry EMO tears over dead anime characters and making jpegs their waifools. Also, I can see more fags out there cry rivers after getting caught playing Gakuen at work/school and having their DS confiscated. Really, some games are best kept at home instead carrying it around like school kids bragging with their Digimons and Pokemons.

Really, NamcoBandai should consider scrap the whole SRW franchise since this faggotry isn’t getting better and regressing toward retarded levels.

Comment by codename:v

This time I agree with you C.V.
Nowsdays alot of product even game and gunpla, all among of company use alot unscrupulously way to produce the dish that we didnt like.

Comment by PolipoloMi

Be optimistic, only when we play the game can we really pass an opinion on it. I do admit however the boxart isn’t in a traditional SRW style. But you’re forgetting that this isn’t an ordinary SRW.

Comment by F97 X-1

I think this’d look better if either A) the robots were all facing the same direction or B) the kid were in the middle.

Comment by Anonymous

To codename:v

Enough with negative comments already your nothing but bashing others and insulting.

Comment by ReinaMK1

Too bad they’re making tons of money with the franchise. Now V has to cry himself a river since his sad attempt to take down Nampresto failed.

…seriously, it’s just non-sense. As sad as it is (or awesome for everyone else), they’re making money off it, so it stays (no matter how much one human being with a superiority complex may want it destroyed).

Enough seriousness! Go play your Gakuen!

Comment by Nameless

“wild and EMO”

What does one thing have to do with the other? EMO is practically the antithesis of wild. Maybe you should stick to a language you understand.

Comment by Milkman Dan

“Really, some games are best kept at home instead carrying it around like school kids bragging with their Digimons and Pokemons. ”
and C:V you suck because of it. Get real, why you buy handheld console if you’re not play it somewhere else instead your home? I play Hatsune Miku: Project Diva at bus

Comment by Code Name: Miku

“why you buy handheld console if you’re not play it somewhere else instead your home?”

I’ve owned a gameboy color, gba, ds lite and psp and I can count with one hand the number of times I’ve taken it out with me.

I can say that I didn’t buy them with the intention to play game outdoors, I’ve bought them because it had games that interested me at the time.

Regarding where I play, I mostly play them when I’m in the tv room doing company to my family or in my room.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m disappointed with both newest SRW titles, they should have think about OG3 for PSP, now someone tell me that it isn’t possible (pointing at SRW AP)

Comment by Nt01

There’s no problem with the PSP itself, the problem is the number of users. If anything they could release a port of OGS/OGG, but a new title exclusive to PSP? Don’t think so.

Comment by Anonymous

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