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Scans Dengeki Hobby Mag August & Special 3D Works Gundam Unicorn
July 13, 2009, 6:33 am
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Dengeki Hobby Mag August (scanned by pete_amuro)

Download (Megaupload, 109 Mb)

Mirror links upload by kain the supreme


Dengeki Hobby Mag Special 3D Works Gundam Unicorn (scanned by pete_amuro)

Download (Megaupload, 54 Mb)

Mirror links upload by kain the supreme


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Call of duty 4: Modern Gundam warfare

Comment by Anonymous

OMG, Thank YOu so much for this =D

btw has anyone got a hold of scans for the MasterPiece Series? like this one?

and also scans for this MSG Chars Counterattack Archive?

Comment by JustinH

“Call of duty 4: Modern Gundam warfare?”

I see no Jesta pics in the bunch, sooo…

No dice.

Comment by J-Lead

Look at the Geara-Zulu’s rifle you moron.

Comment by Anonymous

Very Tanks SRW hotnews,Pete Amuro!

Comment by Debris

[…] un vero e proprio regalo a tutti i fan del mondo di Gundam mettendo on line un interessantissimo Special creato da Dengeki Hobby e dedicato al mondo di […]

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it would be appreciate someone upload to another host. Megaload always download half way and disconnect.

Comment by starboykb

Thanks for the scans SRW!

@ Anon:
You can drop the “modern warfare” bit, since the Geara Zulu’s rifle is very much like a WW2 era Sturmgewehr:

Not really a fan of most of the Gundam Unicorn design, since they don’t look utilitarian enough to me. However, it’s still nice to see them being made. The Zulu reminds me of the Gyan, with its crotch, arms and legs. So much so, I’d call it a Gyan Zaku..
Also, the Kshatriya looks more like a Gelgoog than I previously noticed.

Comment by T.V.

This are my mirros for this great special:

Many thanks to SrwHotNews and Pete_Amuro for their great works!

Comment by kain the supreme


I wasn’t aware that the Germans have Grenade launchers or Red Dot Sights in WWII.

Comment by Anonymous

Any mirrors on Mediafire?

Can’t get from the 4 hosting sites due to my ISP.

Comment by iron2000

Iron2000 for what files?
The special for the GU or the Figure maniacs?
The new Dengeki Hobby is too big for mediafire, they don’t allow the upload of file bigger then 100mb the new dengeki is 109mb :\
I start now to upload for You the special and figuremaniacs magazines…. in 2h or 3h I will put the link ( I have a slow adsl be patient ).

Comment by kain the supreme

woo thanks thanks

Comment by d'OH

On Mediafire:

Model graphics 20

Model graphics 21

Model graphics 22


Sorry But I can’t upload the dengeki hobby 08 cause is too big the limit for unregistered user on mediafire is 100mb.. sorry again man :\

Comment by kain the supreme

wow thanks very much for sharing the Hobby Mag August. 😀

Comment by archaznable

Thanks, SRW, Pete & Kain.

That Maaya … er, Mari figure looks cute.

Comment by Berith

Thank you so much for mediafire mirror! 😀

Comment by gotd

Thanks Kain!!

Comment by iron2000

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