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Upcoming next plastic model kit from Kotobukiya
July 14, 2009, 9:04 pm
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Cybuster 1/144

Release date: November

Price 8,190 yen



Alstroemeria (non-scale)

Release date: November

Price 2,310 yen


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So, a new Cybuster that’s gonna be in scale, or is it the same perfect change one from awhile ago? If it is new, I wonder if it’s any bigger than the perfect change one.

Comment by Anonymous

Ah… does anyone know if the smaller one in the ‘hikaku’ jpg is the perfect change or the older one?

Comment by Anonymous

One of the worst mecha anime was Cybuster
who even cares if this model kit is out!

Comment by The Spoiler

Cybuster looks ok in robot mode but I don’t like how Cybird mode turn out however

Comment by ReinaMK1

second thought Cybird mode looks ok (for everyone’s opinion)

Comment by ReinaMK1

Very cool but it looked way better in SD mode!

Comment by The Spoiler

I think that’s the older, non-scale Cybuster.

@TheSpoiler: This isn’t related to the anime Cybuster. That was incredibly loosely based on the Banpresto Original Cybuster, the very first BO mech. This one is the SRW version in all its glory. As such, any fans of Lord of the Elementals in general care about the Cybuster.

I dunno, compared to the torso and head of the old one, I prefer the sharper, thinner mold of the smaller one. They probably had to make it blockier in order to allow for the transformation, so it’s kind of justified. Still, being in-scale with the other SRW kits is always cool. It also appears to have solved the back-heaviness of the old kit.

It also comes with the Hi-Familiars and an Akashic Buster stand, which help to justify the price a tiny, tiny bit. Who doesn’t want Kuro and Shiro flying around to bother the other plamos in the room?

Comment by Hiro

Anyways, the Alstroemeria looks pretty dang sharp.

Comment by Hiro

Guys, nothing in these pictures is going to be the Studio Half-Eye Perfect Change Cybuster. These are official Kotobukiya product photos, and the Perfect Change Cybuster is not a Koto product.

re the Alstroemeria: IT COMES WITH A BATTA!! Yessss.

Since it’s in-scale with the Battle Frames, that’ll make it pretty small… I wonder if it’ll be able to fold up.

Comment by recognizer

In OGS and OGG, the Psybuster is the worst mech to date. Poor evasion rate, poor endurance, weak attacks and not EN friendly. The pilot-Masaki Endo is a terrible pilot with poor skills and SPs, what on earth Terada thinks he’s doing by throwing in a cheap-ass mech with a bonehead behind it?

This 1/144 can really transform and that sure kills the StudioHalfeye’s full action version. Unfortunately, the Psybird form just isn’t a pleasant view and came out to be more as an eyesore with its cock head stick out like Psybuster asking for blow-jobs from anyone who bought this faggotry. Man, I guess Orbital Frames from ZOE aren’t the only one with such huge cocks. Look who is your daddy now?

No wonder the anime industry in Japan is shrinking now…

Comment by codename:v

LOL at the crazy cv

Comment by Anonymous

man c:v’s comments are sometimes are unpleasant to this website (hope the owner notice the comments like that)

Comment by ReinaMK1

Good thing I stalled on the old Cybuster model. A new one that TRANSFORMS is coming out. The Cybird doesn’t look that bad. I think it looks better than what it’s actually suppose to look like. XD

And the Alstroemeria… man was I waiting for this after seeing it in action in A.C.E 3. Kotobukiya really is something. =D

Oh yeah, in before “V can’t play SRW OGS or OGG.”

Comment by Nameless

Oh Cybuster you are awesome! When and if OG3 ever comes out, at least have Ranbu No Tachi in his attack list!

The model however doesn’t look sleek enough, the elemental lord of the wind should be streamlined and just look ‘fast’ in model form. Also nearly 9000 yen is quite pricey. I was really looking forward to the new Kotobukiya kit announcement to be Soulgain but not this time as usual!

Comment by F97 X-1

Cybuster rocks!

Too bad it’s a koto model and as most of their models it looks like crap.

Responding to code Cybuster is hardly the worst unit, yet if you want to judge based on the mechs set up then yes, Cybuster is nothing more than a joke. But even than it still fared well, given how Terada hates anything Masoukishin, I guess he still wants to capitalize on MK without making them shine.

Comment by Anonymous

The OGS Cybuster is really in desperate need for an upgrade. Three games have not been kind to it. On the flipside, it’s still pretty dodgy and Cosmo Nova still has some of the highest attack power in the games.
But yeah, Koto kits generally blow and it’s horribly expensive. Too bad.

Comment by Amon

Cybuster has low evade? ROFL~ CV must have never play SRW before -_-;

Comment by szone

if you never played SRW c:v then your making it up at things that isn’t true

Comment by MaxHD2490

Definitely a must buy! I just recently started my own collection of SRW OG model kits, and the Cybuster really seals the deal.

Quality and fit might not be Kotobukiya strongest forte. But a little ingenuity and effort can make Koto kits on par with Bandai kits… That and Koto releasing the coolest mecha designs available on this side of earth.

Comment by Michael Adhi

Ah… does anyone know if the smaller one in the ‘hikaku’ jpg is the perfect change or the older one? <<< the smaller is Koto's Non-Scale Cybuster

Comment by HH

So I guess either Codename:v was lying about not playing Super Robot Wars anymore (which he claimed before OGs was published), or he’s talking out of his ass.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Codename:v’s just a CRAZY GAY

Comment by Anonymous

Here’s hoping for a 1/100 at some point in time.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

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