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July 15, 2009, 1:27 pm
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Super Robot Wars Neo

Release date: October 22, 2009

Price: 8,379 yen


SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2/Wii)


Super Robot Gakuen (NDS)


Macross Ultimate Frontier (PSP)


Gundam Senki: Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 (PS3)

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Comment by Anonymous

Ultimate Frontier looks worthy of a purchase i have to say. SRW Gakuen too, but I wonder how long it will take to get used to the new system in this game.

Comment by F97 X-1

CV, try to beat his art

Comment by Anonymous

[…] consueto Famitsu week’s di SRW hotnews arrivano alcune immagini di Gundam Battlefield record UC […]

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wow awesome anonymous
but heck i never liked the first macross psp game i found it so fail
that game was soo damn easy

Comment by Ereos

I simply don’t see any innovation in these 3 titles, same old game system from the previous titles with a few little adjustments that simply don’t wow and not fresh. SRW will forever be the same old faggotry played 19 years ago, Gundam can never step out of the 0079 shadow and Macross will always be about eye-candies and singing. Now just how NEW are these faggotries?

Really, the anime industry in Japan is dying because of repetitive craps in the name of FAG services and profits.

Comment by codename:v

yeah yeah same crazy gay codename:v

Comment by Anonymous

codename:v MUST RAPED & DIE

Comment by Anonymous

enough trolling already c:v, been like that since 2 years straight and whats point if your a VIP for 2 years who is all about trolling in this fansite!

Comment by MaxHD2490

Even Anonymous points out there are better artists in world right now and your not one them with that trolling attitude.

Comment by MaxHD2490

MaxHD2490 now hates trollers who talk that with fake comments with no meaning such as c:v (and throws elfen lied bloody scene pics at him), and since c:v is BEEN around in this website trolling others for 2 so he wants reactions from others and c:v shouldn’t been banned forever if the owener check all comments boxes from Nov 2006 to up till now

Comment by ReinaMK1

^BEEN around in this website for 2 years

Comment by ReinaMK1

see the update awesome trans am raiser sword
i need to get a magicswap cd or something!

Comment by Ereos

They’re still missing a few MS on the Roster for 0081. The GM Sniper Custom has been shown quite a number of times, possibly moreso than most on that list.

Comment by J-Lead

superrobotwar, I’d like to see the scans that confirm the release date you posted. Have you got them?

Comment by Folka

No have scans for SRW Neo in this week.
Famitsu just put only release date and price for SRW Neo.
(100% confirm)

Comment by superrobotwar

“They’re still missing a few MS on the Roster for 0081. The GM Sniper Custom has been shown quite a number of times, possibly moreso than most on that list.”

to J-Lead,

do not forget Reborns Cannon (that creep Riborns Almark), Gundam Naddleh, Seravee Gundam, Arios Gundam, Cherudim Gundam, and another units with another characters of Gundam 00’s 2nd season. If they show up only these 4 units of Gundam 00’s 2nd season (according to famitsu scans), the story will not complete. Damn. Huaaaa. (crying). Sorry for my manner words. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

Thanks, superrobotwar

Comment by Folka

gundam exia repair, O gundam ? @.@
Got Season 2 story or not ?

Comment by Anonymous

CV dont know how to have fun with good thingas like this. Lets seat back and enjoy.

Comment by Toh Seng Kai the Toh Seng Kai the communist

I was referring to Battlefield Record 0081. I could care less about the new G Gen Game, as a matter of fact.

Comment by J-Lead

to J-Lead,

Ow ok. Sorry for my misunderstanding. Regarding that, do not worry, they will update through famitsu website and Official website as usual. Just wait. ^—^ Ok, to everyone, and update of SD Gundam G Generation Wars (from famitsu magazine):

System (continuation)

Source –>

Comment by judo0054

one of that screenshot looks awesome, judo … Quattro vs Muu as in Hyaku Shiki vs Akatsuki! Wow, I’d like to see Char counter all of those Dragoon spam =) SIEG ZEON!

Comment by Aldotsk

To everyone,

Sorry for sending another post. Another same situation with my previrous post) regarding SD Gundam G Generation Wars. Here we go:

I think that’s all and sorry. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

To everyone,

an Update of SRW Gakuen from famitsu website (copy paste of famitsu magazine):

Comment by judo0054

sorry for posting (I always forgot for posting) again, but an update of Macross Ultimate Frontier (copy paste of Famitsu magazine):

– Support Character System

– Macross II on Macross Ultimate Frontier

source website –>

Comment by judo0054

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