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International Tokyo Toy Show 2009 photo reports
July 16, 2009, 9:22 am
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Akiba Hobby



Pam’s HomePage

Dengeki Online

GA Graphic

Hobby Stock Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5



G.F.F.N. Launcher Strike/Sword Strike


MG Gundam Exia


Robot Spirists <Side MS> 00 Gundam Seven Sword


DG Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 1


Soul of Chogokin GX-50 Combattler V


Soul of Chogokin GX-51 Getter Dragon (Shin Getter Robo)



HG Reborns Gundam



HGUC Jegan



Robot Spirists <Side MS> Regnent

Robot Spirists <Side MS> GaGa

Robot Spirists <Side MS> Gaddess


Robot Spirists <Side MS> Turn A Gundam



Robot Spirists <Side MS> Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode)


Gale Strike Gundam 1/100


Hail Buster Gundam 1/100

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LOL remind me of bumblebee

Comment by Anonymous

if gale strike gundam was like that
all white with those aile pack on him with color only that be awesome
that buster IS TERRIBLE

Comment by Ereos

Ah, i prefer old blue face of Gale Strike, Buster seems pretty fine

Comment by Rekkou

fine?… you have no design sense

Comment by Anonymous

^ Up to him! Anonymous idiot!

Comment by mantap

no. that kind of taste is what’s corroding the industry with bad designs.

Comment by Anonymous

Even for me I have some bad design ideas once I look my design errors that is.

Comment by MaxHD2490

The Hail Buster in color is (by the look of the sceenshot) it has black, grey, white, and red.

Comment by MaxHD2490

‘Astray VS Astray’ more better, dun pull all along those crazy Seed variation inside. Weird so far.Release out the real box I think dont have people would want to buy for it.

Comment by Eden

Gale Buster isnt very cool, Jegan is a definite buy!

Comment by HeatPhoenix

ribbons reborn gundam looks sweet

Comment by Ereos

why they didn’t include the display of robot damashii guren seiten? T_T

Comment by setsuna15

lovin’ that reborns gundam, definitely a buy

Comment by mr.b

I don’t think those are the final colours of Hail Buster Gundam. The grey/white parts are the new parts for the model.

The Seed vs Astray kits seem to have some original parts (from their previous incarnations) re-arranged with some new parts added.

The Jegan and ‘Reborns Gundam’ are nice but I’d prefer them in 1/100 or MG form.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Go CV, give’em hell.

Err I mean Combattler V

Comment by Octopus Prime

The ReZEL looks particularly sexy with those wing binders…

Comment by J-Lead

the lady gaga gundam is pretty cool, it looks like it could whoop 00 raisers ass but not the twins from transformers 2

Comment by lol

yo son, when are the nonna release a HG 00 Gundam Seven Sword

Comment by jizz

yea i want a HG Seven Swords in 1/100
who gives a crap about Turn a Gundam
it was the lamest gundam series ever

Comment by Ereos
ouuuu i want this especialy
a GM Sniper that looks well damn cool

Comment by Ereos

[…] che la Bandai oltre ai Gunpla di Gundam: ben interessante il Report che fà SRW hotnews..Abbia portato una vera e propria sorpresa..Un gigantesco robot di Doraemon..vero e proprio […]

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