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Fully transformable Shurouga new pic
July 16, 2009, 11:26 pm
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I like the design of the prototype so far and doesn’t look like cybuster but similar however

Comment by MaxHD2490

Shirouga, Psybuster, Psyrouga… They just sound like the same and not to mention, the design as well. What an effortless concept for an OG mech, same goes for other Z OG mechs as well.

It’s just too obvious to me that none of the OG mech can actually stands out from being copycats to previous OG mech.
Gunleon is such a cheap variant from Balmarian Varuch Ben;
Shirouga too much of a Psybuster in black;
Eliphas too much of Angelg mixed with DisAstranagun;
Virgola trying too hard to fit into shoes of D and J

With so much plagiarized design works, it getting even obvious that the whole Z idea is for fags to come up with pornographic fanarts and doujins made out of sheer twisted fanboyism. Gee, isn’t the HaruhiSusumiya fandom has gone way overboard? Why should the world caught in chaos at the change of emotion from a tormented girl? This really doesn’t make sense…

But it does seem obvious to me with the enormous output of pornographic materials made by shallow Setsuko fanboys or should I call them Setsuko-rapists since they all treat her like a whore. This is really shameful and I demand Terada commit seppuku and harakiri for this shameful outcome. Some robot spirit you faggots display here…

Really, StudioHalfeye. You really should look outside the SRW circle as this title is becoming more and more hideous every year. Even the fans has turned into a horde of closet rapists with their stacks of SRW pornographic stashes, which I also see the similarities with the faggots here and I can see why the Indonesian Muslim front is pushing for tighter Islamic law…
If the Japanese males are really this desperate, then how come Japan’s birth rates are still so low while suicide rates keep climbing?

Really, anime industry back at home is dying all because of these shameful faggotries
YAOI, BL, GL, Furry etc which don’t appeal to the bigger crowd but only to those Akihabara closet fags and the gaijin ones who are trying to be as twisted as their Akihabara counterparts. Once again, the West is going to eclipse the East as I predicted earlier.

Comment by codename:v

Well, I don’t normally stop to comment on C:V, but since he tried extra hard to write that huge troll post, I guess I’ll give him a line.

From the first, he says that Cybuster and Shurouga “even sound the same.” Let this be a warning to whoever might take him seriously.

Also, C:V’s comparison of the Gunleon to the Varuch Ben made me laugh. Ooh, they both carry a big tool they hold at the midsection. This makes Gunleon a complete ripoff!

Anyways, back to the topic of the Shurouga, it doesn’t matter. This thing will cost a couple hundred bucks, won’t it? Doesn’t matter how slick the design is if none of us can afford it.

Comment by Hiro

You know, I respect that you have an opinion. I don’t respect however how vocal you are about it.

Let’s face it, anyone who is reading these comments every so often knows what your going to say whenever you say anything. You’re predictable. So no matter what you are saying, be it about the Shurouga or even something like an oldschool unit like the Gundam, no one cares about it. It’s all the same and frankly it makes you one dimensional and annoying.

I’m not going to be rude and say you need to go away or something like that (I feel like I’ve been rude enough). I just think that if you’re going to come here and say the same thing over and over again at least do it less often. Oh and less of the use of the word fag. I kinda wish I was gay just to say I was offended by the comment, but I’m more offended because you are getting away with just saying that over and over again.

Now then, onto the Shurouga. Hm, most likely too pricey for my taste, and I’ve yet to play Z to know what it’s really like to really care. I’ll pass on this until later. Although it does look cool.

Comment by Bolinoak

and top of that your already made of mess on yourself in DA website let alone other unpredictable actions from other people.

Comment by MaxHD2490

I want to see Shurouga with a gloss coat over the black on this model and I will cry if it looks as awesome as I imagine. Anyone think the transfomation will be perfect? I really hope it will look as good as it does in game.

Comment by Anonymous

Shurouga is a DARK EVIL verison of Cybuster

Comment by SoulGain

Why should Terada commited seppuku and harakiri as your advice? I think he better let you do it first. because you need to cleanse your sin

“which I also see the similarities with the faggots here and I can see why the Indonesian Muslim front is pushing for tighter Islamic law…” that’s because all exremist Indonesian islamic moeslim are idiot. They don’t see indonesia has many religious and ethnics, that’s makes indonesia beautiful because the world can see how democracy system leads all of them into one country. Yet they want make all various into one custom, like porn law when you see women only wear a cloth from chest to thigh. when in Bali it is just normal and even in Irian Jaya women don’t wear bras.

“Once again, the West is going to eclipse the East as I predicted earlier.” West try to eclipse east? Don’t you realise now asian will rise against them. See how China economy drastically develop. And so other asian country like India, Korea, and other. Where’s you been all time along? Once again lets see who is right? the world or you?

Comment by -_-'

codename:v has an ugly face like a lolicon perverted otaku!

Comment by Anonymous

either talking about his DA avatar or his face right? (c:v must gone a bit too far on western part and his DA avatar proves that)

Comment by ReinaMK1

替SRW Hot News 成名!

Comment by 魄力魄咯米

wonder what final product would look like…

Comment by MaxHD2490

To SRW hotnews
Shurouga model kit will take awhile to be released as final product right?

Comment by MaxHD2490

It’s action figure (not model kit)

Comment by superrobotwar

thanks I thought i was a model kit

Comment by MaxHD2490

any release date?

Comment by paul

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