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PG 00 Gundam 1/60
July 16, 2009, 5:59 pm
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From Bandai Plastic Kit Information Magazine Vol.2.


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I was wondering if they were going to do a MG Exia. It’s a little more iconic than the 00 on its own without 0 Raiser. Then again the MG Exia’s were probably released with that in mind.

Comment by F97 X-1

Whoops I meant PG Exia!^^^^^

Comment by F97 X-1

For me, Exia is the soul of 00. Even when the S2 came out, I got a feeling that 00 Gundam couldn’t surpass the shadow of Exia.

Comment by atlans89


Comment by Anonymous

only 00 gundam ? not 00 raizer ? =.=

Comment by Anonymous

Why a PG 00 not an Excia? Simple, 00 has the Raiser to merge with and that fits the mold of the PG Strike and Sky Grasper Bandai released back then. Who wants to buy a boring Excia when it doesn’t stand out from the old PG RX-78-2?

The truth is that this PG 00 move is purely picked out of fan-service, not for the love of details and machinery. Put it shortly, 00 fags love the 00 Raiser for the pretty boys-Setsuna and Saji, not the Gundam.

PG or any 1/60 are large, lonely standalone plamos with very few peers of their sizes to get acquainted with. To me, all 00 mechs are just too plain to join the highly detailed PG rank. Maybe the Tieren would make an exception for that but who on earth would buy that ugly Tieren?

Let’s face it, it takes a sap to suck up all that plamos out of sheer fanboyism and without thinking twice. Anime industry in Japan is very likely soon to be eclipsed by the West, just as I predicted

Comment by codename:v

Holy shit!!!
Yet another money making plan like Red frame!!

Comment by polo

I would buy a PG Tieren.

Comment by Chasis

Damn you Bandai!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

I could sense PG strike marketing scheme on this one (^_^)

Comment by Zeronos

HURR DURR, Even though Japan clearly cares much more for mecha DuuRr I think the West will take it over because the thrown together mechanical messes that the Transformers are will take over the mecha world.

Comment by codename:v

better to start saving money now…

Comment by Alexus_Z3

I would buy you to rape you then kill you codename:v

Comment by Anonymous

BAN CV pleaseeeeee!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

BAN CV pleaseeeeee!!!!!


Comment by Anonymous

to Anonymous,

Sorry for my manner words, but easy and solve with a cold head. Anger and violence with solve nothing. Alright, time to go. I have to go back to concentrate my courses. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

CV is a Pro weastern cock sucker and is jealous of us for being happy on every new post

Comment by Toh Seng Kai the cocksucker

CV your wrong Transformers is not entirely western stupid and Anime industry in Japan is not going to be eclipsed by the West,you peice of shit.
Get lose Toh Seng Kai don’t spoil peaples’s fun.

Comment by robotodudDx

Which Pro western? the stupid dumbass kind or the kind thats knows manners in the internet? For C:V’s case he’s a stupid dumbass kind who doesn’t stop trolling and not listeniing from others. banning c:v and Toh Sen Kai could been better for us.

Comment by ReiaMK1

man just after the MG Exia. well count me in on this one

Comment by ZetranWWIII

money making scheme i sense!!!

i wonder when they sell that
after a while they sell a PG of GUNDAM 00 Raiser
just to piss the fans
then a while after that they compensate for a raiser in PG alone

Comment by Ereos


Comment by LOL

Hmm… 00 Gundam’s waist skirt looks more like tighty-whities. Would that even look good in a PG?

Comment by Anonymous

“To me, all 00 mechs are just too plain to join the highly detailed PG rank.”
Yeah yeah. it is for you. not for other gunpla fans. So why bother because it is 00. The fact i assumed you hate it because you deperately hate this gundam extremely over-powered any your fav mecha.

“Let’s face it, it takes a sap to suck up all that plamos out of sheer fanboyism and without thinking twice. Anime industry in Japan is very likely soon to be eclipsed by the West, just as I predicted”
Try to tell what you said to dalong. ( As long as there’re people like him, bandai have no worries to spam new plamo and variation. And why you think western only want to eclipse Japan’s economy? Let’s see, V. Who is right? the world or you?

Comment by -_-'

c:v look the mess you made and your goals did not come true and this aftermath of goals of yours, not your nothing but a target for everybody else once you push them off the line to spam on you and trolling on you which your good at trolling but this is your downfall of not seen it coming

Comment by MaxHD2490

@LOL : Lol. serve him rights. you’ll get for what you did.

Comment by Fighters

and Hurr Durr to yourself!

Comment by MaxHD2490

he’ll tired to erase all spam comments by ~bancv

Comment by Fighters

Damn I can’t wait for for PG 00. might be wishful thinking for them to give 00 7S pack

Comment by Anonymous

I’m usually against harrassing ppl but anybody who’s been to this site for more than a month knows that CV deserves that at least. It is one thing to think different or criticize something other ppl like, but he takes that into a whole other level of being repetitive, annoying, bitchy and, of course, a troll.

He deserves all the spam a site like 4chan could offer.

Comment by Yeahx3

wish PG 00 gundam will include GN sword III!!!!! and if they will release PG 0 raiser like skygrasper before. i believe thats possible. but why don’t they release 1st gundam double X PG and as i remember, he is on the 1st place in voting “what is the next PG after astray red frame?”

Comment by setsuna15

This sound pretty cool, but when are they going to make a PG Bumble Bee

Comment by TUNA

Dumb ass again on C.V said
Transformers turn to western? You know why ? Coz Gundam is more earlier produce than Transformers at 1979, transformers is 1985. Ass you call they win award on Movie then the Japan mecha will vanish? Way Block Head!
Reason why transfarmer(farmer) of plagiarize of Bandai and others company mecha pull out the fully license and copyright and no choice resell to Western. DO you can say many technology not all are good Compared to the eastern.
Banana skin~ pretend self is eastern asia looks but support western faggots.
Your research still low.
Go back more research before critique!!!

Comment by Eden

dang it why bandai why?

Comment by Mendagu

PG!!!????? wooooo

Comment by d'OH

Gotta save up for this baby!

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

I think reason to release OO Gundam because OO Raiser. Exia gundam is nothing to attach to it back. So, to make more money. Release OO gundam. then OO Raiser. and Pack OO gundam + OO Raiser +

Comment by Mangsab

Exia FG
Exia NG 1/ 60
Exia HG 1/144
Exia HG 1/144 TransAm Ver.
Exia Ng 1/100
Exia Ng 1/100 TransAm Ver.
Exia Ng 1/100 Avalanche Ver.
Exia MG 1/100
Exia MG 1/100 Ignited Ver.
Exia HG 1/144 Re II

Bandai I think wont release more duplicate Exia anymore

Comment by PolipoloMi

I wonder exactly how many Exia duplicates must one buy ?

Comment by The Spoiler

Well, I waited until they announced the MG. It was inevitable. (There’s no way I could afford a PG anyway…)

Comment by Anonymous

Wohhooooo….a PG treatment??

I can’t wait to see how Bandai give the ‘perfect’ feeling on this one-plain mecha,
Not to mention it come without the 0raiser…hmmm.

Seeing this news,I somehow can’t really tell wether I’m a one lucky man or not,for not buying(yet) any gunpla of this Gundam…

Comment by kalam00

[…] si ingrandisce l’immagine ( su SRW hotnews trovate un’immagine a maggior definizione e molti commenti) si possono vedere i dettagli,notevolissimi di questa nuova unita. Inserito in […]

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Hmm… I’m wondering how would it be.. If bandai starts to manufacture 1/60 and PG gundam.. Hmmm… Drooling…

Comment by PG

gotta have that as my first pg

Comment by raf

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