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SD Gundam G Generation Wars PV 2
July 16, 2009, 6:06 am
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SD Gundam G Generation Wars Promo Video 2

Download (Megaupload, MP4 size 46 Mb)

– Stream video: [Youku] [Zoome] [Nicovideo]


PV 2 screenshots.


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This is win, can’t wait to get it. It is going to be a sick game!!

Comment by gvgn

agreed, I can’t wait for august 6th to come, Exia and 00 will be fun to play as.

Comment by Axel Almar

holy shit that PV was good.

Comment by nabes

The animation quality really improved, though sprite mirror bug still occur but i guess i can’t be helped

Comment by Rekkou

sharks. gotta wait for three more weeks for this to come >….<

Comment by duo

where are the astrays???? =O

Comment by Balgora

too cool

Comment by Amatsu


Comment by Anonymous

to everyone,

Sorry for interrupt, but a someone has put it into youtube. Here we go:

Part 1:

Part 2:

I think that’s all, time to go sleep. It’s almost midnight in here.

Comment by judo0054

heck yeah I’m going ta get this!

Comment by Mendagu

00 Raiser so handsome..

Comment by Sasarai

Holy shit, 00 Raiser with the GN Sword III o.O

Comment by zato

So incredibly awesome

Comment by HeatPhoenix

[…] SRW Hotnews diffonde il nuovo ed eccezionale Promotional Video dell’attetissimo videogame “SD Gundam G Generation Wars“, in uscita per PlayStation 2 e Nintendo Wii in Giappone il prossimo 6 Agosto. […]

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too bad the game dun have 00P,00F and 00V…

Comment by Anonymous

hmm i wonder why the lockon speech sounds like the younger brother at the beginning of the pv. is it just me?the part when he speak before he shoots in his mobile suit

Comment by duo

honestly, i could careless about side stories like Astray, 00P, 00F, 00V…etc. All I want is main story with some war break badass actions. I want to play this game so bad… MH3 for 5 days then this, life is sweet.

Comment by gvgn

I agree with Anonymous, I would like the side stories in here as well, they’re just as good. Is it me or is this game is more like a Super Robot Wars game with the dramatic scenes and attacks?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

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I tried to download the pv2 but, it wouldn’t read or play. Does anyone have an alternate link?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

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