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Bandai Plastic Kit Information Magazine Vol.2
July 17, 2009, 10:49 pm
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HGUC Campaign


MG Guntank – September, 4,725 yen
HG Seravee Gundam GNHW/B 1/144 – September, 1,890 yen


HGUC FA RX-78-7 Gundam 7th unit – September, 1,575 yen


PG 00 Gundam 1/60


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Hope the Full Amour RX-78-7 can appear on the game not just on model

Comment by gundam4life

i say goodbye to weapon upgrade cherudim, i wanna buy it if there’s no any good upcoming 1/144. but HGUC FA RX-78-7 gonna release, definetly must buy it. MG Guntank has awesome detail with wortless design. I prefer buy YMT-05 Hildolfr than guntank. For one reason: when i put my gunpla in cupboard i won’t change the pose for long time, so i prefer outer look design than inner detailed

Comment by Epsilon_013

我不知道已经有多少RX-78 复制附加武装的产品了。(汗)

Comment by 魄力魄咯米


Comment by 魄力魄咯米

If they can make a HGUC out of it, why not in the game? What more, those RX-81s should also get HGUCified as well. The FA is just only the tip of the iceberg, let’s not forget the HWS form.

Efreet Nacht would see HGUC release for its appearance in PS3 and I think there could be something else bigger than the Efreet for the HWS to fight against.

Haven’t heard much about the MG Guntank, which should be full circle of the Operation V WhiteBase MS squad and it can also recreates the Gundam-tank form which was first shown in an old PS game where real-life western actors play Char and Bright. Pretty detail I may say, now if they would only make the Hildofr as well.

Seriously, I just don’t see how good the 00 really is and why it should get the PG treatment as well. The GP01FB and Astray deserved the PG treatment because they are highly detailed and versatile. What can a plain kiddygrade Gundam toy like 00 can do for a PG? 00 isn’t about selling Gundams, it’s about selling eye-candies like Feldt, Tieria, Lockon, Soma and Ribbons, with 2 GAY boys as additional bonus for YAOI fags. Why not just make a Jibun-Damashi line of 00 characters? That should allow faggots to be characters of their choice. Want to be Tieria in a dress? Easy, buy a Jibun-Damashi and get your face snapped.

Comment by codename:v

That’s because you’re sooooooooo idiot codename:v

Hahaha LOLZ

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

Comment by Anonymous

Man.. bandai sure knows how to steal my $$.

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

Finally CV out on the breaking News!

Comment by Eden


Comment by superrobotwar

Wow is that the real CV? LOL, his face… He’s one ugly piece of shit.

Comment by Vek

oh wow…. somebody that says he has a terrorist mentality was right. Look at that face. EEEWW!

Comment by selva

@Vek: if it’s true, his face is same look as retard otaku.


Comment by Fighters

If it is his real face, 3 words.
“V, You’re finished”

Comment by -_-'

Those Pokémon figurines look awesome.

Comment by Keet

do you think V is in trouble if thats his face?

Comment by ReinaMK1

Muahahaha…OMG what am I seeing now?

Comment by starboykb

I want the sequel of that comic 😀

Comment by Anonymous

You have no talent, you have no character, you have no manners, and you have no looks……………
Unless you change one of those things, you can just slit your wrist C.V.

Comment by Amy

About the PG 00 Gundam 1/60 Scan.
On the left hand side bottom,
news about Ring of Gundam:

Tomino’s 30th Anniversary “New” Gundam will be a 30 minutes Full CG short film.

The ring you see on the picture is actually some kind of huge Structure like a Space Colony.

It is still unknown that would this short film be a New Start or a Conclusion.

Comment by Zarathustra

CV, maybe you think the freedom of speech in this blog might make you look like a convincing person, I am honestly not convinced. As you can see. This is a SRW blog, like how it’s fans of SRW join in to talk about what’s new in Gundam/robot/anime/SRW series. As you so call it “repetative”. Yes, I’ve played SRW since SRW 3 for SNES and I’ve played every single SRW games until SRW K. And YES. I do find it repetitive as you claim it. However, I don’t really bitch much about what I play. Why? Because SRW is a traditional gameplay, it stayed like that way, and it’ll remain that way. For those old skools who have actually played will understand what it means of being repetitive and having fun because they’ve actually played games like Tales series and Final Fantasy series – of how repetitive they are. If you claim GGeneration and SRW are old and lame with same game styles, I wonder, if you complained about other video games. Oh wait, Halo. Let’s talk about that. New weapons? Nothing much different. It’s first person shooting game, capturing flags against other players online. Gears of War? 2nd and first didn’t make much changes either. Oh and also, Warcraft and Starcraft. They are same RTS. Yes, they are repetitive. Now, what about Mario games? Collecting stars? Same thing. Oh and Mario Kart? I guess it’s same too. Your logic is quite minor. People don’t just play because the game is same thing and they are boring and love repetitive games. It’s traditional. They’ve enjoyed the first one, so they grab the next series made by them one by one. And that’s not really going to change anything. Hell, same for manga. Why do you think people still read mangas like Detective Conan and One Piece and Naruto? They are long and people claim it “lame”. But other people read it because they got into the story and they’ve been reading new chapters as if it was a tradition. Technically, I am like everyone else in this blog. I’ve played Tales series and I do love the series. Same for GGeneration and SRW. I don’t like some styles they make, but hey I still play them and enjoy them.

Comment by aldotsk

[…] tre pagine della rivista che li mostrano, diffuse da SRW Hotnews, seguite dai dati relative alle release dei quattro modelli. .gallery { margin: auto; } […]

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lol if its ture ahhahahahaahahah I would lol so much aahahahahahah

Comment by kadej

The face in those pics was taken from this picture.

It was posted on 4chan by someone claiming they had the original, and that we would never get it. The thread was deleted quickly but I had a chance to save it. The picture he’s holding was made by codename:v. Some people say they saw him at Cons, at that it’s really him, but they were just anons on 4chan so take it with a grain of salt. I don’t know who else would be at a Con and have an original of that art, so it’s not unreasonable to assume it’s him.

Comment by Milkman Dan

That is probably one and the most important reason why anonymity is wise especially when you’re going to flip out on the net. It’s easier for people to track you down. And with so many people hating him. It’s only a matter of time.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh man, he copy all the SRW unit and Gundam mixed them together. He got to show Bandai and Banpresto team that he is the real thing. muaahahh

Comment by starboykb

@Milkman Dan: Nice. Fukan Saved!!

Comment by Fighters

Like i told many many times before. His art are pure original, Yeah my butt.

Comment by Epsilon_013

nice BALD forehead c:v!

Comment by LOL

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