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Kotobukiya ART-1 now on sale!
July 17, 2009, 12:16 am
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More pics from Toysdaily.


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Ah, figured the head would need painting. Still, it’ll look excellent with a little paint.

Comment by Hiro

Bandai should really absorb all Banpresto’s assets back under their flag as all OG mechs are copyrighted under their name. Kotor just don’t have the expertise and technology to build even a fully transformable SRX and ART-1. Worst of all, Kotor’s ART-1 is a decade late than Bandai’s 1/60 V2 Gundam. Also, this ART-1 is overpriced for something simplified, plain and of 1/144. I think those 1/72 VF-25 Messiahs are much more better than this.

Comment by codename:v

knock it off c:v you trolled enough and you one big fat target for other people to troll on you on your DA website

Comment by MaxHD2490

Mmmm Double T Link Knuckle. I can see it right now with the R-1 side by side.

Comment by F97 X-1

Max, it’s not just worth it -_-;; . He’s only doing it to make people to respond to him anyways. Just let him post stuff he wants and people can just put their positive comments instead.

Comment by Aldotsk

to everyone,

Sorry to interrupt as usual, but an update of SD Gundam G Generation Wars (copy paste from famitsu magazine). See here:

Comment by judo0054

An advice to C.V:

We (Yes we, I’m writing this with some of my colleagues over my shoulder) think you better quit doing what you do here. More than hurting the people here you are actually hurting yourself. Especially since you openly express who you are here. Which you seemed to mistook stupidity for boldness. Chances are there are some industry professionals (Artist and art directors) who look at this board and while they might not say anything here, some of them have seen your post and your stuff.

We’re not sure whether you are an aspiring artist or just a fan gone bitter. All we know is you can’t be a pro. At the SLIM chance industry people are gonna be impressed by your work, they’re not gonna like you when they know who you are (you seemed hard to work with by the way. With your Diva attitude and all). Being nice goes a long way in any industry. You don’t have to suck up, but when you have your kind of big shot attitude, you’d better be awesome. I mean really really awesome. You’re not even close to good.

In case you or any people here are wondering, who the fuck we are. Yes, we’re in the industry. That’s why for professional reason we have to be anonymous.

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you for reminding that jerk about what’s going on =)

Comment by Aldotsk

Rotating hip and a display stand… I’m sold.

Oh, and to CV, you only thought the 1/72 VF-25 is better than this. I have Michel 1/72 VF-25 + Super part, and it’s garbage, perfect transformable for the sake of joint rigidity. I only transform the finished kit a couple of times, and the joints are already loose.

I prefer Bandai old part swapping techniques (HGUC 1/144 Zeta) and Kotobukiya current part swapping (1/144 R-1, 1/44 Wildrauptier, ART-1 etc) for transformation. It’s not pretty, but a model kit is not a toy, we should have transformation option without sacrificing the already weak joints inherent in model kits.

Comment by Michael Adhi

to everyone,

Sorry for sending another post as usual. I’ve sent another source that related with SD Gundam G Generation Wars. Same previous link –> see my last or my previous post

Comment by judo0054

to everyone,

Sorry for triple post (dammit. everytime I’ve checked games website and try to give any users some chances to see it, they update it every second or every minute). I’ve posted here:

Comment by judo0054

Sorry for the 4th post, everyone (including mr superrobotwars), but an update of “Gundam Senki: Battlefield record UC 0081:


– Effret Nahct on “special” section

official site –>

Comment by judo0054

MaxHD2490, leave cv be like that. let someone keep spaming his DA. it’s worth enough like he’s spam with negative comment in this blog, NK, and other blogs

Comment by Fighters

for every cons comments in discussion topic. C:V is always have the most and worst negative than any other member who is cons in topic

Comment by Fighters

@ anonymous:

your commentary pretty funny, especially in light of this.

Comment by Anonymous

that doesn’t prove anything. Maybe he’s good enough in that part of the world or small time studios. But he’ll never work with the big guys in the industry (ILM, Lucas, EA, Square). He’s skill is just at the bottom of the barrel. As I said if he wanna work with he real deal, he’ll need to attend art school, learn anatomy and composition. Hell what am I saying. he just needs to learn how to draw. and oh.. stop being a dick.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m not surprise at all even if some of here are professionals from the industry but after 2 years here, I doubt that because I don’t see why should professionals come to comment as anonymous when anyone who post as anonymous always behave like rotten little brats who don’t even know how to reply others and enjoying spamming and stalking others. Most professionals I met in real life are more mature than any of you here, they don’t even have to comment as anonymous and lied thru their teeth. When they reply you, they reply in a more civil manner, not like the lots of you faggots.

In addition with your addiction of spamming other identities and putting words in their mouths making it looked like they say it, it is just plain obvious that you are lying thru your teeth. If you are really someone from the industry, face up to me upright instead of hiding under anonymous title. What a coward you idiots are and that makes you all truly closet rapists like your Akihabaran counterparts.

Comment by codename:v

At least better than buying another Exia duplicate.

Comment by The Spoiler

Another point. With 4 years of experience, he’s showing that level of artistry?… only?… Oh.. I fear for the entertainment future of wherever he works. With that sorta “illustration” being what’s he’s best at and a character like that, I bet he must be a very lonely man. I’m not suggesting for him to stop drawing though. If he lose even that. I think he’ll resort to terrorism.

Comment by Anonymous

Believe me or not… not my problem. and I’m not stalking. Just stating the obvious

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

codename:v has an ugly face like a lolicon perverted otaku

Comment by Anonymous

codename:v has an ugly face like a lolicon perverted otaku.

Comment by codename:v has an ugly face

Just fucking disable the comment feature.
C:V might be trolling, at least he says something about the god damn subject, 90% after that is just trolling on C:V.
Just disable commenting alltogether, please.

Comment by Keet

noooo!!! i can’t trolling!!!!

Comment by codename:v

Get the fuck out of the site. I hate Malaysian pigs like you.

Comment by iHATEmalaysians

Do take back that the comment on malaysian please. The way i see it, he is just one of those random ***** **** ****** guy just happened to be from malaysian. However this does make me want to blacklist his DA account, and spread the worf to other malaysian accounts. If only someone would just make a nice synopsis of his ‘politeness’ so that i can just spread it, maybe other people wants to join me.

Back to the topic, i wonder if this ART-1 can transform to be part of srx like R-1. i had never found a icture of SRX being colored in ART-1 scheme

Comment by uhmuhm

@uhmuhm: It’s implied that the ART-1 is the first in the series of mechs that will make up the Banpreios, or at least is an in-between from the R-1 to whatever will make up the Banpreios in the OG universe, although the latter plan is a little complicated (I wouldn’t put it past them, though. The Astelion AX is just that for the Astelion and the Altairlion).

The ART-1’s scheme won’t matter much in the finished Banpreios, since, as with the SRX, it’ll get totally covered up by the ART-2’s armor. And given the Banpreios’ lineart, the ART-2 Powered (Ah, there I go, making up names already) is going to -huge-. As will the ART-3 Powered… the Dendrobium-esque part that forms the legs, at least.

Comment by Hiro

“Most professionals I met in real life are more mature” wkkk… LOL. Get real. this is internet, virtual world. not real life. So it’s possible to one person to make multiple ID. this show you how fool you’re.

@Anonymous,July 17, 2009
Like i said, i told C:V try to beat this art DA or
since i persume C:V hate japanese people because all he see just faggotry anime, games, and otaku. If i compared from three of DA, CV is nothing.

Comment by -_-'

Agree, CV sux and GAY

Comment by Anonymous

@ -_-‘

Well To back him up a little. His taste are actually not bad. If you see his favs, I gotta give him props. They got the real chops. CV has a good tatste actually. Too bad he doesn’t have the skill to back it up.

Comment by Anonymous

@Anonymous,July 18, 2009
well. when some art is bad that’s bad even the person has good taste. when you see a lot of picture, you’ll see that his arts that he most proud of, are nothing. Even i doubt he’ll recruit by big animation or manga company with his arts skill. I said that just to remind him, above the sky there’s higher sky. that’s why try to beat those 2 DA members to prove his art is better than i thought

Comment by -_-'

This looks…. just terrible. I own a lot of Koto’s models and every time I look at them, they just look pathetic comparing to the MGs. There exterior looks great but… the arms fall apart, the plastic look very very cheap. I really hope that Bandai make the Super Robot models

Comment by WaizGuy


… which could either take them years and years to do, or never at all. If you’re very unhappy with Koto’s work, it is a damn shame since it seems they will probably the only ones making SRW OG models. =(

Comment by Nameless

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