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Gundam Vs. Gundam Next new MS unveiled
July 18, 2009, 1:00 am
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[] New Mobile Suit for Gundam Vs. Gundam Next


*Can you remember this pic that I metioned you before.

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Everybody wants Unicorn Gundam. ^^

Comment by ninjaclown

let’s see what unicorn can do in this game.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Sorry for interrupt as usual and not related with the topic, but an update of SD Gundam G Generation wars and Super robot Gakuen. I’ve posted in here:

SD Gundam G Generation Wars

Super robot gakuen part

Comment by judo0054

i swear they already mentioned this before

Comment by Ereos

Sorry for another post (I always forgot for posting), but an update of Macross Ultimate Frontier. See my last post for seeing the update. Thanks and Sorry for everything. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

I mean look on “Super Robot Gakuen part” for Macross Ultimate Frontier. Sorry

Comment by judo0054

Ereos: It was already announced and mentioned a month or so ago, but it was only recently that the EZ8 and Quebely MK-II were unlocked for GvG N.

Comment by Anonymous

I heard Unicorn can control enemy’s funnel in the novel. Hope he can do it in this game too lol

Comment by amuro0093

that could be trouble if we were able see in action XD

Comment by MaxHD2490

Shiro: Uh hey, Amuro… we have a very new guest unit in this game.
Amuro: I know. You. And who else? Puru Two and Setsuna F Seiei?
Shiro: No you cannon fodder. It’s a unit called Unicorn Gundam
Amuro: What? Why didn’t we get Exia or 00?
Shiro: Apparently, Setsuna decided to go into a cooler game called SD GundamGGeneration Wars.
Amuro: So Unicorn isn’t that cool?
Shiro: Apparently, the team thought Unicorn wasn’t cool enough to be a final boss in that game. Instead, they wanted to make Setsuna as the final boss.
Amuro: why would they ever do that?
Shiro: Well Setsuna thinks you are Ribbons.
Amuro: I wasn’t in Gundam 00.
Shiro: He thinks if he defeats us all, like the entire Gundam series, he could be more than a Gundam.
Amuro: I thought I was a Gundam -pilot-.
Shiro: No, as in an actual Gundam.
Amuro: ….. how can you be one?

Comment by aldotsk

Part 2:

Amuro: So I still don’t understand Unicorn not being the final boss of GGenWars and became secret unit in this GvGN.
Shiro: Unicorn wasn’t really popular I guess.
Amuro: Everyone loves Universal Century
Shiro: Not really. Everyone loves Seed.
Amuro: then wouldn’t Seed unit be the final boss?
Shiro: The Seed series was released for GGenSeed.
Amuro: Then Unicorn movie was announced AFTER 00 season 2 wasn’t
Shiro: Yes
Amuro: So why wouldn’t it get into the game?
Shiro: Unicorn is white and pink.
Amuro: …I see it’s Char’s color.

Char: 😦
Unicorn: 😦

Comment by aldotsk

lol for aldotsk story

Comment by paperbot

Yeah, that was funny as hell!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

speaking of gundam seed, how come they didn’t think up a better canon sequel? (I liked the orginal not the special edition)

Comment by MaxHD2490

At the moment, we don’t even know whether would Unicorn make it into any Gundam related canon games or of its own title. The reason why Unicorn isn’t so well-known is simple and none other than FAGS DON’T READ. Yup, that’s right. Any Gundam titles in written format don’t interest fags because FAGS SIMPLY DON’T READ and NEVER WILL. That’s why FAGS always see straight commens as TROLLING and in return they spam other sites out of petty excuse hoping to get even with.


Comment by codename:v

what happen to codename:ugly’s DA?? another spam? LOL

Comment by Anonymous

all I want to hear from c:v is he hates gundam seed (because I have a DISLIKE to the seed series)

Comment by MaxHD2490

@Anonymous July 19, 2009 :Lol he got another spam. yes another spam.
CV, why you so mad about it?

Comment by -_-'

I don’t know but if he’s mad at me since I also have a DA account or someone else to spam him (I don’t do spamming)

Comment by MaxHD2490

haha… i don’t know why when i opened CV’s DA with Mozilla, the post comment just said ‘flagged as spam’. But when i opened with IE, all block spam comment can really be read. Somekind of bug 0_o. The funny thing comes at last comment at his MAD picture (Setsuna-Tieria-Haruhi-Goku-Hatsune)

Comment by Epsilon_013

You know, the very fact that Unicorn Gundam is getting a movie proves C:V’s main point, that of “FAGS” not “READ”ing. In fact, I guess the reverse is true In that case, it’s something like… “FAGS READ”?

You don’t make a movie of something that won’t sell. If people didn’t like Unicorn, they wouldn’t make a movie of it. QED.

Comment by Hiro

CV mad because his ass resembles his face

Comment by amuro0093

But Setsuna and Exia are in Gundam vs Gundam Next.

Comment by ninjaclown

c:v makes sense… if only he’d stop with all that hate with the newer series and “the Japanese anime industry is going down the drain” and “fags don’t read” and all other stuffies he likes to make fun off… I’m pretty sure he’s laughing his ass out as almost everyone [includeing me] becomes enraged with his non-stop barrage of insults and hate… oh and FYI, Unicorn is famous… -_- as much as any gundams out there to every gundam fan. It’s the very reason it got 2 MGs in it’s belt and an upcoming anime… It might not be as popular as SEED ever was, but heck it’s still popular.

Now about the game…

Aside from just protagonist suits, this game, in my opinion, needs more antagonist suits… for crying out loud, where’s the Providence and the Thrones?! They’ve already got the seiyuu for Rau [Duo] and the data for the Providence [RvZ series], why not put him in the game? And the Thrones! The Thrones need to make an appearance. If they can’t, then put Ali Al Sarches or Graham in it… 00 series needs the antagonists. May Kamina guide the GvG Next team… 😀

Final note: c:v is not mad, he’s just making fun of everyone… just like what a real ass clown would…

Comment by Anonymous

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