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Gundam Senki HQ scans
July 21, 2009, 10:29 am
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wonder why there is no gelgoog in this game? (I like those mobile suits from zeon)

Comment by MaxHD2490

I think the Kampfer makes up for it LOL.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

The lack of a Gelgoog is a good question. It’s not like Zeon forces stopped using them. 0083 saw the Marine type from the Cima corps and Senki is two years before the Cima corps go into action. The only thing I can think of is that the Zeon forces in this game never got their hands on a Gelgoog. Pitiful explanation I know, but it’s the only thing I can think of.

Comment by Bolinoak

Why couldn’t we get this instead of crossfire?

Comment by Greg

crossfire what I heard controls are bit to realistic (in other words slow movement and hard to turn I think) in crossfire’s case the game got bombed I think let alone ps3 price tag at time.

Comment by MaxHD2490

your right and the gelgoog is produced in small numbers due to being fielded late in the OYW(gelgoog marine type however is the most mass produced type)

Comment by MaxHD2490

The majority of Gelgoogs that were ever built perished at the battle of A Baoa Qu at the hands of rookie pilots, and the others either made their way to other units in space that were beaten eventually anyway, and, although rarely, they would be converted to the MS-14G and sent to earth to bolster whatever forces were left down there. Although their methods weren’t exactly very sound and foolproof, what with dropping them in HLV’s directly into the front lines in hopes that their forces would get it, as LWC demonstrated. They didn’t have a great system of logistics between the Earth and space at that time.) In other words, post-OYW, even DURING the OYW, Gelgoogs weren’t exactly commonplace amongst the forces that didn’t participate at A Baoa Qu.

Comment by J-Lead

I seldom see a Gelgoog deployed in ground battles and so far I’ve only saw Visch Donahue’s from RiseFromtheAshes and Gelgoog G from BattleChronicles. Let’s not forget that Gelgoogs are only deployed at the near end of OYW 0079 at Solomon and ABaoaQu, most of the unused Zeon MS were captured and incorporated into EFF. I guess that makes the Gelgoog pretty much EFF’s in this game.

Comment by codename:v

What with Zaku I and Kampfer variants in the game it is strange that Gelgoogs aren’t even in use. I would like to see a MSV you could pilot or fight against in the game. But as J-Lead and C:V said after OYM they probably got into the hands of the EFF or were destroyed at A Boa Qu. Still the game is shaping up to be a decent Gundam game for once.

Comment by F97 X-1

wow thats a first a post from cv without flaming
no doms????

Comment by Ereos

am I the only one who sees custom weapon loadouts and dual wielding weapons? O___O

Comment by Anonymous

[…] hotnews ha messo on line alcune belle immagini in alta definizione provenienti dalle riviste nipponiche ( probabilmente da […]

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gelgoogs for zeons case possibly latest mobile suit OYW and since there’s hardly any ace pilots, they piloted by rookie pilots talk about sad though.

Comment by MaxHD2490

but there are others however

Comment by MaxHD2490

Hey guys I’m just a faggot who adds irrelevant post to the topic. maybe if i stopped trying to feed the troll maybe i would actually contribute to this blog instead of making it worst.

Comment by Ereos

This only shows a small amount of mobile suits that are going to be in the game. Gelgoogs im sure will be added later

Comment by yas

Come on wake up everyone!!
Whats the fun playing around with only stupid GM’s and Gelgoogs?
I think this game will turn out to be another failure from bandai to make a next generation Gundam game.
And “Greg” i think you will find that GM senki wont be any different from crossfire.

Comment by The Spoiler

“Whats the fun playing around with only stupid GM’s and Gelgoogs?”

I humbly disagree with what your implying; that’s actually pretty awesome. Rise From the Ashes only had GM’s and assorted Zeon Grunt suits including the Gelgoog, and even today it’s the most respectable attempt at a Gundam game. It had everything; An original story, original characters, a cockpit view, immersive combat controls, specifically with saber combat, and Visch fuckmothering Donahue, and to add to that, it’s the closest any original story outside of animation ever got to being totally canon, right alongside Blue Destiny. Yet, it did not have a single Gundam in it, with the titular suit only getting a passing mention. It proved that not every piece Gundam media needs a Gundam in it to be good.

Comment by J-Lead

“Come on wake up everyone!!
Whats the fun playing around with only stupid GM’s and Gelgoogs?
I think this game will turn out to be another failure from bandai to make a next generation Gundam game.
And “Greg” i think you will find that GM senki wont be any different from crossfire.”

I know rite, becuz gamez with liek freedom and stuff are total fun? Rite?

No. What J-Lead said is completely true. We are awaken and we are all excitingly waiting for this game.

Comment by gvgn

Ahh so much customization… but with Japanese menus 😦 It will be hard to figure out.

Comment by Jerry k

I’m not saying that the heavy presence of GMs will be the determining factor on whether or not 0081 will be good or bad. It might be great, it very well may be abysmal. After all, Gundam games have a reputation for being sub par. Hopefully this game won’t be, but whether or not the game focuses heavily on the RX-78-7 or any Gundam at all will have absolutely nothing to do with that.

Comment by J-Lead

Heh, the lightblue haired feddie looks like ugly Chirico from AT Votoms

Comment by Anonymous

I’m amused by Ereo’s comment, and then the comment following that one XP. Also the seed reference by gvgn makes me wonder why everyone hates the seed units >.>… I mean their cool looking…

Anyways, Grunt units are cool to play as. After, all to kick ass in a GM on the battlefield makes you feel damn godly. Now the only thing I need to figure out is, whether this is coming out in English, or if I should import it from Japan.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

wtf who this dick usin my name

Comment by Ereos

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