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SD Gundam G Generation Wars wallpaper
July 22, 2009, 7:03 pm
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Boxart Illustration Ver. (1280×1024)


New Generation Ver. (1280×1024)

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look great i luv it

Comment by Anonymous

Look great !!! i love it

Comment by Ken

Where can I find similiar wallpapers of different resolutions?

Comment by Wes

Is Char not in the cover? The mono-eye behind the Turn-A does not look like a Gelgoog to me.

Its not like they are restricting the poster to only Gundams since even Hamaan/Quebley, and Dozul/Big Zam are there. If my eyes don’t decieve me, I even think that’s Cecily on the far end too.

Also, Zechs claims two appearances on the cover? I see the Epyon (red V-fin, not the virsago) and the Tallgeese (black helm with red, definitely not Tallgeese II). Treize never piloted the Tallgeese IMO.

Cool wallpaper none the less.

Comment by coffeecat

Maybe Epyon piloted by Heero and Wing Zero piloted by someone else. XP
By the way, Amuro got two appearance as well. No doubt. And Setsuna too.

I don’t recognize the last two MSes in right side…
The last one Vigna Ghina? I first thought that was Meer’ ZAKU (GSD).

Comment by pled

To coffeecat- Treize did pilot Tallgeese and fought with Wufei in the final episodes of Wing.

Comment by F97 X-1

@pled: the last MS in the left side I think either Aegis or Savior, but I think it’s Aegis.. And yes it’s Meer’ Zaku.

@F97 X-1: well I think coffecat means Tallgeese I..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Yea..the last one on the left is Aegis Gundam..
The two on the right is Meer’s Zaku and Harry Ord’s Sumo

Comment by SavageNymph

WTF? seed infested walls

why akatsuki instead of hyaku shiki?
why not victory/v2?
where’s ZETA?

dynames-less new gen ver.
kyrios not fully scene

Comment by Octopus Prime

If theres no different at any bit between the Wii version and PS2….

I settle for the PS2….If you know what it Mean.. ^__^….

80 bucks aint worth it…NO?

Comment by ottoto

@F97 X-1

Treize piloted Tallgeese II to fight Wufei, not the Tallgeese.

Comment by zato

I think that’s the Zeta next to the Double X’s head.

Funny how Bandai loves Gundam X now for some reason.

Comment by Kat

new gen version blows
no rx-78 or nu gundam

Comment by Ereos

It’s called the “New Generation” for a reason.

Comment by Hiro

to everyone,

for wallpaper and more infos, see here:

source –>

Comment by judo0054

ugh. the wallpaper looks nice and all, but having the release date makes it so horrible.

Comment by aldotsk


Ah, actually they are in the game, and I definitely see Nu Gundam in the first wallpaper =_=…


Yeah, it’s a shame that they left the release date in their XP

Comment by Sora no Kaze

what i meant was the 2nd wallpaper had no rx-78 and nu gundam and
no rx-78 on those wallpapers
who cares for new gen
amuro in rx-78 still kicks ass
they shoudl really make series where a kid find a gundam goes from noob to pro like amuro

Comment by Ereos

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