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July 22, 2009, 10:54 am
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[Famitsu Magazine]



SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2/Wii)

– Original units: Gundam Belphagor, Gundam Aquarius, Devil Gundam Junior




[Dengeki Playstation Magazine]

Gundam Senki: Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 (PS3)


SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2/Wii)

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oh no, in one of the cgi cutscene, the gundam thrones look like their allied with blue cosmos! (man hate those guys from seed.)

Comment by MaxHD2490

Looks like you can only use one ship per stage again, sigh.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

I’m personally confused on the story in this game. Is it like the GBA version where they mixed the stories into one big one? Or are the series each getting their own story told?

Comment by Bolinoak

Freedom and Justice meet Thrones ? It is obvious that they are gonna mix everything together

Comment by Nt01

also there’s the SD G Genertaion Orignal units are back and most of them we haven’t seen since G Genertaion F

Comment by ReiaMK1

Devil Gundam Jr,Belphegor and Aquarius..its been awhile since I saw them~~..

Err the crossover should be mostly from Wars Trigger…Though Im not that sure of it -_-..Since we do have Master Characters…

The Thrones Trio were taking mission from Azrael…it was said by them in the older videos already though @_@…

Comment by SavageNymph

Hope to see Sisquede as original unit, but is the guy with short hair new original pilot? or he’s the guy with the long hair but with a new hair cut?

Comment by Rekkou

I’m thrilled to finally see something about the original characters for G Gen appearing in Wars!

Comment by Dragen

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