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Perfect Change Shulawga
July 23, 2009, 6:14 pm
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Studio Halfeye open up new web page for Perfect Change Shulawga.

Top page

Perfect Change Shulawga

Bird Form

Robot Form


Perfect Change Shulawga

Price: 59,850 yen
High: 190mm
Prototype production: Hajime Takashima

Release date: September 2009


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The Bird form makes it look like a bad ass.

Comment by aldotsk

Looks wonderful, but the $600 price tag is… offputting. I won’t be getting it, but it is nice.

Comment by Hiro

oh god they can blow me with that price

Comment by Ereos

Still very much borrowed from that white elephant Psybuster, it should be called Psyrouga instead since both are pretty similiar. Same old cock head from the crotch, similiar choice of weapon-sword while the transformation has tweaked a little.

I must say, I prefer StudioHalfeye’s previous Full Action Dangaioh which is more fun to play with and more original than this hack from Z, a title where Setsuko served as an imaginary playmate for faggots to satisfy their raging hormones. Really, you faggots are disgraces.

Ask me what’s even more better? Well I would recommend StudioHalfeye to make the 2007 Reideen mech, which is more original than both Psybuster and Shurouga anytime.

Comment by codename:v

FFFFFFFF 59,850 yen?! As much as I love the Shurouga this model is for hardcore Z fans only. Still nice gimmicks and transformation I have to say. Now I just have to see a painted version with a gloss coat and I’ll be content.

Comment by F97 X-1

“Well I would recommend StudioHalfeye to make the 2007 Reideen mech, which is more original than both Psybuster and Shurouga anytime.”

A remake of an anime from 1975? That’s the best example you can think of for something that’s “more original”?
You don’t even try, do you CV? You don’t have any thoughts in your head, you just type things and you don’t care if they have any meaning.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m convinced that Terada asked them to launch this model to try to raise Shurouga’s popularity. They should have used 100% new material instead of messing with MK’s setting just to capitalize on it’s fame. Terada can go suck a fat one.

Comment by Anonymous

CV your already a disgraced yourself now everybody in this websites knows your face now and lost title best troller because of that. And HURR DURR to yourself!

Comment by MaxHD2490

“Well I would recommend StudioHalfeye to make the 2007 Reideen mech, which is more original than both Psybuster and Shurouga anytime.”

How is a remake of a 1975 series “more original”?
You don’t even have any thoughts in your head, do you CV? You just type things and you don’t care if they mean anything.

Comment by anon

Sorry about the double post, the page wouldn’t refresh after the first time.

Comment by anon

Huh . .
The Price is very hardcore same Perfect Change Cybaster .

Comment by B_E

To everyone and mr superrobotwars,

Sorry for interrupt as usual, but it’s regarding “SD Gundam G Generation Wars.” An update (copy paste from famitsu magazine):

– MS units
– movie parts


That’s all for now. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

I can buy a freaking good certify preown car with that much money man….

Comment by ottoto

To SRW hotnews
please remove the comment July 23, 2009 @ 11:09 pm with the link there that leads to a bad website which codename:v made

Comment by MaxHD2490

C:V if you keep posting links like that you going to get yourself banned even your a VIP that is regardless how important you are.

Comment by MaxHD2490

The 2007 Reideen is better than this stupid Psyrouga any time and its has more gimmicks than this Psybuster-copycat. If that’s not enough, there are even more better mechs out there for StudioHalfeye can make instead of giving fagservices to SRW fags-whose interests aren’t mechs but making anime jpeg characters their imaginary waifuus and playmates. What’s the point of selling mechs to bishie loving faggots? 00 is one fine example where faggots are GAY about traps like Tieria and Ribbons. Really, anime is a dying business in Japan because anime production houses always involve themselves in vice activities, not creativity.

Comment by codename:v

C:V no matter how many times you that anime is dying, everyone in this knows thats not true. you trying to get your trolling groly back that not going to work since everybody can start making fun at you with that picture of your face which is you hoped not going to happen but it did. HURR DURR to yourself!

Comment by MaxHD2490

and btw c:v, not all people like gays in fact there’s sometimes discriminations against homosexuals in some areas.

Comment by MaxHD2490


The troll named V is stuck in his delusions. This would probably explain his redundant comments (as well as redundant artwork) and his inability to determine the difference between being frank and being a troll. He feels as though he’s NEVER wrong and his opinions are facts (determined by his lack of apologies and total disregard that other people exist besides Terada).

Quite frankly, I find it laughable he’s still able to spout such nonsense on this blog. This isn’t completely V’s fault (after all, he isn’t the only troll in cyberspace). More like Mr. SRWnews inability to take control of a blog that has now become one Troll’s playground.

I wonder what happens when more trolls get invited to this blog… >=)

Comment by Nameless

V won’t quit until end of his life right?

Comment by MaxHD2490

Sorry for interrupt the fun as usual but an update of “Macross Ultimate Frontier” (I think I’ve posted on previous blogs but I posted with the new scan) to everyone. Featuring:

Macross II Lovers Again

Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime movie preview (I guess) for Nov 21/2009

source –>

Comment by judo0054

judo0054 great work.

Comment by superrobotwar

to superrobotwar,

I just help you to provide some info for everyone. That’s all. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

So, dark cybuster gets a kit, huh.

Comment by kid

a 2007 Raideen isn’t original cv. i almost thougt that was raxephon.

or you want to say your XRX is original?
that would be ridiculous.
heck,even your X1 features some looks of the mech you troll the most

if you seek for originality,your face IS original… in terms of the uglyness

Comment by Anonymous

To kid
no thats a action figure, superrobotwar hotnews told me.

Comment by MaxHD2490

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