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Super Robot Wars Neo release date announced
July 23, 2009, 2:08 pm
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SRW Neo Official  site updated Super Robot Wars Neo Official Reference Book.


SRW Neo will release on October 29th, 2009. Price 8,379 yen (tax included).

[DengekiOnline] [] [GameWatch]


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Thanks for that! That means a week later, no biggie. Keep up the good work =D Should be good for when i go on break from Uni

Comment by comandaben

“break from Uni”

to comandaben,

Sorry for asking this, but what do you mean?

Comment by judo0054

He’s on his break from University. I am too, but I don’t have a Wii so I won’t be able to play Neo.

Comment by F97 X-1

to F97 X-1 and comandaben,

I got your message and I think I get it. You mean take a break for a while before the class of university begin? Forgive me for my guess. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

lol no its ok guys, i mean i just started back at uni BUT will hopefully have finished exams by the time its been released, hence the break =P ne?

gomen gomen! Us Australians like to simplify our words sometimes

Comment by comandaben

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No one commented on price yet, I guess it’s hard to notice how huge of a ripoff is when games can be downloaded for free.

This price is a huge joke, fans are getting tired of Banco’s usual schemes and Z special disk’s reception was a sign of it. Stop abusing the fans loyalty, we shouldn’t be paying for the fact that SRW as a franchise never managed to grab a huge market.

Comment by Anonymous

It’s not Banco’s fault that SRWs are costly to make. And, hell, Japanese games on the whole are expensive as hell. Just look at Melty Blood, or any visual novel ever.

Given that I buy all my SRW games, I don’t know anything about how pirating games numbs you to the sting of price.

Is the price discouraging? Yes, but if I wanted to own this game I wouldn’t feel gouged. One SRW is at least three lesser games, after all. Unfortunately, I don’t touch my Wii, and I don’t see this changing.

Comment by Hiro

Well Anonymous, if you haven’t notice lately, there is such thing as economical problems in other countries >.>… Why else have games sky rocketed from the usual 30-40 to 50-60 dollars these days >.> Hopefully with the supposed market turn over, perhaps this game will be less then 8316 Yen / $88.31

Comment by Sora no Kaze

This game is just over priced….. I mean is not the usual SRW game. They try to put everything new to make it look different where I prefer the old school with PS3 animation and graphics. If i were to spend 90 bucks. I go with GGen gundam over this crappy line up of robots in this SRW game.

Comment by ottoto

Looking forward to this game. Its on my buy list.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

“It’s not Banco’s fault that SRWs are costly to make.” – What makes you think that developing a SRW game is more costly than any other game? They overprice their games be it 2D or 3D, reused animation or new animation.

“Given that I buy all my SRW games, I don’t know anything about how pirating games numbs you to the sting of price.” – Congratulationo, my comment was not directed to you then.

Comment by Anonymous

Hope there’s more SRW games for the wii since the other two consoles is not going to be worthwhile (though better graphics but pricetag is diffferent story) and I’m not sure if the Ps2 will stay a little longer either (no offense to ps2 owners).

Comment by MaxHD2490

Because it doesn’t cost any money to obtain licenses to use properties in Japan, obviously. Because it doesn’t cost any money to hire voice actors to fill in those roles that need to be revoiced (Quite a few every year, and not all of those people are Hikaru Midorikawa who will do voicework for free).

Comment by Hiro

@anon: Also.. have you you ever tried looking at the cost of games in Japan? PS2 games are in the $65-$80 range.

Comment by Hiro

Midorikawa doesn’t work for free, he is an adviser of the SRW series, and he sucks at it.

Anyway other games doesn’t feature voices, right? Also I somehow doubt that Banpresto has to pay any royalty, given how they are owned by Banco, if so I doubt that they would release a game like Gakuen, which features a huge cast (lot of royalties to pay) and it’s a game that reeks of easy money scheme (reused animation, most likely the music will also be reused), instead of doing an honest effort to profit on what must be their greatest investment on licencing fees ever.

A list of prices of the most recent releases (obviously I’m basing my discussion on the recommended base price):

Looking at that I see one game in the same price range as NEO, which is Monster Hunter 3, a title far more recognized than SRW and that comes with either a controller or a Monster head, while NEO comes with an illustration book. Monster head sucks, but to me a controller has more value then an illustration book any day of the week.

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t know why you think SRW is some sort unheard-of title in Japan, but… whatever you like.

Midorikawa has been known to do extra vocal lines for no cost, because he likes the franchise.

Just because Banpresto is part of Banco doesn’t mean that the royalties don’t get paid somewhere along the line, because I doubt Banco owns the keys to the entire animation industry. In fact, the reused animation/music/etc. of Gakuen serves specifically to -offset- the royalties. The fact that it’s a play to encourage multiple players with multiple copies only serves to make this point clear.

Most of those games are in the $65-$75 range. A $10 higher price than the average Wii game does not constitute a gigantic rip-off and/or Banpresto ‘taking advantage’ of its fans to me. Your mileage may vary, but I’d call you whiny.

Also, feel free call me wrong on this one, because I tend to think of OGs when it comes to voice acting, but SRWs have quite a huge library of voices, rather more than your average game. A lot of these are reused clips from their point of origin, but, in Z for example, there are a lot of characters who have been completely redone.

A little besides the point, the additional controller with MH3 is a Classic Controller, I believe, which means it is (almost) entirely superfluous, unless you happen to like the classic controller, in which case you would already -own- one. But then, additional goods such as art books and collectibles and extra controllers with logos on them are an entirely subjective thing. I, for example, would prefer an art book. You would prefer the controller. These things happen.

Well, I’m done. This is a waste of both our times, ja? You can go on believing that it’s a terrible rip-off and I can go on not caring about the price and the rest of the world will be just fine about it. It’s probably more annoying to the good people of this blog than c:v’s constant trolling, anyways.

Comment by Hiro

I never said it is unknown in Japan, don’t try to stick a different meaning to what is written. It is without a doubt well known in Japan, but SRW titles has been around for a while and never managed to sell a million, never managed to be more than a game for Super Robot fans.

I don’t understand your point regarding royalties, do you mean to say that they are reusing animation to cut on animation costs and have money to pay for royalties? I doubt that, but your word is as good as mine so unless either of us can provide proof of either points there’s nothing more to discuss. I don’t see how multiple players with multiples copies (do you meant to say that Gakuen will have different versions like Pokemon? Didn’t know that but I’m not paying much attention to Gakuen so I might have missed it) can be seen as proof of anything besides a way to get more money from the same product.

In the context of games, to me $10 makes a huge difference. You call me whiny I call you oblivious.

You make it seem like the production costs of every game is the same, and the only thing that varies is the price of voice acting and licensing costs. What about graphics, music, game balance or story?

Monster Hunter 3 will most likely support Classic Controller, so I don’t see how this is a superfluous, at least it is something useful for that game and that can be used in other games that support it. Speaking for myself those collectibles just sit somewhere collecting dust until the day they are moved into a box to be forgotten until who knows when.

As I see it Internet is mostly used to waste time, but feel free to waste your time replying or using your time on more important stuff like browsing some page that you forget 5 minutes later.

Comment by Anonymous

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Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post

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Comment by nick

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