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More reviews for MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode
July 24, 2009, 10:40 pm
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[ソラリスの鼓動 ガンプラ専]









デンデロの消失-俺とfigmaとガンプラと- ] Part 1, Part 2


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The cloak could do with some painting, but other than that I cannot wait for this to arrive! Such a glorious kit.

Comment by F97 X-1

Even 00fags admit this is a good plamo kit and so it is. This is the ONE Excia kit that rules other Excia kits, now don’t you fags wish you had wait much longer for this MG kit? Sooner or later, you might cry rivers over other 10 00 Raiser kits you greedily purchased because Bandai’ve kill other with their new PG 00 kit.

Comment by codename:v

Great kit, will be purchasing mine soon.

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

i think i’m goona wait for the inevitable trans-am colours, theres only so much white blue and yellow my gunpla shelf can take before it becomes a blur

Comment by Macodaz

yep, all of us “newfags” who pre-ordered this badass mofo MG can rejoice, it’s easily one of the best, if not THE best MG to date. codename:v can go sulk in the corner and shove his thumb up his ass coz he’s too poor to get even one plamo kit, he’ll be turning green with envy seeing all the variants of Exia, 00 Raiser, Strike, RX-78 and what have you other kits for which variations were made and codename:v soooo detests, but in truth only wants so badly. but hey, he’s poor, so he can just whine and whine at us all. don’t be cruel “newfags” let the poor gay bastard be, he’ll get his due sooner or later.

Comment by trollkiller.exe

He (c.v) will never admit he was wrong no matter what he wrote. As long he could comes up with a new mecha and claim better than Bandai, he will be always happy by himself.

Comment by starboykb

damn can’t wait to get hand on this beauty!!

Comment by Anonymous

Can’t wait for this. Very glad I waited for the MG instead of snagging one of the (many) HG versions. Will wait a month or two to see if an awesome variant appears first, though.

Comment by TheRyuujinMike

Even 00fags admit this is a good plamo kit and so it is.
…Well obviously… good job stating the obvious

You should say…”Even fags like me who criticize every single thing because of my lack of talent, I can deem this as a worthy plamo kit”

Comment by lxs


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant. It makes much more sense. XD

Comment by Nameless

Man… You guys never learn, CV in a way have won. Just count the number of posts talking about him instead of the gundam.

But I’m loving this. Think of all those people who could have waited a bit longer. Hahahahahaha

Comment by XYZbuster

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