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New hobby kit boxarts
July 24, 2009, 6:03 pm
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Gespent Mk-II Mass Product Model Kwai 1/144


Aestivalis Custom Ryoko Use (non scale)


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“Oh Gespenst is just like the other designs , not original and loved by fags and homos who love 00 and Seed blah blah blah, you SRW fans are nothing but piece of shits. Oh and Nadesico was over like 5 years ago, why bring this piece of shit back? lawl lawl lawl”

Just felt like posting what CV would say. Honestly, I prefer the Gilliam Gespenst custom

Comment by aldotsk


Comment by F97 X-1

Now that’s manly Gespenst there, problem is, the cover art needs to be more… Dynamic, to show its badassery (is there such a word? lol).

Comment by BD

Seriously, CV does tend to get butthurt for no reason. He should just grow up.

As for the model boxarts, I agree that the Gespenst is getting better comapred to the older boxes, but it still lacks that dynamic display that would make it stand out on the shelf. You can see that present in the other model, which is interesting enough for me to further delve into.

Comment by heroman

Aestivalis Custom Ryoko Use (non scale) boxart is pretty damn cool 😛

Comment by Ereos

Nameless told me CV won’t quit trolling no matter what everybody says

Comment by MaxHD2490

XN Raiser looks so awesome. It begs a purchase…

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

Yay! Ryoko’s Aestivalis. =D
I’ve been waiting for GOOD Nadesico model kits. =b

Comment by Nameless

Ryoko Custom boxart is sexy. Gespenst Mk-II M Kai looks alright, but it’s nothing special.

XN Raiser is… dynamic, I guess, but it’s kind of boring. Oh well.

Comment by Hiro

Dunno Hiro, i think that Gespy stands out better than Ryoko Custom on this one, maybe because for me, Ryoko Custom is loosing points for looking like a exact copy of that scene of Prince of Darkness on which she fires her cannon against the Flight Mode of the Black Serena.

I think both are darn good boxarts, but i tend to prefer when the boxarts are 100% original scenes by themselves and not derived from something of the game/series the model belongs to.

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t know… I like the Gespenst Kai’s hand chop. “If you don’t buy me, this chop is going to hit your forehead”

Comment by Nameless

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