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Shulawga resin cast kit
July 24, 2009, 10:50 pm
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Special garage kit for sale at Wonder Festival Summer 2009.


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Nice kit… terrible paint choices. It looks nowhere near this bright and gaudy in-game.

Comment by Anonymous

I agree with Anonymous the colors don’t suit to the original color scheme

Comment by MaxHD2490

You know, impersonators or copycats aren’t only for games and movies. You can find them here too in the wordpress comment boxes and imageboards where they can impersonate you by copying your memes and make ridiculous remarks which you didn’t make at all. Same goes for the Shourouga which I insist should be called Psyrouga for impersonating some white elephant OG mech called Psybuster. Hell, even the Psyrouga fails at picking the right target to impersonate, same goes for the pretentious faggots here who would resort to such petty ways to disgrace others, especially those who are too used being anonymous. Like I said before, only whiners post in as anonymous.

If you want to know what’s the best way to keep everyone civil with their words, make a forum and force everyone to register themselves. That makes banning much easier.

Comment by codename:v

This is 600$?!?! NO WAY..

Comment by Anonymous

Paint definitely does no justice to the figure or to the Shurouga.

Comment by Hiro

Not my usual trend to like SRW stuff, but recently issued kits & figures really caught my attention. They are nicely done.

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

lol CV is talking about “civil” XD

Comment by Anonymous

CV must VERY bad at spelling and vocabulary. and yet everybody trying to ignore him.
To codename:v
HURR DURR to yourself!

Comment by MaxHD2490

I don’t remember blue being one of the colors on that suit >.<?

Comment by Shiro

or some of the colors that don’t match ><

Comment by ReinaMK1

Ironically, V was banned from other blogs and forums BECAUSE he couldn’t comprehend what civil is. =b

Comment by Nameless

Looks like Toys robot that sell outside everywhere

Comment by I am ukato

Shurouga model looks cool but some of the parts should be darker.

Comment by Anonymous

ah Shurouga i like you you best srw og

Comment by Asakim

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