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Gundam Senki TVCM (30 sec Ver.)
July 25, 2009, 3:09 am
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To everyone,

someuser had uploaded on youtube:

Comment by judo0054

good tvcm

Comment by MaxHD2490

Is that I gelgoog I saw there?
Phew thats nice,I already feared that they really didnt put it in.
The game is shaping up awesome and actually having enjoyed Crossfire I cant wait to see how it finally turns out.
The speed seems to have been upped a little from Crossfire now being more in line with LWC but thats not too bad as long as they dont overdo it like in the PSP-series.

Comment by Raz

no mistake about it the gelgoog is in the game

Comment by ReinaMK1

good job judo0054

Comment by ReinaMK1

any change it will come with English subs.

Probably not.

Too bad though. I actually want to know what the story is about.
Even thought is basically the same thing that involved in the One Year War, but still, want to know….

Comment by ottoto

to MaxHD2490 and ReinaMK1,

I’m just trying to help mr superrobotwar give some info for everyone. That’s all. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

Sorry for interrupt again as usual,but it’s about “SD Gundam G Generation Wars.” It’s a late update by the way. Here we go:

Comment by judo0054

It says that 0081 is a sequel to the previous PS2 Battle Chronicles, I’m not surprise even if the Xamel and Gelgoog makes it into the game, minus the GP01 of course. But Chronicles has larger variety of mechs to choose such as Mudrock, NT-1 and BD-1, I guess this is quite a downsize for a PS3.

Comment by codename:v

oh please bandai make a ps2 version of it!!
I don’t care bout graphics!

Comment by Mendagu

Very Good!

Comment by Debris

to codename:v
Thats because Mudrock, NT-1 Alex, and Blue Destiny Units 1-3 are destoryed during one year war. Though Xamel and Gelgoog variants may appear. Even Anonymous may know what possible and not possible mobile suits that will appear (there are chances of new mobile suit however). GP-01 good question on that one, more likly under construction. Hurr Durr to yourself!

Comment by ReinaMK1

what is the video referring to at the end? It seems like it’s saying there’s some special video on PSN that you can watch. Is that true? If so, where on JPN PSN is it? Cuz I looked and couldn’t find it..

Comment by Jerry k

to Jerry K,

From the TVCM, my guess is if you buy the game, you also can buy or get the “prequel of the game” video through PSN. Once again, only my guess. Sorry. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

[…] you take on the role of a Earth Federation unit taking on the remnants of Zeon.  Thanks to SRW Hotnews, you can check out a commercial with a bit of gameplay footage after the […]

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I just advise everyone not to expext somthing incredible out of this game! or else you will end up dissapionted as alot did when Gundam crossfire was out.
I can only say i HOPE it turns out as we expect it to be.

Comment by The Spoiler

You know, you can modify the youtube code to shrink the youtube feature. If you need help, just drop me a line at my email addy.

Comment by PSN Games

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