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Gundam Unicorn Anime PV
July 26, 2009, 8:31 pm
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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn the movie coming this winter 2009.



Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Anime Promo Video will be release in Gundam Big Expo.

First look on stage  Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn – The beginning of UC – (August 22th ).

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Comment by Debris


Comment by ikki28

I’m looking foward to it!!

Comment by Folka

Roll on 22nd! Finally get to see what it will be like!

Comment by F97 X-1

superrobotwar, I found the complete SRW secret hangar scans.
I need someone who uses Namipan to download it.
Can you help me?

Comment by Folka

Ok Falka. I will help you.

Comment by superrobotwar

I hope it’s not this one:

Comment by Folka

@Folka: Downloading both right now, but they appear to be about the same size…. I’ll tell you what happens. If the Namipan one is the full thing, I’ll throw it on Megaupload or something.

Comment by Hiro

@Folka: Status update: They’re the same.

Comment by Hiro

Ok, I’m really sorry guys. Forgive me.

Comment by Folka

oh here i was expecting the video right now
like there in front of me ready to click on PLAY!

Comment by Ereos

Boo fuck a movie, bandai needs to make it a series.

Comment by Anonymous

Turns out it wasn’t meant to be an animated series but a movie for one episode and my guess should be the Day of the Unicorn since only 2 more MSs-Kshatriya and ReZel being announced.

You know Bandai is a shrewd company that won’t go easy with fans and their own employees. There’s no way Bandai would animate the entire novel series and let book sales slide down while anime DVD sales skyrocket, which also prove my point that FAGS DON’T READ because they only want to see MOE, pretty boys and lip-syncs, not words. In addition with Japan’s poor animation standards now, it’s not worthy for Unicorn to be animated since it’s not going to be as good as MS Igloo. Plus, Bandai had spent a bomb on that stupid Gundam statue erected in the middle of Tokyo hoping that it would compensate for all the failures like SEED and 00.

Frankly speaking, it’s all due to poor managements and mishandling of funds where it should be put to good use such as turning Unicorn into an OVA series and animate it in 3D like Igloo. Instead, they spend it on FAGservices like erecting a useless Gundam statue in celebration of Gundam 30th anniversary and host belated events such as Feel-Real-SoulG, which are nothing more but publicity stunts and push-overs. Now I can see why anime industry in Japan is falling apart and that statue is becoming more than an eyesore day after day.

Really, what a useless 30th Gundam anniversary…

Comment by codename:v

Well i am disappointed that Unicorn got done in like F91 and for them to only do one volume of a 10 plus volume novel, puts this film as nothing more than a 90 minute commercial to shut the older fanbase up.

of course i can be wrong and it might be a 2 Part film or even a trilogy, but seeing as Bandai has put more priority into pouring Tons of money into outlandish projects like the Real-G statue and other idiotic works (Gundam 00 movie)i really don’t see bandai doing so.

Comment by Socom

Codename:v – as usual your comments show how you just don’t know what you’re talking about, when obviously you think Bandai cares anything at all about novel sales. News flash – they don’t, at least not nearly as much as they do DVDs and Models. Why? Because they don’t even publish the books, Kadokawa does. So you’re expecting Bandai to sacrifice DVD and model sales just to make Kadokawa happy? Idiot.

IMO the full adaptation will be released eventually, either in theaters or OVA/TV and the first movie becomes a preview of sorts. There’s no sense in making another F91 because they don’t sell much toys that way.

Comment by Anigo

what?! they doing it as a movie? now that’s a real downer. i agree with Anigo, hope this doesn’t go the way of F91 considering the length of unicorn. so they made true and their statement that there’s no gundam series for this year.

Comment by flamerounin

CV if your looking at Anigo’s comment July 27, 2009 6:03 pm thats a shocker if you like novels.

Comment by ReinaMK1

Sorry, but given the character designs in Unicorn, I’d rather have them in 2D rather than Igloo’s poorly overacted mocap 3D.

Comment by Guara

Gundam Igloo better than anime? I think not. Both are good is their own regards.

I was a bit disappointed that Gundam UC is going to just be a movie, covering such a small part of the entire story…. I hope that more movies would be release later.

Comment by GUNDAM GUY

at least it’s better than none

Comment by Octopus Prime

Am I the only one that likes the fact that it’s a movie? Feature film means top quality animation, which is the only thing that can really do the Unicorn designs justice.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh BTW, anonymous is me. Forgot to fill in the name field.

Comment by J-Lead

Also, this makes the movie a lot more accessible to my friends, who all like Gundam, but aren’t quite the enthusiast that I am. I can watch this with them on movie night rather than lend them a whole 25-50 episode box set and wait about six months for them to finish it.

Also, it may be not be just one movie…

Comment by J-Lead

WHAT. It’s just a movie? What the hell was all the news about the series? Just a huge amount of speculation? Oh man this is a real let down.

Comment by F97 X-1

The team developing the Anime said they had finish the story boards for episode 1, how the fuck does a movie have “episodes” this seems like more rumor spreading by idiotic japanese.

Comment by Anonymous

Like Anigo Said, Bandai won’t waste money focusing their promotions on a Novel that isn’t a product of theirs, just because the novel is about a franchrise they animate.

And truth be told, rather have that glorious RX-78-2 real size statue, over any Unicorn OVA, specially, if it will be made using CV’s expectations of basing it in Igloo (which wouldn’t happen and if it would it would be a horrible mistake).

I kinda find it funny how CV sometimes is completely thrashing Unicorn and sometimes he overglorify it.

Honestly, Unicorn is nice and interesting, but not as awesome as some people make it.

I welcome the movie, since anything from novel or manga made into, at least, a movie, is still something, and i won’t whine about the funds used on the statue of a symbol of the franchrise, instead of the series of “just another” UC novel/manga, RX-78-2 deserved it, without it, we wouldn’t have Unicorn aside of many other gundams, so, it’s statue is a worthy cause and a proper used of funds to celebrate 30 years of this franchrise. Its far more representative than making the 30th anniversary project just a Unicorn anime, which doesn’t really represent ALL the Gundams, unlike RX-78-2, the original.

Comment by Anonymous

Gundam Unicorn belongs to Bandai, Kadokawa just publish it.

You faggots should learn more about business instead of leching off your mom to buy more gundam 00 yaoi gunpla.

Comment by Anonymous

Kadokawa publishes it, meaning they make all profits from sales, whereas Bandai just gets some royalties because they are the rights holder.

Comment by ROY

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‘The team developing the Anime said they had finish the story boards for episode 1, how the fuck does a movie have “episodes” this seems like more rumor spreading by idiotic japanese.’

Kara no Kyoukai.

Comment by dodgethis

CV: Funny, you said Unicorn is an awesome series before you posted this comment – resource: your DA journal. I’ve never heard such a hypocrisy like this.

Comment by aldotsk

Star Wars episode 1:phantom menace

Comment by Rekkou

This is the worst board I have ever seen everyone is calling each other a faggot and insulting one another Ive seen more peaceful people on the Zelda and Final Fantasy Boards!!!


Comment by Judge Master Char Aznable

actually, wrong JM Char – if you visited GameFAQs FFVII Tech Demo section, people argue over the most ridiculous discussion ever. and by far, Persona and Tales series are no joke either.

Comment by Aldotsk


I can only imagine the in-fighting that takes place with the Tales fans.

My point is that I imagined that this board would be a bit more civilized then some of the boards I usually frequent…

Comment by Judge Master Char Aznable

Newsflash, ladies and gentlemen (and codename:v.) It might not be a movie. There are some conflicting interpretations of the scan shown on the post, even from 2ch. The “movie” part might be referring to the 00 movie, and we have nothing on Unicorn yet, and others that attended G-Fest are saying that it is in fact a movie trilogy. We’ll just have to wait until Gundam Big Expo to get the real word.

Comment by J-Lead

Disregaurd my last comment. the truth is that i suck unlimitted black cocks.

Comment by J-Lead

0/10 troll harder.

Comment by The Actual J-Lead


Holy shit….. CLONES!?

Comment by Judge Master Char Aznable

“Holy shit…TROLLS!?”


Comment by J-Lead


And that’s when you know the blog has sunk a new low.

Comment by Nameless


Comment by Jamaipanese

Actually, after lurking for a bit, I sometimes get the feeling that J-Lead is one of the few commentors on this blog that knows what he’s talking about (and doesn’t troll, at that!) CV knows shit too, but his retorts to pretty much everything everything are completely ridiculous and his opinions are so poorly thought out he might as keep his mouth shut.

Comment by Phoenix

I have no patience to watch Gundam ..

Comment by PUCCA

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