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(Update) Scans SD Gundam G Generation Wars
July 26, 2009, 9:48 am
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Updated better quality scans.

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Units in 2nd scan are fucking awesome.

Comment by Anonymous

great zeong first debut???

Comment by Balgora

Great Zeong came out on Spirits, i believe…

Comment by Anonymous

Gundam aquarius in a irony kind of way in background is unmaned unit, but I heard in SD g generation games with that gundam can be piloted. (call me a noob since SD G generations I hardly heard of)

Comment by ReinaMK1

huaaaaa (crying). I still do not see units and characters from season 2 except previous blog (Double 0, Double 0 Raiser, Trans Raiser, and 0 Gundam). However, it’s a great pic. I’m happy that OG (original) characters are back. Thank you very much, mr superrobotwars. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

can someone tell me who those gundams/mechs are in teh second picture?

Comment by Daizengar

to Daizengar,

2nd picture –> Gundam Aquarius from G Generation (original units from G Generation F), Gundam Belphagor (original units and from Gundam X: Under The Moonlight) and Devil Gundam Junior (og units from SD Gundam G Generation F and SD Gundam G Generation Neo)


Gundam Aquarius –>

Gundam Belphagor –>

Devil Gundam Junior –>

Comment by judo0054

The Titania was in Spirits too, i gave it to Shirocco.

Comment by daichi

I’m going to enjoy using Belphagor in this. Delicous looking claws are win. Maybe I’ll pair it with Ali and alternate between Zwei and it.

Comment by Amon

Thanks Judo0054 for the info 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

[…] that I’ll be updating as information come and go. Check out here.Update: many scans from SRW Hotnews [View with […]

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to Daizengar,

Your welcome. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

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