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Gundam Senki official blog update
July 27, 2009, 5:56 pm
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Gundam Senki official blog has been updated  new pics of upcoming  next HGUC

FA RX-78-7 Gundam No. 7th. and they will announce this MS in Gundam Senki soon.


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that big rifle a bit like providence’s beam rifle

Comment by Anonymous

Plenty of foil sticker detected, but gundam marker should be enough for the job

Comment by Rekkou

At least there’s enough color variety to keep it from looking too bland even after panel lining like the HGUC Nu.

Very tempted to get this but the Nu HWS is already a brick and I want something that poses.

I wonder why the non-armored version didn’t get a MG version announced yet. Surely there’s an existing RX frame they can reuse for it.

Comment by AceWhatever

Look cool and still retain the look of being RX-78.

Comment by LM

Not bad. Not bad at all. As expect of Katoki, he can make a basically baseline RX-78 model look good.

Comment by Amon

not bad, a decent paint job and marker work and it’ll look okay

Comment by Anonymous

i rather get them GM’s from senki

Comment by Ereos

I just realize that the rear booster quite similar to Linebarrel’s tail binder in overdrive mode

Comment by Rekkou

I’ll post in this in for CV *cough*

“What is this faggotry Gundam is this? Seriously Bandai is getting out of ideas, they make the same designs they don’t have any official 1337 skills lawl. it’s the same design as every other Gundams, and apparently, all they can do is make Gundam RX-78 after series. Bandai are stupid brainless and motherless ogres.”

Comment by aldotsk

You should stop posting like that, whether it may be true or not, in this place we want to hear your comment not you speak for other, i’m not defending CV but what you did is really wrong

Comment by Rekkou

cv die

Comment by Anonymous

Sorry for interrupt as usual, but an update of SD Gundam G Generation Wars:

– Game System

– Units

Official website –>

Comment by judo0054

Rekkou: Honestly, it may have been wrong =p but it’s kind of my half side comment point of view.

Not a doubt, that the Gundam design is trying to be GP-04’s design on it’s back, and the armor color seems a bit too unoriginal. I can see that it’s “prototype” and the fact it’s Katoki design, but technically it’s way too similar for previous 0083 references. (Perhaps, Nina Purpleton made this unit too?)

Comment by aldotsk

What do I expect from some pretentious faggot like aldotsk who enjoys spamming other names and put words into their mouths? Not to mention his homosexual crave for bishounens in his DA, I seriously doubt he’s into mechas…

This FA-78-7 redesign is actually based on Okawara’s old works before Akitaka designed the GP04, you should do your homework instead of jumping to conclusion like an idiot. Really FAGS DON’T READ

Comment by codename:v

Actually Okawara did not make 78-7. Nice try though

Comment by Aldotsk

Bzzt, wrong. CV is actually right. The original RX-78-7 was indeed made by Okawara for an MSV collection. This one in particular is obviously based on Katoki’s redesign.

Comment by Amon

It’s best to do a research first.

Comment by LM

Such a poor Gundam model, Needs painting for sure.

Comment by The Spoiler

Matt Damon on his Iraq war movie

Comment by prostonik_9

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