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Scans Super Robot Wars OG – Secret Hangar
July 27, 2009, 12:40 am
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Super Robot Wars OG – Secret Hangar (Total 60 pages, 73 Mb)

 – Download  (Mediafire)


Here are some sample scans.

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Comment by Zengar ZomBolt

Awesome 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

Awesome indeed

Comment by glemtvapen

These are only partial scans from AnimePaper that have been around for a while

original link:

Comment by Bob

Many Thanks.

Comment by kain the supreme

sweet scans 😛
i wish they made nice wallpapers images more!
i want a nice angelg one :S
or soulgain or vaisaga one …. kinda hard to find nowadays

Comment by Ereos

I wonder what super robot wars OG Secret Hanger meant? (at least I saw Valsione from there, it looks great)

Comment by ReinaMK1


Comment by iron2000

is it just me or do the mecha art in this just seem like pieces of art made for decal references for the models they may make?

Comment by Macodaz

I wish there were translations for the scenario shorts they have somewhere *cough*linkplease*cough*

Comment by Anonymous

thank you

Comment by adol

This, not the COMPLETE book scan right….

I though it has more pages then that?

Comment by ottoto

Uhhhh, this book actually reeeeaaallllyyyy way bellow my expectations, i thought the contain is some unused or unpublished design, but this is…

Comment by Rekkou

Secrets that aren’t so big deal and way too obvious that this is purely an art book made for suckers, Terada pulled another one of his scams here again. The whole book is filled with nothing more but lame illustrations of various obvious OG mechs that we all know and this is way overrated and unnecessary for publication. What’s the point of downloading this faggotry when I can get free line arts and details from this site: Hell, even I can do better than this faggotry and I won’t have to spend a penny on the unnecessary.

Comment by codename:v

But at least Terada is much more handsome than you CV lol

Comment by Anonymous

It’s still much more cool than the UGLY&CRAZY CV LOL

Comment by Anonymous

To everyone,

It’s regarding an update of “Gundam Senki: Battlefield Record of UC 0081:”

– HGUC Full Armor Gundam 7 Unit on “Blog”

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Comment by judo0054

No one took the ‘Secret’ part too seriously, right?

It’s just a title! Still, art is always nice, though I would have liked to see my Huckebein Mk-III in there.

Comment by Hiro

to CV
that website hardly update it’s self, in fact it takes weeks to months now to get a updated like that.

Comment by ReinaMK1

It may not be Linearts or custom linearts, but at least it’s 90% of new artwork in general.

I would had welcome more artworks like that special Valcyone of the last page, but the rest of the book isn’t half bad. Better than reharshing past lineart by a loooooooooooong way.

Comment by Anonymous

well technically cv’s art works cant match the work up on this blog – the fact that cv’s art work is amateur SAI paint tool brush work.

Comment by aldotsk

“well technically cv’s art works cant match the work up on this blog”

Although CV’s obviously not good. I think his “skill” is still a little bit above than you or some people here. I don’t like him but in the realm of fanboyism that is so apparent here, he stands above the rest of the deviantartists here. Really, learn how to draw properly before you start breaking all them rules (drawing stereotypical anime face). Again though, cv’s still got no skill.

Comment by amaterasu

lol I havent updated DeviantArt works since last year. I am pretty critical about what people draw and I do follow anatomy rules as well.

Comment by aldotsk

CV’s isn’t really a good artist, while he have good skills and all, he lacks in so many aspects, being the main one originality, usually this isn’t really an issue in the world of fanart and all, doing your own artwork of fiction you like isn’t such a bad thing and it do helps to practice, but in CV’s case, that shouldn’t be happening, why? because he hates with all his soul the so called “rip offs” or “non original works”, yet we see in his gallery his so called “Superior Done Right, learn from me Banpresto” series of OG Mechas, which are 90% some Gundam wannabes that even affect super robots like the DGG series to make them look like some sort of G-Gundam esque robots, instead of being their own kind of Super Robots, and let’s not get started about his so called net persona is nothing more than a poetically disguised version of the typical net nicknames like “Zero2324” or “Gundam_Ultimate” and so on, which also lack originality, something he always puts above anything and anybody not following it (fan artist or professional artist) should be fusilated for commiting such a sin.

He have great coloring skills and drawing skills, but considering that his works lacks originality, when he asks for it on other’s work while getting you ready to be burned for heretic, it’s obvious he’s lacking as an artist, after all, real artist who give such a importance to originality wouldn’t be doing 1/3 of CV’s works in DA.

And all this, only get worse, because of his attitude and arrogance of “i do everything better, i’m always right, you suck, learn from me faggot!” and his blatlant hypocresy.

Long Made Short, he have the skills without doubts but not the aptitude or personal talent, which aren’t only skills but a whole proper attitude behind those skills. And don’t get me started about how his attitude will not let him get a good job in any big animation company like he expects to.

Comment by Anonymous

And not only that most DA artists are just laid back freestyle writers and artists. People who goto Pixiv are different. They seek for professional careers in Japan CG art careers. Technically, I am the type of person who wants to be a manga artist someday, but I got something else important to me that’s considered as priority. So I care less if someone says I should learn how to draw, because I know how the basics go since I took art school classes. Technically, when you say stereotypes, every anime/manga artists start with basic stereotype non-original art styles at the beginning. Eventually they just make their way of making it. I just look at the inspired artists and try to follow their steps.

Comment by Aldotsk

“He have great coloring skills and drawing skills”
>> Trust me… He doesn’t.. Only non-artist or hacks would say otherwise

“Technically, I am the type of person who wants to be a manga artist somedays”
>> Good luck.

Comment by amaterasu

Just because CV is the most gigantic elitist, hypocrite and probably homophobic or homo in denial of this neighbourhood, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t show good skills at drawings, yet, again, he lacks real originality mixed with some notorious arrogance, and surprisedly, the need to do destructive flaming on other’s work, to the point of complaining about stuff HE does on his own work, example: ripping off (once again DGG as wannabe G-Gundam esque robots) and let’s not get started by his childish ways of using his art to stablish his nearly dogmatic mindset, to the point of 90% of his works being mainly “i know better, i do better, learn from me n00b, etc.”

One famous example XRX, artwise, is a darn good work, at least being nice and ignoring the blatlantly copy of SRX for the sake of, lmao, do a supposedly Superior and better SRX in everything, From art to concept, which is laughable. He goes and, not only mock the originals he used as base for it, but also claims they are superior in every aspects based only on his absolutist mindset of “You’re doing it wrong, let me show you how it should be done, faggot!”

His art is quite good, yet i can easily point out far better artist who lack any of the notorious negative traits of CV and even if they do Fanart, they do it in wonderful ways, and the fact of not being hypocrites who bashes other artist for doing the same and “not being original” when he isn’t helps a lot to appreciate the work better.

Hi artistic level is good as much, he do have skills, but lack everything else, specially originality and attitude. Yet he thinks he’s absolutely right and is one of the best, and even more, thinks he have the right to do that kind of flaming rant like critiques in very blind, hypocrite and pathetic ways.

CV isn’t a good artist because of the attitude and lack of originality while claiming to be a paladin of it while trashing other’s work, his drawings are averagely good and his coloring is in the same level, yet because of how he’s and the meaning behind a great deal of his works, one can’t really enjoy them properly, while we can greatly enjoy other fanartist with equal or superior levels, because they lack the contradiction that CV always have in his works.

Comment by Anonymous

no he doesn’t have skills. People who have skills know anatomy and proportion aside from originality. He has none of them (Anime drawing doesn’t prove that anyone has skill, it’s just people’s laziness to actually learn how to draw properly. Anime in the first place is a mean to simplify things which later adapted as a “style”). I can see why you say he has skill. That’s because you have no clue of what’s real talents are.

Comment by amaterasu

oh and not to mention. He might be color blind too. His color choices is just horrendous. There is no color balance, no proper value. it’s more like color is an afterthought to him. As if he really thought about anything at all.

Comment by amaterasu

Woah woah what the fuck Amaterasu… You are going over the line man. I mean it may be true saying people need better anatomy skill and better coloring analysis but your comments are no better than c:v’s comment. Technically all of the comments looked like he started it all. And people are just proving that he shouldn’t be a hypocrite . If you have your own art works that could show us that we could respect to then show us but don’t degrade people like that . Most people sound pretty chillin here anyways just that one person started all of the fights . Why not everyone drop this ridiculous conversation and talk about new blog posts instead. Because this post is getting to the next page soon anyways

Comment by JetEffects

How come drawing Anime in a darn good way (Not CV’s case) doesn’t mean you have skills? It isn’t like is that easy to Draw in any of the anime styles, and there are more than 1, saying that the anime style is 1 and is simplistic, is pretty wrong and proves that you don’t know about the many desing styles that anime have, beyond the typical Moe/Shonen styles.

If your claim is that, only people using realistic styles or highly detailed ones are skillful, let me tell you that in anime there are that kind of art styles, The most recent art in the Hokuto no Ken Stories, or the Starship Troopers Ovas, The Legend of Galactic Heroes, etc. are prove that Anime isn’t just a bunch of “big eyed kawaii moe girls or trappy bishounens”.

Yet even drawing Moe Girls or Bishounens, do need a certain level of skill, it isn’t as simple or as easy as you claim Amaterasu, in fact, i wonder if YOU do know what you’re talking about, or you’re as elitist as CV but with a different set of opinions and preferences (which doesn’t make you any better than him at all, no matter how different the preferences are)

I know that CV’s work and style isn’t the best by a long short, and neither his ideas are that good because of being based on his bias, contradictory mindset and arrogance.

Yet there still is some level of skills that one had to awknowledge, not the best, or enough to back up the so called “Authority” That he claims to have, but he do have some.

Obviously you already know i’m not on his aside at all and i could easily give al ist of Artist that i think that are better than him in many ways, incluiding attitude, and how their works are enjoyable, while CV’s tend to be annoying and bothersome, because of the bias and ideas he coats them with.

Comment by Anonymous

Bishounens? Moe? You’re speaking in a language I don’t understand my man… Anyway……………

I’m gonna stop beating a dead horse….

Comment by amaterasu

Well you can always look for the meaning of MOE and Bishounen by googling it or looking in wikipedia, it’s not that hard pal, but since you didn’t do so before commenting, let met give you a small description of what they mean while talking about anime artstyle (since sometimes they mean other things depending of what you’re talking about.)

MOE = unrealistically and over the top cute characters, that really exagerate the cutie aspects.

Bishounen = Pretty Boys that graze the femenine look or are pretty much of femenine looks, you can say that what many of the modern Gundam Main Characters look like.

Comment by Anonymous

Let’s just drop this discussion.

Comment by Aldotsk

it reeks fanboys here… ugh

Comment by Anonymous

sarcasm…. my friend.. sarcasm

Comment by amaterasu

super robot wars waoooow !!! very cool !! thanks for upload this !!

Comment by Saruman

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