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SD Gundam G Generation Wars official site update
July 28, 2009, 5:09 pm
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SD Gundam G Generation Wars official site has been updated.

Game System: Capital, Event CG movie screens

Unit: Trans-Am 00 Raiser

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Allelujah is quite expensive compared to other, maybe because he is 2 in 1 pilot?

Comment by Rekkou

That would make sense

Comment by Nt01

That Nightingale looks great!

Comment by F97 X-1

Allelujah, a value pack? LOL

Nightingale FTW.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Funny how Lockon, Allelujah, Tieria are expensive for a pilot payment and Kira and Amuro aren’t. -sigh-

I suppose best pilots in a low tier units are best to be fitting as whores -_-;;

Comment by aldotsk

lockon, tieria, alle expensive?!
Than how about

Duo – 62.300
Zechs – 73.800
Treize – 74.100
Athrun GSD – 72.000
Rey – 61.100
Lunamaria – 54.600
Quatro – 72.000
Emma – 58.300


Comment by Anonymous

I definitely dont see Quattro being 72,000. Of course, I could see WHY Char/Quattro would be that expensive. He isn’t a main character. He’s a villain. Apparently, GGen F and GGen Seed attempted the same thing that time to make Char/Quattro expensive comparing to Amuro. At least the most expensive character was CCA Char and ZZ Haman.

And also Allelujah is by far a better pilot than Lockon and Tieria. Honestly, he’s just soft – but if he actually tried hard of piloting like Hallelujah did, I am pretty sure he’d kick ass.

I find Lunamaria and Emma to be expensive as a bullshit comparing with Lockon. But it’s like saying Lockon doesn’t even have the skill than Patrick Colassawar.

Comment by aldotsk

Thank got Exia Basic isn’t too expensive to buy. It’s at the M1 Astray tier though LOL.
and also I might instead play with originals more than the retail characters mainly because Original pilots are challenging to dodge/attack etc.

Now I see Nikki, Billy, Zenon, Sheld, Luke, Mark are in there – I hope to see Eris appear soon.

Comment by aldotsk

But hey, I love how the unit can carry items and not only OPs just like SRW.

Hmm since you probably could only carry 1 or 2 battleships for a mission, what to choose….

Minerva , or Archangel or Ra Caillum or Ptolemaios hmmmmmmmmmmmm –;; too expensive anyways. I hope I can just grind in one mission.

Comment by Aldotsk

Hmmm Lockon got less price than the the other meister maybe because he’s just appear until season 1 (i mean neil) while others is up until season 2 so it got more exp in battle.

Comment by Anonymous

I’ll admit though >>;; Neil is so much better than Lyle

Comment by Aldotsk

ptolemy was small so it’s easier to move than the rest, but it has teribble weapon in S1…

Hmm maybe the pinky battleship, Eternal? 😀

Comment by Anonymous

This is the first time i’ve seen the Originals in full suit, glad to see Luke there, he’s my favorite original hope to see Luna too

Comment by Rekkou

Hope there is the Seed Destiny Version Archangel as it able for under water usage..

For the Original pilots is abit disappointed on how they design niki lower wear it look weird for her…

Comment by gundam4life

looks like its confirmed there is no 00 S2 story in the game just the few units that were comfirmed =/ (0, 00 Raiser Etc.)

Comment by k

to gundam4life,

you mean “Niki Taira” for og character

Comment by judo0054

It’s possible the cost of originals will increase as you buy them like in the recent past. But this time it’s not a random one, you can actually pick the ones you want to start with at the base price. I just wish they hadn’t waited until the last week before release to finally confirm the original characters. *shakes first at Bandai*

Comment by Dragen

to judo0054

Yes i mean “Niki Taira” for og character

her new design for her lower wear looki weird for her as i felt that she wil be more suitable wearing Bright Noa (0093) uniform….

Comment by gundam4life

to gundam4life,

Do not forget the uniform that she wear between “Char’s Counterattack” storyline (the one that you mentioned before) and “Gundam X” storyline (Federation uniform). Don’t know which story she will appear in the game because it depends on the game designer. Sorry for my manner words. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

nice screens

Comment by kantot

[…] il sito ufficiale subiva una serie di aggiornamenti,immediatamente segnalati da SRW hotnews… Aggiornamenti che coinvolgevano le sezioni Game […]

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Two screens of the CG Event Movie have wrong links…
Third Row, second and third images.

Comment by IamError

hi experts, is the Overkill calculation in Wars and Spirits are the same?

Comment by Anonymous

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