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July 29, 2009, 1:33 pm
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Updated clear scans for Super Robot Gakuen.



Super Robot Gakuen (NDS)

– Compatible Kaiser



Gundam Senki: Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 (PS3)

RX-78 NT-1 Alex, RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Type, RX-77-2 Guncannon, RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom, RGM-79N GM Custom, RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type, YMS-16M Xamel, MSM-07 Z’Gok, MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom, YMS-15 Gyan, MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon, MSM-03C Hygogg 


Dengeki Plastation magazine’s SD Gundam G Generation Wars scans.


Updated Famitsu’s SD Gundam G Generation Wars HQ scans.


SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2/Wii)

  • Origin Generation, 1st Gundam stage “Reentry“: defeat Char with Amuro and Aina Sahalin appears. Defeat Aina with the Master Unit, and Creuset’s squad appears.
  • Another Generation, Turn A Gundam stage “Knox Destruction“: confront Harry with Loran and Coren appears. Defeat Coren with the Master Unit, and Mashmar appears.
  • New Generation, SEED Destiny stage “Broken World“: defeat Sato with Athrun and the 3 Extended appears. The 2nd Wars Break brings Lancerow in his Clouda.
  • Extra Generation, 0083 stage “Storm Raging Through“: the Extra Generation stages are unlocked after certain number of stages are cleared. This stage in particular shows 0083’s Stardust Operation in course.
  • Info translation by


    Famitsu review score: SD Gundam G Generation Wars – 9,8,8,8 (33/40)



    Here are some leaked scans of SD Gundam G Generation Wars Player Bible.

    Original character




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    to mr superrobotwars,

    do you have a “full new scan” of the scan that you just have posted on this blog today for SD Gundam G Generation Wars? Sorry for my manner question. Thanks. ^–^

    Comment by judo0054

    Wow?? gen wars’s score 9 8 8 8?

    I think sd gundam gen spirits’s score was 7 8 7 8

    Comment by Anonymous

    to anonymous,

    I want to ask you about famitsu rating. For famitsu, 40 means flawless or awesome game right? I ask this because I always forgot for famitsu rating. Forgive me for my stupid question. ^–^

    Comment by judo0054


    a 40 in Famitsu game means it has received 10 points from all 4 reviewers (10-10-10-10), which means the game has reached the perfect score.

    Comment by Anonymous

    to Anonymous,

    I got your comment, and I think I got it a little. Does that also mean the game is awesome, nice game, or perfect game, etc?

    Comment by judo0054

    Well, it’s just an opinion

    Comment by Anonymous

    pretty nice score XD

    Comment by Balgora

    to Anonymous,

    I think I got what do you mean. Thank you very much. Your comment helps me. Once again, thank you. Alright, to everyone. Off topic, but an Update of “Macross Ultimate Frontier” (only copy paste of magazine and websites):

    – System

    – Character

    – Mechanic

    Official website –>

    Comment by judo0054

    oops sorry wrong forums.

    Nwei i like the screens and at last oo raiser.

    Comment by Very Good

    what the hell is that mech above gaia?
    flag? dont look like it

    Comment by Ereos

    It’s Hellion, i don’t quite remember but it’s the custom color of the country who tried to mess with CB

    Comment by Rekkou

    Where’s my eternal??

    Comment by Anonymous

    The original characters seems to grow? Luke seems got promoted

    Comment by Rekkou

    to Ereos…that not flag…is AEU helios land-type

    Comment by Anonymous

    well at least we get a gelgoog cannon

    Comment by ReinaMK1

    […] cleared. This stage in particular shows 0083’s Stardust Operation in course. More scans at SRW Hotnews show the initially recruitable original characters and units for creation. [View with […]

    Pingback by » Latest info on G Gene Wars

    The updates for Gundam Senki PS3 is very much deja-vu compared to its previous Battle Chronicles PS2 title, most likely we would see more familiar units from the previous title added in soon. Even with the 7th Gundam and RX-81s, this title just couldn’t stand out from Battle Chronicles with its similiar casts of suits from previous titles. Bandai can always get Katoki to redesign Okawara’s old works as much as they want but just how long can Bandai go on with all these redesign scams? Really, Bandai should consider put Gundam to sleep

    Comment by codename:v

    to CV
    no one is going to listen to your stupid comments

    Comment by ReiaMK1

    CV should consider put good grammar to use

    Comment by Anonymous

    […] pubblicava un lungo servizio ricco di immagini e di informazioni ( ve ne sono anche di Mobile Suit Gundam […]

    Pingback by Gundam Universe Blog » Blog Archive » SD G Generation War update del sito e nuove immagini da Famitsu

    Did they say anything different between the Wii and PS2 version./

    Comment by ottoto

    GM Custom, you say? *faps*

    Comment by J-Lead

    […] alle immagini di SD Gundam G Generation Wars erano presenti nella segnalazione di SRW hotnews anche delle immagini del gioco per PS 3: Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. […]

    Pingback by Gundam Universe Blog » Blog Archive » PS3: Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 immagini da Famitsu

    Awesome. My fave OG character is confirmed now. I always name him after myself. :3

    Comment by Dragen

    Speaking of Gundam Senki, an update of Gundam Senki: Battlefield Record UC 0081:

    – Accguy units on blog

    Official websites:

    Comment by judo0054

    I just cant see why GM senki would be any interesting, seriously a collection of tanks and GM’s is nothing special these days.

    Comment by The Spoiler

    wow, compatibel kaiser. long time no see since srw ogs & srw ogg. ^–^

    Comment by judo0054

    Ohh… I wonder if any other Banpresto Originals will show up with Pachinko Kaiser. *snicker* I’m hoping for J, W, and K’s originals now. At least one of them.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Hm, it’s nice to have C.K. back, but that means that there won’t be new Originals?

    Not that any were expected in the first place with Gakuen’s story setting…

    Comment by Anonymous

    Sugoi! C-Kaiser for gakuen! =D well one original is better than zero, will be looking forward to that and sd wars

    Comment by comandaben

    Gauken just got a whole lot sexier.

    But now it just makes me lust for more OG secrets.

    Comment by Anonymous

    FUCK YES COMPATIBLE KAISER! But no Fighter Roa shouting out attacks in Gakuen though, damn. Hopefully more OG units in the game I can’t wait to play it!

    Comment by F97 X-1

    wait what Compatible Kaiser in SR Gakuen! F*ck yeah!

    Comment by Alternate Zer0

    Wait, Compatible Kaiser is awesome. Compatible Kaiser is in Super Robot Gakuen. Hells yes. I didn’t figure they were going to do anything new for this, but even if they traced over the PS2 sprites, it’s still pretty awesome.

    …Hmn, could this be the prelude to a DS OG3 or Gaiden remake? Nah, probably just me jumping at shadows.

    Comment by Hiro

    […] Big Zam, you can do it and the Federation will be crushed in no time. In this month’s Famitsu Magazine, the game received a score of 9 and three 8s, giving a total score of 33 out of 40. If you’re […]

    Pingback by Buy SD Gundam G Generation Wars because there weren’t enough Gundams in SRW | Lolicon Images

    Why such a low unit count for Gundam Senki?

    Comment by Greg

    Compatible Kaiser seem to borrow some sprite from Dangaioh.

    Comment by LM

    same designer Obari
    what do you expect ?

    Comment by Anonymous

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