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G Generation Wars Players Bible
July 30, 2009, 9:53 pm
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Scans SD Gundam G Generation Wars Players Bible

Download (Mediafire, 28 Pages)

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u the man

Comment by Anonymous

omg this is sweet stuff!! thanks!!

Comment by kaminakun

If you read the thing, you will realize something disappointing. Read page 24, which shows the initial units…The game may only includes about 12 scenarios:
Gundam, 0083, Z, ZZ, CCA, F91, V, G,W,X, Turn A, Seed, GSD and 00. I want my Gundam Crossbone!!

Comment by Tong

At least offer the translated version, I’m sure gamers from HongKong and Taiwan would get their Mandarin versions soon.

Supe, it’s too early.

Comment by codename:v

LOL….CV. made sense…..

Thanks for the upload scans.

Comment by ottoto

Well, he makes sense when he isn’t spouting faggot and insulting others.

Comment by Anonymous

@ Tong
Crossbone was in Spirits. I think this game is probably supposed to focus more on the alternate universes and less on the universal century.

Comment by gundam526

High-Mobility Ginn Detected! now i’m hoping more from AU’s MSV

Comment by Rekkou

to Rekkou,

Maybe you have known about this, but if you want to see more, go here:

Comment by judo0054

Was this a preorder bonus?

Comment by distantmantra

CV didn’t make sense at all
Mandarin is spoken not read
Hong Kong is Cantonese based
what he should’ve said is that HK and Taiwan will get a ‘traditional chinese’ version soon

Comment by Tenryu

Hey, Judo. That link you just gave, does it mean that the MSX, MSV G-Unit and Gundam Seed Astray will be in the game? If so, why couldn’t they put the second season of 00?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

to Freedom Gundam,

1. I don’t know about that. In addition, I’m thinking or guessing that MSX, MSV, G-unit, etc will be “original characters” and “”variation & original units” and variation characters.”

2. Regarding 00’s 2nd season, I do not know for details. I also sad and feeling odd that “the story of 00’s 2nd season” will not be on the game. However, if you see on the previous blog (famitsu scans’s), “that” and “Gundam Unicorn” will not be in. In addition, it is only my guess and it can be “any reason” (can 100% wrong too), if “those” are on the game, game designers (I guess) will need to put another story of any series on the list “or” they will put another Gundam series until the story of the game is “fit”. Same thing with “Gundam Unicorn.” That’s why, according to previous blogs and an official website, they only put 2 units from 00’s 2nd season as “guest units.”

I think that is all. Once again, my guess can be 100% wrong too. Can be “any reason.” I hope that will help your questions ^–^

Comment by judo0054

Thanks for the upload!

Comment by iron2000

Thanks, Judo.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

to Freedom Gundam,

no prob. I’m just trying to help. That’s all. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

[…] SRW hotnews ha messo on line le scansioni della: SD Gundam G Generation Wars Players Bible […]

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@Freedom gundam
O.o eww poser usin my name

Comment by Freedom

anyone know what’s the price for this game in hongkong?

Comment by Anonymous

anyone know the price for this game in hongkong?

Comment by Zeno


Comment by Anonymous

I don’t know if I haven’t advanced too far into the game or what, but I want my Shiho Hahnenfuss, she ain’t there and I want to lvl her up… not only her but a lot of other characters are missing from nearly every series….

Comment by Gabe

the download link doesnt seem to be working anymore. is it possible to reupload again? thanks

Comment by kazzy

Knock2 who can give me super robot taisen k in GBA add me ym

Comment by AKMAL

The cover art looks good. Interesting download. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by faisalmalik1989

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