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More pics from Dengeki Hobby Mag (September)
August 3, 2009, 12:12 am
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Kotobukiya SRW OG ART-1 (1/144)


Soul of Chogokin Daizengar & Aussenseiter

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Comment by Gn0b1

And for another month, no Volks SRW OG Action Figure prototype. What a shame…

Comment by Folka

I’m taking my order of ART-1 today at my hobby shop… The anticipation is through the roof. I’m switching my collection from HGUC Gundam to SRW OG kits as per promise to my wife I can only collect one line of series. I’m hoping the ART-1 can further strengthen my commitment for switching the collection. Next on the shopping list… Cybuster 1/144!

Comment by Michael Adhi Nugroho

ART-1, wonder has the part fit improved?
Some parts of my Huckebein MK-III don’t fit well but it looks cool 😛
And the knees are kind of loose so it beends back due to the weight of the backpack easily.

Comment by iron2000

I’ll pass this one, the price seriously too expensive, and it’ll takes more money to paint it as the plastic color really bad

Comment by Rekkou

At MAN: Your wife seems like a bitch to not let you pursue the otaku dream…

Comment by Ed

@ Ed
I thought we already got rid of C:V?

Comment by Anonymous

well i would say the same thing as Ed lol
but then models can be very costly… if i was married i be forced to stopped collecting them
even right now i think i got too much but i just cnt help making them…. they too addictive and fun it wastes a fair bit of time too 😛

Comment by Ereos

I agree with Rekkou on this, even a HGUC won’t cost as much as this Kotor kit and I think for a game sprite unit that has no value in the mecha market, this is downright cut throat. A 1/72 VF-25S FA Messiah has more values than this.

Comment by codename:v

To Ed:
Is that why you turned GAY just because your wife won’t let you spend on plamos?

Comment by codename:v


I feel slightly inportant to be targeted by v for some reason….. Just as well, what plamos worth buying have even come out lately? Only things I’m looking forward to are the Aestivalis kits from Koto =-=

Comment by Ed

To codename:v
you know ever since someone pulled your photo from a convinction with one of your artworks in it your in real trouble if any of those guys in this website wants beat crap out of you, you jackass. that is if any of them live were your at by then.

Comment by MaxHD2490

To codename:v
and top of that this website keeps anyone’s websites that includes your deviantart links (no matter how manys you change it, your just too slow to realized that such this link in of articles. )

Comment by MaxHD2490


I guess V finally took my advice and decided NOT to make another gibberish post that he’s repeated over and over again. O_o

Comment by Nameless

@Ed Well, life’s a bitch anyway, having one sleeping next to you is like… Life itself. My lady boss might be strict and what not, but I do get unlimited budget for that one line of collectibles. So, it’s a fair trade off. I also ordered the gargantuan 1/144 Dygenguar, hoping it will arrive in 2 weeks time if there’s no problem. Planning to complete the ATX team (or is that PTX team…).

I got the ART-1, and it does look better than past SRW OG kits in term of plastic quality and color reproduction, at least, as faithful to the picture on the box.

Comment by Michael Adhi Nugroho


Wha…?! She let you buy the 1/144 Dygenguar model?! I’d say that’s awesome. =D
(And yes, it’s ATX… kinda… since he never piloted it when he was part of ATX team)

Comment by Nameless

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