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Upcoming next plastic model kit from Gundam SEED VS Astray
August 3, 2009, 2:32 pm
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Regen Duel Gundam 1/100


Nix Providence Gundam 1/100

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Oh snap sweet looking Suits O.o

Comment by Freedom

I’m sure all the trolls and fussy “why doesn’t Bandai make [X} instead” losers will gripe about these designs, but I think they’re both pretty sweet-Regen Duel looks much better than anything to come out of Seed or 00, and even though Nix looks like it’s about to tip over, I appreciate the attempt to design an asymmetrical MS.

Comment by Sheriff Lobo

The Duel looks decent, but the Providence is something to be desired.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

i like the duel design but i was hoping some sort of imba weapon maybe like a huge two handed sword would make it look sweet
but i still like the duel all i have to wait for is the colors if it going to be shit then BITE ME!!!
but providence…. if i did buy it … only to burn and melt it… it looks ugly!!
it left shoulds looks horrid for some reason the body seems more of a gaia body dunno maybe the head

Comment by Ereos

As usual, what an awful choice of Plamo line. We still have yet to see past cool designs like MarsJacket, TurnDelta, Regeneration, Powered Red Frame, Outframe and Testament to have plamos made after them and Bandai roll out these SEED faggotries hoping the faggots will suck up to it? Man, these SEED Destiny hacks aren’t worth the money and time for.

Comment by codename:v

They just won’t let SEED die will they? Turn A and Gundam X could do with some new kits hell every AU needs more kits! Its a shame because this will obviously sell well with hardcore SEED fans, really says something considering these have to be the ugliest MS designs I’ve ever seen.

Comment by F97 X-1

No one wants to hear your Faggotass Trolling you little shit, after your mom is done sucking my dick and cleaning up the mess she made im whipping out the belt and your Door better be open bitch.

Comment by codename:vMom'sPimp

Sheriff Lobo wrote:

“I’m sure all the trolls and fussy “why doesn’t Bandai make [X} instead” losers will gripe about these designs, but I think they’re both pretty sweet-”

Oh, too late, they’re already here. But seriously, I think this providence looks pretty kick ass.

Comment by ninjaclown

I don’t like Providence at first sight and I can’t understand why Bandai designed it look bulky and the thing I dislike the most about Providence is leg’s design.
The Duel may look better base on its future color painting.
Ex-s Gundam is the only bulky gundam looks attractive to me 😀

Comment by atlans89

Must say that Providence looks like the first time attempt of a 10 year old plamo builder with a big bottle of super glue and a very colourful imagination ._.
No balance in terms of design either. Big shoulders have to have something like wings or other longer thrusters/weapons to offset them, otherwise it ends up looking all… >____>

Comment by Ed

I wish they release the previous Astray series…. like Out Frame or Testament T_T

Comment by kadej

the providence looks like it won’t do much poses without tipping over. they should have balanced the design a little bit. the duel looks alreight but as i’ve said previously, i’d still go with blu duel over this. the rifle mounts oddly reminds me of verde buster though. hey, anyone notice that they’re releasing all the seed msv’s in 1/100 scale now?

Comment by flamerounin

Nix providence actually quite good it’s indeed unbalanced but then again it has a good emphasize and it seems that Nix designed so it can fire all of its DRAGOON & armament even if it’s still mounted just like Freedom

Don’t know much about Regen Duel, it said to have backpack but not quite visible from here

aren’t most MSV released in HG 1/144? in fact i don’t remember any MSV released in 1/100

Comment by Rekkou

As excited as I was to hear that they were going to make a new series of SEED MSV designs (me being the huge CE nut that I am), I have to say that I’m disappointed in what they’ve put out so far. The Hale Buster is the only design I can say I like from these designs. These two latest ones leave a lot to be desired for me, especially the Nix Providence. I think the Cherudim GNHW/R is a much better example of different funnel/bit/DRAGOON placement. The Regen Duel isn’t terrible, but nothing really stands out to set it apart from its predecessors. Again, I think the 00 design team has a better example of doing something that these guys are doing with Nadleeh’s beam saber mechanism being a lot smoother than Regen Duel’s. Oh well, I’m still hopeful that they’ll churn out something I will think looks awesome.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Sorry interrupt

SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam and MG Guntank

Comment by Debris

The thing with the Nix is that it’s even more recycled than the previous 3 designs. I mean, it’s already Destiny-era, stow your coolant pipes elsewhere other than on the outside! And the placement of certain DRAGOON pods could do with some reworking as well.

That said, Regen Duel looks pretty worth the get though.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

duel’s okay but providence is the fugliest shit i’ve ever seen

Comment by chi

CV can be right at times but he just gotta know how to voice his opinion differently
they should really kill the SEED series off Seed Destiny just ripp off UC
i say bandai are just purely lazy to make a new model so they get existing ones and make alterations to it that way it saves model into making them and then selling them for a profit

Comment by Ereos

The new Duel looks alright, better than what I first thought anyway. The new Providence is shit. It’s basically the original Providence but with an ugly as hell weapon placement. They’re not even new weapons either, just the exact same ones as the original but made uglier. What’s the point of this? Why not make the Testament or the Third Frame? Both of those are great designs and look different than all other S/SD/A suits. They also have a decent fanbase that would snap up either at a blink if they were done at this scale. I don’t get it, what is Bandai thinking here?

Comment by Amon

The Duel looks alright, depending on the colors, but it’s pretty plain.

The Providence… ugh. I don’t like it. It just looks unbalanced and bulky.

Comment by Hiro

Only one words to describe it:……..


Comment by m4j1n

Please Bandai Kill Seed Already…


I’m getting Gale Strike. The Regen Duel will depend on the colour scheme. Maybe we will have a messed-up Blitz and Aegis later on. Love SEED Gundams… BANDAI, where’s 1/100 Astray Blue Frame 3rd???

Comment by EXkurogane

[…] Goddammit, Bandai. As if Destiny Astray wasn’t retarded enough, which featured a war journalist in a cutting-edge mobile suit THAT TAKES PICTURES WITH ITS CAMERA GUN. The Providence variant is seriously ugly and the colors on all of the new suits don’t help either. Just let Astray rest for good, please. […]

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I think bandai have a point here.
Gale and Hail is a failed attempt, original Strike and Buster are better.
But for Providence and Duel, their design are not very popular. I myself skip Providence with Legend, bought Strike & Buster, but didn’t even look at Duel, Aegis, or Blitz. So I think Bandai try to correct their mistake here, by re-design unpopular gundam model from past, so they can be more popular, at least the same level with Freedom.
If this success, they might also re-design other past gundam other than Seed.. hopefully.. ^_^

Comment by koko


I’d have to disagree with both your aesthetics view and your reasoning as to the creation of these units. Otherwise, what do you think Verde Buster, Strike Noir, and Blu Duel are? O_o

I don’t believe some of the newer announced models are “fail.” I like the Hail Buster over the original… mainly because I never really liked how plain it looked. The Regen Duel awesome in the sense that they’re trying to make the Duel a lot more useful without having to equip itself with the AS.
Providence… yes, it’s awful… but so was the original design. The model would have looks better with the backpack on EACH shoulder (at least this one, it’s an upgrade. XD )

Lastly, I find Blitz, Aegis, and Duel to be a lot more better looking than Strike and Buster (especially Buster). And Freedom… ugh… the worst looking Gundam in the SEED series… I’d like to know why exactly it’s so popular as a unit other than because it’s fun to play around with his wings (whoosh). =X

Comment by Nameless


lets see, I need to put out that I strongly disagree with your opinion of freedom, even though im A UC Centery Fan, the Fans in great Majority Truly like the freedom Gundam and I also agree on how many people point out that they need to let the Seed series die, Mainly for the fact that Bandai has Killed the franchise beyond redemption due to all the Spin offs aside from original Astray, most of the new Creations are shit and truthfully maybe you should use some of that Knowledge you have to good use and think about what makes the freedom what it is and less about why its so popular :/

Comment by To Be Announced

>>> TBA

Because it’s the main character’s unit? Because it’s Beam spam king? For the Kira fanbboys? Regardless, doesn’t stop from it looking subpar compared to other units from SEED in my eyes. I mean, Strike looks much better than Freedom. Hell, Providence looks better if it wasn’t for his Dragoon pack.

But, regardless of Freedom, I do agree with you that the SEED universe (at least the main one) needs to go away. Although the SEED series was ok, Destiny just completely ruined everything that holds dear to the series. About the only thing that it barely redeemed itself was for the Astray series and maybe Stargazer.

Comment by Nameless

What to do, i agree the fact SEED Destiny sucked, especially the plot. However what made me liked the CE is that Freedom and Strike Freedom not only had cool designs, they are powerful, fast and efficient due to slim designs. In U.C., all the beam spamming mobile suits/gundams are big Fat ASSES which grew from slim to overweight to obese by adding weapons and armors followed by huge propellant tanks to compensate the lost of maneuverability, and ended up being HORRIBLY UGLY.

Just take a look at U.C., i’m tired of “new Gundams” which are basically “keep the frame” and attach different “outer armour”,introduce “new upgrades and psycommu improvements” while i don’t see a shit difference in the so called “improvement”. And, the most annoying fact is: YOU SEE THE SAME ARMAMENTS: BEAM RIFLE X1, BEAM SABER X2, 1 SHEILD. I’m tired of this crap, same goes to Gundam Unicorn. Standard UC style, when upgrades are inttroduced, not a new Gundam, just adding overweight armour. THis is horribly annoying.

I don’t think SEED will die either, from the way new side stories are being introduced continuosly

Comment by EXkurogane

>>> EXkurogane

Again will you Kira/Freedom fanboys stop with your Bitching, regardless of Freedom as I said, The Seed Series is A dying breed and needs to be put out of its misery. Sure Astray and Stargazer were okay but nothing Good came out of all that shitty Mecha near the end of the Original and the whole Destiny Storyline.

Lastly, I find that all you Little Freedom fanboys have no real sense of what a Gundam or any Mobile suit should be and I find it Saddening that you Continue to Support a Suit with no real Purpose but to be a flying Beam spamming hunk of metal that Somehow Possesses God like Insight and avoids pretty much any life threatening attacks or Damage and by simply relying on its beam spams to finish of any swarm of enemies that come its way is simply absurd and idiotic, What you mean there isn’t a manner to avoid such oncoming beams? if im wrong please tell me so, but I seem to recall a Method of Evading attacks from afar?…hmm what was it called? Oh yeah! DODGE.

With that said im Done with all of you, all you little Freedom fanboys whine and bitch as much as you want, still doesn’t change the fact of how retarded people are and how easy it is to amuse you with Simply attachments like Wings and Stick 15000 Beam spraying guns and Ship it out.

Comment by Nameless

Anyway i liked Freedom cuz’ it is KIra who is the only one who’s capable of goin out and make other MS into chicken chops with just beam sabers rather than locking onto multiple units and multiple salvo firing. I liked these 2 gundams((strike) freedom) cuz’ it is mobile suit that packs everything in one: power, defence and speed, or i shall say, EFFICIENT. UC gundams get obese with armors that and additional rocket thrusters -for what? even they put a 5-inch thick armor a single beam shot will penetrate it… and there’s no multipurpose MS ideal for all combat situations (close, medium and long range) unlike Destiny Gundam and Strike Noir, just to name a few.

If you talking about beam spamming, what about Seravee and Reborns Gundam? In fact, 00 Raiser and Setsuna actually LOST to Reborns/Ribbons cuz’ it is the 00 Raiser which gets disabled first with one GN Drive ripped off resulting in a total shutdown. And that’s why i’m happy about Gundam 00 S2’s ending, cuz’ once the 00 Raiser goes on “cheat mode” everyone gets hacked into pieces.

Comment by EXkurogane

>>> Imposter Nameless

You’d make yourself more believable if you used more punctuation. Periods would be nice at the end of each sentence (not just at the end of paragraphs). XD

Comment by Nameless

Am I one of the only original Providence fans? Not the most beautiful design, but interesting and pretty tough. I almost liked just for the fact it was the only single mobile suit able to kick the crap out of Freedom in SEED.

Comment by InjuredPelican


I liked the original Providence piloted by Rau. It’s a beast (which it had a beam shield so it can tank more). I enjoy playing as it in the Federation vs. ZAFT games. I just have issues with the Dragoon pack design. =X

Comment by Nameless


Wrong!, Suits are only as good as their pilot. But I agree that Rau could kick Kira’s ass.

Comment by DrunkPikachu

Okay, two points:
1. The Beamspam king? Freedom? FUCK NO. Providence, with its 11 DRAGOONs and forty-odd total guns (Freedom has like, five, and SF has 13) is the UNDISPUTED beam spam king of the Cosmic Era.

2. No, Providence did not have a beam shield. That was LEGEND, which was piloted by the most FAIL male character in CE.

Finally, I don’t much like Nix Providence’s design, though I like its colors. And I LOVE Regen Duel, especially how it has the hyper bazooka.

Comment by Duelnut

Oh, my mistake. *(wish it has a beam shield so it can tank more)

Comment by Nameless

Err, sorry for double posting, but I have to say this (not that it matters, this topic is now on paper 2 XD )

The reason why he’s called the Beamspam king ISN’T because of the armament… it’s because of how much times he uses it, and somehow disabling a whole army with it. Not to mention the range Freedom has… it would most definitely spam more beams than Providence who requires the DRAGOONs to come back after a while.

Just letting you know.

Comment by Nameless

>>> Imposter Nameless

Do you have any other way to voice your opinion? Or maybe you just like using others names to hide behind because your too much of a coward to show your own name? I’m just amused by it actually XD.

Your punctuation hasn’t Gotten any better but Good try! XD

Comment by Nameless

>>>Imposter Nameless

Oh, nice! If it was anyone else, people won’t recognize the real Nameless from the fake. =D

Hell, even I thought I posted it… except for the last line. I did use punctuation, I don’t capitalize “Gotten” or “Good try”. I wouldn’t use “but good try”. I’d make a new sentence with the words “good try”.

So overall, nice work in being an imposter, but you still FAILED. =(

Comment by Nameless

>>>All Nameless

All of you Nameless are failures in my book. Nice job on on schooling there last post “Nameless”. When teaching someone about caps you should cap yourself at the end as well. Nice one to all of you… but do us all a favor and get a room or at least some lovers therapy session. -_-

Comment by DrunkPikachu

>>>All Nameless + DrunkPikachu

Nice job repeating “on” twice There Drunkpikachu. But yeah I agree that all Nameless need to shut up and get a life :/

Seriously you all have horrible grammar and punctuation to begin with. You guys need to chill out and go play with yourselves or something.

Please leave this forum for those of us with actual opinions and responses, not mindless child bickering ._.

Comment by Anonymous

WTF… i subcribed to this post to read people’s opinions on the kits, instead i get to read u guys going out of topic and spewing crap… There’s no need to argue…

Comment by EXkurogane

Oh men,Seed series are just recycling their models
Creating new models by repeating old models and placing their weapons everywhere…

Poor Seed series
They want to keep it live by repeating MS designs
but its getting worse… X(

Comment by GN522Chinami


Pretty Much all the Gundam series repeat their designs. Bandai keeps milking the sadness that is Gundam 00 and Seed spin offs.

But to all the setsuna and kira fanboys its like crack, and they continue to buy the same models with slight changes and different colors.

I don’t count on bandai giving up on the Gundam 00 and seed models anytime soon though. Makes you wounder what their gonna do with Unicorn series… even though its already a spin off itself :/

Comment by Anonymous

This website has so many imposters haha

Unicorn side story LOL:
i could imagine it a bit too clearly:
“3rd unicorn unit! secret project to rebuild the titans!” or smthn haha

Comment by anon13

… what the… I really need to set up an avatar… >_>

Comment by Nameless

LOL another imposter!

>>>Real Nameless

You should get your avatar before this loser does.

Comment by anon13


Thanks for pointing out the imposters… I’m getting sick of these guys -_-

Comment by Nameless

Yeah, agreed. Although, the Nameless name is already been stained. Maybe I’ll change my name… >_>

Also, add a period at the end, other Namelesses!

Comment by Nameless

Duel is kickass, that stupid blu duel doesnt have the bazooka which is in my opinion one of the best weapons out there, the bazooka is the size of the gundam! the pilots perfect and the suits stolen and a badaz pilot nuff said to all those haters out there, nix providence is FUGLY its like a piece of crap floating its design is stupid and not worth getting, duel is worth the $

Comment by jake

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