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More pics from Gundam Ace Mag (September)
August 5, 2009, 8:30 pm
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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn PV at Gundam Big Expo in August!



Mobile Suit Gundam 00I characters


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another sidestory? hope this one will get it plamo line

Comment by Rekkou

[…] hotnews presentando alcune nuove immagini dedicate al Gundam Ace di settembre ha mostrato immagini che consentono di […]

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If Unicorn is going to be a tv animated show, then why they put it as EIGA kanji (movie)? Movie or anime, it doesn’t change the fact that how good or bad this UC anime turn out to be depends on how they summarize and tell each lengthy episodes in visual forms. From what I learn, it seems that they cut out the Palau part and jump to Laplace wreckage in 3rd episode and that’s how it was made too similiar with Amuro’s atmospheric reentry. Too obvious ain’t it?

Comment by codename:v

Isn’t it up in the air at the moment about Unicorn being an anime or movie?

Comment by F97 X-1

Actually the format for Unicorn was never confirmed, so whoever told you that sold you a line of bull, v.

Comment by Vent

Yeah V has a point, that sort of struck me as odd too. Spectre of Laplace is *vol. 5* material. They cannot possibly condense all the events in the volumes up to that in a few episodes, even taking into consideration Fukui’s incredibly drawn out and lengthy writing style. Regardless, I suppose there are some things you can do with a novel that you simply can’t do with a series that’s supposed to maintain ratings/sales, so it’s possible that they might have cut a lot a lot of what they deemed unnecessary out due to pacing concerns. But hey, when you’ve got Sunrise execs breathing over your shoulder, you gotta do what you gotta do, I suppose.

Here’s hoping to a successful adaptation.

Comment by J-Lead

So finally the rumors will be put to rest in two weeks.

Comment by Socom

nothing is confirmed at the moment. The last news about a japanese blog claiming the UC anime to be a movie was actually just a personal speculation from the blog’s owner.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh thank the gods that it’s not CG >^<

Comment by Ed

Holy shit that new Gundam 00 manga looks gay as fuck.

Comment by Anonymous

it going to be animation…so is anime…not movie

Comment by Anonymous

The ones in charge of the new 00 manga must think we(the target audience) are gay or something. Not just normal gay too, messed up gay.

Comment by XYZbuster

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