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Super Robot Gakuen PV
August 5, 2009, 5:13 pm
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Super Robot Gakuen official site has been updated PV in Movie page.


Download (Mediafire, MP4)





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OG characters for the game are so MOE. Still this might be a blast.

Comment by F97 X-1


Comment by Anonymous

This is going to be really bad.

Comment by mazinkaiser

by the look of the PV it looks bad mostly save for the units if you like that is.

Comment by ReinaMK1

NEO and Gakuen PV failed to rise the post numbers in the 2ch threads like the previous games usually did, the current NEO thread is 2 days old and Gakuen is over 1 month (!) old, could this be the sign of things to come?

I guess the cast of NEO is really too weak, and the 3D doesn’t help, kinda sad since the mechanics is interesting. On the other hand Gakuen just sucks and I hope it fails hard.

Comment by Anonymous

Am I the only one who noticed in the PV the Getter team is in the Shin Getter Armageddon style? (in the only recent game they appared in W, they were in their traditional style. The only nintendo portable game the SGA version cast appeared in was D)

That and Compatible Kaiser are the big surprises.

My opinions

SRW Neo- Obvious attempt to appeal to the kiddies; why else would they release on the Wii (a joke system as far as serious gamers are concerned)

while Gakuen seems kinda interesting to me, and the possiblity of matching up certain mechs against each other is a nice prospect.

Comment by Anonymous

How does it appeal to kiddies if said kiddies don’t even know most of the series that are in the game? Appealing to kiddies is using Gundam 00, Code Geass or Guren Lagan (you know this is a kids show, correct?), series that they actually know something about? In light of this I fail to see how this is an obvious attempt to appeal to kiddies.

How I see it they release it on the Wii for the same reason they release games for DS, it has too big of a market share to ignore, but that’s just my opinion.

The good thing with NEO is that it is a legitimate effort to try new stuff, instead of the half-assed games under the excuse of running on an “inferior system” like K/W/Mugen/Gakuen.

Comment by Anonymous

Most of NEOs series are also SR series that were (as far as I know) popular with children at the time of their release in the 70s and 80s.

SRW is also known to cause such mecha fans (that play some of the games for specific series) to be introduced to series they never seen or even heard of before. Although I am sure the Wii is more popular in japan compared to its international status, allowing for some strong profit.

Comment by Sasori_Zero

“The good thing with NEO is that it is a legitimate effort to try new stuff, instead of the half-assed games under the excuse of running on an “inferior system” like K/W/Mugen/Gakuen.”

New? The only NEW thing to SRW NEO is the utilization of the Wiimote and the Wii’s motion capture devices.

How are the systems of K/W/Mugen and Gakusen exactly “inferior” to that of the console titles (like A3, MX and Z)? W transfers ALL the systems from the consoles besides the squad system (which J also lacked)

K has all the systems besides the Bazaar (W had this, but even then the only other game to have this was Alpha Gaiden)

Mugen is supposed to be pure fun. And in itself is “trying something new” it is not in any way similar to past SRW titles in anyway.

while I can’t speak for Gakusen yet. It looks similar to the SRW Link Battler titles on the GB which I can assume will incorporate both systems of W and K into one.

The only thing left is that by “inferior” you mean they are not in full 3D. Only 2 SRW titles are in full 3D (SRW GC and SRW XO which is a REMAKE of GC.) 3D is not as popular among SRW fans as 2D is, which is why they continue to use 2D in handheld titles and 2.5D in console titles.

Comment by Anonymous

Your post is a reply to something so distorted to what I wrote that I don’t know if it was done on purpose or not.

Anyway, NEO’s new stuff: Circular moving pattern, robot size influencing your movement, attack’s having a path + terrain influencing not only your movement but also your attack as well (as in being unable to attack in a straight line when there’s a building in front of you, yet you can attack with weapons that has a boomerang like trajectory), short map attack animations, and attacks with blowback properties.

To the rest of your post, the only thing I have to answer is that I wrote “Inferior system” as in DS is considered an “Inferior system”, and I’m calling K/W/Mugen/Gakuen “half-assed games”, so I hope you excuse me of replying to what you wrote directly because it has nothing to do with what I wrote in the first place.

Comment by Anonymous

W was fun, so shut your whore mouth.

Comment by Rollo Rollo

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