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Super Robot Wars Neo PV
August 5, 2009, 12:03 pm
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Super Robot Wars Neo official site has been updated PV in Movie page.

Download (Mediafire, HQ FLV 31Mb)

Download (Mediafire, LQ FLV 8Mb)




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So awesome o-o

Comment by Freedom

so epic for the wii and graphics is quite an upgrade form the SRW GC graphics

to codename:v
Epic Faaaaaaiiiilllll!!!! on your comments about that srw is old.

Comment by ReinaMK1


Comment by -_-

very nice =D another rather unique game like XO and GC, thanks for that!

Comment by comandaben

Will this slowly become the style for all SRW on next-gen consoles?

I still like 2d better though.

Comment by iron2000


Comment by Anonymous

Another link to the movie:

On a related note, a composition of various 3D SR games:

Opinion regarding the game: I didn’t notice how the cast it really meh until watching the movie, which is a pity because Shin Getter was a nice addition (and it’s nice to have GGundam back). There’s too much use of those “line effects” usually used to give dynamism to the animation, but never had much expectations regarding the animation anyway. From the video (and comments on nico say the same) there seems to be attacks with a “knock back” effect, NEO’s gameplay does look really interesting.

Comment by Anonymous

[…] source: srw hotnews […]

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to mr superrobotwar,

I’ve sent few e-mails regarding updates. I hope you receive them. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

Yes, I got it.

Comment by superrobotwar


Comment by Nessi Z

Definitely a big improvement over the GC/XO Models. Much more lively in movement.
Also the map movement is a lot better looking in motion, reminds me a big of Scramble Commander.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

The Daiteioh Characters finally got their official Seiyuus? SWEET!

Comment by Anonymous

Neo…must try!!!!! ^_^ thanks SRW…a must import game!!1

Comment by robostrike

[…] stato finalmente messo on line un PV del gioco: Super Robot Wars Neo e come ci si aspettava è veramente […]

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