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August 11, 2009, 4:52 pm
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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn will be anime TV series?

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Comment by Daizengar

DAMNIT! No one knows anymore, will it be a TV series or a movie? We have to wait and see!

Comment by F97 X-1

might be both, we get the movie which contains the beginning like F91 then follow up with the series

Comment by buff

I dun think it will contain the beginning of F91… it is still years away frm the timeline of F91.

Comment by sotbest

He said ‘LIKE F91’, not that it will start from F91

Comment by Nt01

buff said ‘like F91’ not ‘will contain the beginning of F91’. Anyways, that’s great news!

Comment by KMO

On one hand they said it’s going to be Eiga and the other hand it’s going to be TV anime, seriously even publish medias tell different stories and there’s no official confirmation from Sunrise-Bandai themselves.

Summarizing the whole 10 books can either give a clearer picture to the whole story or a retarded teen flick drama with eye-candies tactics filling for rushed animation jobs. With previous flops like SEED and 00, I seriously doubt Sunrise can live up to standards of the novel and prove critics wrong since lip-syncs and dolly-shots are 90% more than actions in most animes today. Unless Sunrise and Bandai are willing to put all that effort into this UC title or they might only help justify the fact that FAGS DON’T READ

Comment by codename:v

Sorry Interrupt:

from 4Chan…

This is alegedly cover of 00 Special Edition vol I.

Gundam 00 site update…

Comment by Debris

I’m willing to bet that codename:v probably hasn’t even read the Unicorn novels since he has said the same thing since the novel started its run, with no proof himself that he’s even aware of any part of the plot.

Comment by Deacon Blues

[…] dalle riviste nipponiche le indiscrezioni su Gundam Unicorn e proprio in queste ore SRW hotnews ha immesso un’ulteriore informazione che parrebbe indicare come Gundam Unicorn sia una serie […]

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it already said is going to be tv animated guys…

Comment by Anonymous

>>Summarizing the whole 10 books

There are 8 books on Unicorn so far…. volume 9 will most likely be the final chapter.

I’ve read the books up to 7. You don’t have to worry about Sunrise doing a teen drama because there are barely any teens in the story besides the two main characters, Bernage and Audrey.

Comment by Anonymous

It says TV ANIME CONFIRM right on the first sentence….

Unless the picture is fake, otherwise thats pretty much confirmed is TV series.

wonder how many episode is going to have. OVA type? or Full series?

Comment by ottoto

Is there anyway I can get my hands on the translated books?

Comment by Judge Master Char Aznable


No, he is correct. There are going to be ten volumes. The final two come out on August 26th.


There is no way this is going to be a full series. Not enough stuff to flesh it out that much.

@JM Char

They aren’t available. I’m finishing up the Prologue myself, so stay tuned around the end of September when I have a polished literary-worthy release (it’s a combo for my school. Capstone translation and an English Independent Study to polish it up).

Comment by Deacon Blues

where can i read these??
i dunno where!

Comment by Ereos

[…] a recent scan posted by SRW Hotnews today, it looks like Gundam UC (Unicorn) will in fact be a television series afterall. Even […]

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>>Deacon Blues
Should have known to google. I stand corrected.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Rekkou

Idiot sure got told.

Comment by Socom

Newtype’s official website has since retracted the “TV” portion of the article. We’re back to nothing again.

Comment by Deacon Blues

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