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August 12, 2009, 1:25 am
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Here are some screens capture from “Gundam Universal Century Encyclopedia” that broadcasted on NHK-BS2.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Episode 3 The Specter of Laplace (tentative)

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Saw these a week ago. But if that really is episode 3 right there then I can’t wait!

Comment by F97 X-1

This is getting better everyday 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

I was looking for a movie, not a series. Oh well, at least we already have a plot that can’t get derailed.

Comment by Bolinoak

So this pretty much means that Unicorn will be a 13-ep series with around 1 to 2 episode per volume assuming they didn’t cut out any parts. Seems like they might have cutted out or relocate the Palau chapter.

Comment by da_guy

Given that Episode 3 in that screenshot correlates to Volume.05 of the series, I’m guessing that the answer is probably an even shorter series. Unless they drag Dakar through the ringer *crosses fingers that it’s epic*

Comment by Deacon Blues

Well quite frankly, I don’t have a problem with rearranging the plot for a more fluid, episodic presentation for the animated adaptation, so long as it still creates a cohesive story. Cutting big events out, however, is only excusable on the condition that said events were unimportant, like some of the desert arc in MSG for the trilogy. I have my hopes up, but I’m equally worried about this animated adaptation. I hope they do a good job…

Comment by J-Lead

I like the idea of a series and a movie to wrap the series up. I hope they don’t change the plot too much.

Comment by Sasori Zero

Hope the animators are paid enough so there wouldn’t be any quality drop

Comment by Rekkou

Gundam 00 was consistent with the quality of its animation, so I’m not worried about it in that regard… although I can’t say the same thing about the story.

The director of UC is the same guy who did Samurai X, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Or so I hope.

Comment by Anonymous

Is there bt…. you know what I mean..

Comment by ottoto

I saw this about 2 weeks ago from toysdaily and my first impression that it’s still too much of a 0079 remake:
-boy found Gundam and beat away big ugly MS
-Gundam faced off Red Comet and beat it (since they skip the whole Palau episode)
-Gundam fall into atmosphere (only twist is that it was rescued by Garenciares)

With such a drastic change in the serialized episode of UC, I can see that this can either be a 6-8 episodes OVA or some shorter TV anime by 13 episodes. Things might get draggy with Riddy’s shaky relationship with Minerva, Banargher’s little cross dessert walk and chat with the Dakar terrorists, I guess that’s where they want to place more attention to.

Ronin Kenshin mangas are good read but the anime are terrible with it’s draggy scenes and long conversations which are more than actions. Such methods of using voice-over on still or panning background and lip-syncs on still photo frames are nothing but cheating scams often used by anime studios across Japan, which are one of the reasons why anime in Japan has drop in standards over the years. Not to mention their frequent use of eye-candies to cover up all that flops, what do you think Tieria’s crossdressing acts are for? Unless Sunrise-Bandai can prove critics wrong by not repeat the same mistakes they made with SEED and 00, otherwise they would still only help prove that FAGS DON’T READ

Comment by codename:v

Although I already commented, just another note.

codename:v, I don’t know what your culture’s view on homosexuals are but I think the world view is that people need to be tolerant for the sake of civility. So for the sake of cleaning up your comments and for you to start seeming less like a jerk I request for the nth time that you refrain from using the term fag in anyway shape or form. Please and thank you.

Comment by Bolinoak

Supring that v was a Unicorn fanboy for the last few……years, but it’s now that he sees the obviousness of the similarities between the original Gundam and Unicorn… >_________>;;

And hasn’t every animated Gundam series or movie had at least one arbitrary ace in a mask besides maybe….Zeta?

Comment by Ed

@Ed: Quattro-tai wore a pair of shades, I guess that counts 😛

And we should all go ignore v, the faggot just posts for the sake of posting and arguing with anyone who disagrees with his twisted views.

Comment by valkyriepilot

There’s no point in talking to v. He never reads or acknowledges anything he says except whatever bullshit he’s on about this week. I’d actually like to see if he could put up a reasonable debate with someone but I doubt he’s capable of it.

Comment by Vent

Oh, he’s tried, the result was humorous. You could probably look back a few months and find some sad attempts at responding.

Comment by DarkCode

Today’s quote!

“Gundam Unicorn anime next year? In your dreams
The Gundam Unicorn is staying as serial novels and so say goodbye to manga or anime adaptations.”

Comment by Proving CV's stupidity: One comment at a time!

minus credibility points for C:V lol

Comment by valkyriepilot

According to my calculations, that gives him a total score of minus one googolplex.

Comment by Virgo

Video ???

Comment by Debris

[…] hotnews ha messo on line le prime immagini della produzione animata Gundam Unicorn.Poche immagini purtroppo… E’ […]

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Agree with C.v
Nowadays anime mostly become Bishounen and almost become guys have gigolo sysmbolity faggots face and proportion. Some are not to mature to understand those thing yet. The standard outfit in U.C. Character are very well! Thumbsup!

Comment by EX-X

It has nothing to do with people not reading you dumb schmuck, it has to do with what sells, and with what is popular. If you had any shred of common sense about Japanese culture, you’d understand their marketing tactics and creation of shows over there. But, I guess you really don’t so hence why you spout off at the mouth like always.

As for the Unicorn animation, we have no proof whatsoever that they are skipping the Paulu battle scene, because that was a major pinnacle of the story after all. I mean, he was beaten in battle and taken to the Sleeved base where he has his fateful encounter with Marida. :/ Kinda hard to write that out of the story.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Awesome! I’m glad it’s going to be an anime series! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

v you are really a fucking faggot. Why don’t you setup your own blog and rant about mecha? Your artistic talents sucks balls as well.

I’m going to enjoy Unicorn no matter is it a movie, serials or not.

Comment by Outcast

“Such methods of using voice-over on still or panning background and lip-syncs on still photo frames are nothing but cheating scams often used by anime studios across Japan, which are one of the reasons why anime in Japan has drop in standards over the year”

There are far more of those techniques used back when anime was first introduced, so I don’t see how there would be any drop in standards. Character designs were fairly simply back in the day too.

Comment by Guara

then you, both with V, should travel back to 70’s with Haruhi power of infinite loop

Comment by Anonymous

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