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Scans Newtype September 2009
August 13, 2009, 12:27 am
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Newtype Magazine 9月 September, 2009 (72 Mb)

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kool… thanks.

Oh god…No more ENDLESS EIGHT please…..

Comment by ottoto

Haruhi on the front of Newtype? Oh and for your information Endless Eight ended. More importantly Tomino talking to Mizushima.

Comment by F97 X-1

…Also Mizushima telling Tomino he loves him…

Comment by J-Lead

Mizushima should lose some weight instead of making mediocre Gundam shows.

Comment by Nemo

@ J-Lead

So, Mizushima was the inspiration for Graham after all.

Comment by ZeroBusterXX

Some translation of the talk between Tomino and Mizushima would be great.

Comment by Virgo

“Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master” Da Vinci

What I’m looking here is from a sunrise to a sunset. Tomino conceptualized the real robot war theme back in 1979 which later become the biggest selling robot animation of all time and UC0079 OYW is still the best Gundam anime today. Meanwhile, Mizushima made his Gundam 00 anime based on current YAOI and BL fever in anime and purely out of otakuism by casting pretty shemales and crossdressing acts which overshadow the Gundams and for the second time after WING, Gundam is merely a prop while faggots are GAY over pretty boys. That’s what Tierria crossdressing act is for and now Mizushima says he loves Tomino, I wonder how Tomino feels about talking to an infatuated GAY fanboy or just another cocksucker…

Comment by codename:v

Hahahaha wow. Just when I thought you couldn’t be more of a pretentious gas bag you start ranting and using the word fag everywhere like your usual deluded homophobic 10-year old self. Bravo, sir.

Comment by Vent

While I agree that the outcome of 00 did not live up to the potential it had, I don’t think Mizushima is an utter failure, especially since he actually talked about being faced with lots of pressure from Sunrise and even the viewers. 00 on the whole is pretty meh and forgetful. However, it had lots of potential to be awesome with the ending it had with S1. All that fell apart with the horrific S2, though. But I think Mizushima could learn a thing or two aout this whole experience and hopefully finish off the 00 saga with a band with the upcoming 00 movie. Someday in the future, I hope 00 gets remade in some form. Beefing up S1 with more character interactions and plot but keeping the concepts and ideas(Overpowered Gundams owning everyone in the beginning but ultimately gets overwhelmed by their enemies in the end) the same. And finally, remake the entirety of S2. Not really sure of how a retelling from the ending of S1 should go right now, but I feel it would be much better than having boring side characters that never does a thing, one dimensional villains that hardly have any character etc In the end, I feel that that the most memorable thing about 00 was about how much better S2 could have been, Maybe the gap between S1 and 2(that resulted in Code Geass R2 which wasn’t good compared to season 1 too) should not have happened and we may have continued to ride on the awesomeness of the last few eps of S1.

Comment by forgotmynamehere

Okay it’s bang* not band lol. Anyway, saying this for clarity: S2 was not all THAT bad. I really loved the idea of bringing back Exia for the final showdown. It was awesome and it felt so right. Exia is much better than 00 imo, you see. I think it was a first for the upgrade to go down and for the previous machine to return in place of it. It was great and at least was entertaining and brought the end of the bad S2 with a good final fight.

Comment by forgotmynamehere

Dude, don’t respond to V, you’re just wasting your time

Comment by Anonymous

CV’s no fun to argue with, he doesn’t even reply back =\

Comment by lxs

It’d be better to remake 00 per the original intent, one single 50 episode series, with the ending for S1 happening around Ep 32, adding more character interaction to S1 and cutting out all the excess fat from S2. The series would have been far more coherent and balance as originally planned. It is a shame that the producers decided to break the series into two, which IMO was its major downfall.

Comment by venganee

But seriously “00S2 is awful” thought is a pretty wide norm. However, personally I think ending of S2 isn’t a trainwreck as I can understand quite a large portion of the story (and thus how the ending goes). It may not be as amazing as S1 but definately NOT awful.

Comment by BrianGeneral

of all the directors, mizushima is next to tomino and fukuda the worst imo

Comment by Anonymous

Can someone upload the big file at Megaupload?

Comment by Khin

You forget that 00 is getting a special Edition trilogy guys. And i dun think S2 was a trainwreck as much as other shows like Code Geass R2 to some extent.

Least 00 didnt end up like GSD.

Comment by Zero

lol it’s not like the special edition will be able to redeem non CB characters like Graham, Marina, etc….fucking terrorists

and “at least 00 was better than GSD” is not a good excuse to justify 00

Comment by Anonymous

i guess i’m the only one who loved 00 ? i’m not sure why, but Asians, especially chinese and japanese audience seemed to love 00 xD i guess it just depends on culture, personal taste etc.

Comment by anon13

^hmm, i’m Asian too (Malaysian) but I don’t like 00 for reasons that totally different from CV (he’s chinese) lol

Comment by Anonymous

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I liked 00, though it had obvious flaws.

Comment by Anonymous

…No CV’s Malaysian as well.

Comment by J-Lead

i like gundam 00 S1. S2 is pretty crappy for me though. like some character like hallelujah and also lock on.

Comment by duo

I rated Gundam 00 S1 5 stars only for its storyline/plot The political part is similar to our real world and that’s nice.

The point i hated Gundam is the GN Drives doesn’t make any sense when you relate its concepts to real science and physics. I wonder why it is called a solar furnace while it is NOT EVEN A SOLAR FURNACE (just because it releases photons?). I feel that just a simple small drive like that can make an obese Virtue and Seravee ‘fly’ or ‘float’ in earth when there is gravity is ridiculous. It is impossible to have a powerplant that emits Zero heat (and hence invisible to radar) because for this to occur you’ll need a 100% efficient chemical reaction, which is impossible to achieve.

The introduction of TRans-Am made things worse. 00 Raiser owns everyone and that’s why i am happy with S2’s ending: 00 Raiser LOST to Reborns. Hahahahaha… SEtsuna deserves it…

Comment by EXkurogane


whats the point in relating it to real science and physics? its an anime, and if you want to go into details as such, every gundam series will have full of flaws TBH.

Comment by rawr

That’s bcoz this is a science fiction anime. Being a gundam hardcore fan, i sometimes do some research on the technologies in gundam series, i mean their basics behind science and physics application online.

Examples, The minovky fusion reactor is basically a type of nuclear reactor involving hydrogen and helium ions, or plasma state; The neutron jammer canceller in hyper denterion reactors are supposed ly to cancel off nuetron jammers. But how? simply the neutrons used to inition a nuclear fission can be replaced by a hydrogen isotope that is almost the same mass as a neutron, or in this case must be light, let’s say in this case is Deuterion, an isotope of hydrogen.

Phase Shift Armor is actually the utilisation of photon discharge though a supply of high voltage to a metal or semi-metal armor, inducing spectrum discharge. Different voltage settings will cause different frequencies of photon discharge and hence you get different colors depending on settings. The highly charged
electrons on the armor repel any melee weapons but not lasers which are positive positrons (that annihilate electrons). And etc etc etc…

I checked online what the hell was GN Drive, and they explained it is a reaction in which baryonic matter decays to release gn particles and photons (the green/red light effects). MAtter decays are NUCLEAR REACTIONS and they call it solar furnace (juz bcos the release of photons? Go to hell SUnrise). The supposedly GN particles can create anti-gravity effect. Fuck you Sunrise. I’m not some kinda idiot to be fooled this easily.

That’s why i hate Gundam 00… ^^;

Comment by EXkurogane


Q: how can you explain why strike freedom is scratchless after a heavy war at the end?

Comment by Anonymous

nice research *salutes EXkurogane* …
what i mean is that you should not think of flaws too much if you want to enjoy a series.. animes especially.for an example, the concept of newtype is one of many that goes beyond logic to be honest. Other series like Transformers, terminator had so many flaws, but are still great to watch!

Comment by rawr

Lol… I never cared about scratches because when it comes to scratches, it is usually inconsistent. I mean, if you watch a single episode showing 2 suits fighting, at the 5th minute you see a few scratches on that suit and after watching another 7 minutes you pause again and see carefully the scratches are gone.

Anyway Seed Gundams wouldn’t get scratched easily (except by beam weaponry) cuz’ they already have an external (PS) armor. Whether the PS armour’s electrons regenerates to replace the ones lost depends on the suit’s power supply. I’d personally think that’s why you seldom see scratches on nuclear suits in SEED, but you see that all over Strike, Impulse, blah blah… (they reserve the power for weapons, who cares bout the PS armor when every1 is using beam?) That’s my personal guess…

I did enjoy Gundam 00, the fights, the storyline… almost every aspect of it, except 2 things, that is the controversial GN Drive , and worse, the charachters are so GAY! You get to see shemale guys thoughout the series! Innovation of human beings have supposedly made them indistinguishable between guys and gals… lolxxx

Comment by EXkurogane

wrong answer

A: because they have lazy animators and a dumb director that makes the “God/good guys” go home safely without damage.

“at the 5th minute you see a few scratches on that suit and after watching another 7 minutes you pause again and see carefully the scratches are gone.” -don’t know where you get the idea that armors can heal/regenerate itself. i bet you didn’t even care about how crappy the storyline is.

Comment by Anonymous

lol… I do agree with that… Lazy animators are so obvious,you see the same scenes in Seed Destiny all over again which is taken from SEED. Anyway i didn’t really care about the scratches.

If you are telling about me about “God mode” Gundams, 00 Raiser is also one. Whenevert he uses cheat mode everyone gets chopped up. I refuse to use the word “Trans-Am” because 00 Raiser’s Trans-am is obviously a cheat. 00 Gundam can’t even beqat garazzo and with Trans-Am he turns the tide of a losing war.At least i’m happy about the ending of Gundam 00 S2 because 00 Raiser gets his @$$ kicked and lost to Reborns. We often complain about beam spamming MS but Reborns did well in beating 00 Raiser by spamming beams. 00 Gundam lost because he is the one that gets disabled first (reborns is still moving despite its damage).

Comment by EXkurogane

@ lxs: becoz he, CV, have no fang to bite, just only bark.

Comment by Fighters

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